Friday, November 18, 2005

SHOOT This Bastard!!!!

Normally, I don't like profanity, but sometimes I get so mad that profanity says best what needs to be said. What's got me so riled up, you ask? That America-loathing, enemy-aiding, pinko New Jersey professor John Daly ( I guess I spelled his last name right).

In case you don't know, this is the guy who e-mailed one of his students and told her that freedom will come to Iraq only when our soldiers start killing their superiors. Yes, you read that right. This professor, who'll probably claim to be a stalwart patriot, actually advocates our soldiers killing their officers! This is how the peaceniks really support the troops.

Just thinking about this guy and his virulently hateful words makes me want to puke. Where are the liberal language cops? Aren't they always screaming against hate speech? Well, here is some in-yo'-face hate speech! They should've dragged this prof away in handcuffs a long time ago. Oh, that's right, the liberal language police are only against the wrong kind of hate speech; the right, or should I say left, kind of hate speech is protected by the Constitution and should be spewed all over the place without rebuttal. How could I forget that? Silly me.

So, what do we do with this New Jersey freak? Kill him. You heard me. KILL HIM!!! SHOOT THE BASTARD!!! If this guy thinks it's ok to advocate killing people, then I advocate killing him. Frag this prof!! And don't feel bad about it. He removed himself from the human race the second his malicious thoughts hit his computer keyboard. He has the moral value of a cockroach. So if he ends up the victim of his own advice, I say, Ahhhh!!! Justice!!!

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Good For You!