Sunday, May 31, 2009

O Happy Day!

Tiller the Baby Killer is dead!

I read this on a blog late this afternoon but didn't believe it. I hadn't heard anything about the killing on tv. Then, about an hour ago, I saw a snippet of tv news that said Tiller was shot inside his church this morning. I then did a Google search and discovered that George Tiller, evil late term abortionist, is indeed dead. A 51-year-old "person of interest" is in police custody.

Prominent pro-life individuals and organizations will almost certainly distance themselves from this act. Already, Operation Rescue has condemned the killing. I, though, have no qualms celebrating the demise of that despicable man.

George Tiller was a baby killer. Without conscience he snuffed out the lives of tens of thousands of fully formed, defenseless, unborn infants for blood money. Morally, Tiller was no different from a mafia hit man. He was a killer for hire. He lived by the sword and he died by it. That is nothing to cry about. It would be like crying over the execution of Ted Bundy. It's poetic, maybe even divine, justice. Thousands of unborn babies will live because Tiller is no longer among us. He is in hell where he belongs.

No rest for the wicked. Not in life. Not in death. Not ever.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lullaby For The Fallen

This is one of my favorite photographic reminders that freedom isn't free. I wanted to post it here this Memorial Day in remembrance of all the fallen heroes from all of America's struggles for freedom. And I also wrote a song, sung to "Secreit Nicht" by the all-girl group Mediaeval Baebes. "Secreit Nicht" has such a melancholy melody; it's perfect for honoring The Fallen, today or any day. God Bless America, her warriors, and their families, and may all of you have a blessed and mindful Memorial Day.

Lullaby For The Fallen
by Seane-Anna

Sleep now, warrior.
Sleep now, hero.
Here in my heart.
Here in my soul.
Son of mine
so brave,
so young.
Your task is done;
take up now the
peace of blood.
I'll weep for you
while you lie still
in gloria.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

He's Got Some Nerve!

I just saw on Yahoo! that, in his weekly radio and internet speech, the Anointed One called on Americans to honor our veterans this Memorial Day. Of course, there's nothing wrong with honoring our troops, vets and active duty personnel alike. We conservatives do that by nature. And there's nothing really wrong with a left-wing loon like the Big O asking Americans to honor the troops. There is something really wrong with Obama claiming in his speech that we have too often failed "as a nation" to give our military sons and daughters their full respect. Oh, I take MUCH umbrage with that!

Americans have never failed to respect our vets; liberal Americans have failed to respect our vets. It is liberals who spit on our troops. It is liberals who call our troops baby killers. It is liberals who want military recruiters to get out of town. It is liberals who vote to cut off funds for our troops in the field. It is liberals who make movies portraying our troops as a bunch of raping, murdering thugs. It is liberals who hang our troops in effigy at their "anti-war" demonstrations. It is liberal Americans who do these things.

If Obama really cared about vets and the truth, he would've used his speech to censure his fellow leftists for their decades long animosity against America's armed forces. Instead, the Chosen One sought to give cover to his ideological brothers by portraying their moral failure as a moral failure of the entire nation. He's got some nerve!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Torture Con

The torture con is out at last!

As our great and glorious Speaker of the House lies about what she knew and when she knew it on waterboarding, ALL liberals' sanctimonious outrage over the Bush admininstration's use of enhanced interrogation techniques is looking more and more like what it really is: an Academy Award level performance.

Leftists continuously bleat that they're opposed to "torture", especially waterboarding, of terror suspects at Gitmo and elsewhere. They claim that such tactics are a violation of international law and America's values, not to mention unacceptably brutal. And they are against them, they tell us, against them! But that is a big, fat con! Don't think so? Then consider this.

The United States Armed Forces waterboards some of its soldiers as part of their training. I have not heard a word against this practice from the "anti-torture" liberals. Yet, if waterboarding is as atrocious and inhumane as liberals say it is, you'd think that the last people they'd want waterboarded are our troops. But there's only deafening silence from liberals on this issue. The very people who are so aggrieved over the "torture" of three Muslim nutjobs have nothing to say against the same "torture" being used on American soldiers by the American military. What does this mean? Either liberals know that waterboarding isn't torture and are saying it is just for political gain OR liberals just don't give a damn about American soldiers. I think it's answer number two. What say you?

And I have a couple of more questions about this "torture" stuff.

Some lefties have claimed that, in addition to waterboarding, Gitmo detainees were tortured with sleep deprivation and/or loud music. During the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco in 1993, the government subjected the Davidians to what it called "psychological warfare". That warfare included bombarding the Davidians' compound with floodlights and loud noise in order to deprive them of sleep. So, if disrupting a terrorist's sleep is torture why wasn't it torture to disrupt the sleep of dozens of innocent American men, women, and children? Why aren't the anti-torture liberals demanding truth commissions for all the government officials involved in the seige against David Koresh and his followers? Could it be because the Davidian seige occurred during a liberal Democrat's presidency? Uh...yeah!

And then there's Terri Schiavo. If you recall, Terri Schiavo was the comatose woman who, after a long legal battle between her husband and parents, was disconnected from her feeding tube and died per her husband's wishes. Many of the left-wing types who are now so apoplectic about torture supported the killing of Miss Schiavo. In their bizarro world, Muslim fanatics must feel no physical discomfort whatsoever, but a disabled woman can be denied sustenance until she dies. That's not torture in the liberals' book, especially if the woman is White, American, and/or Jewish or Christian.

I think the three cases above illustrate that liberals don't really care about torture. Their push to punish Bush administration officials is about undermining America from within. Many liberals believe that America is the real problem in the world and has no moral right to self-defense. Fighting "torture" is a way for the fifth column Left to sabotage that defense and aid and abet our enemies. That's what this whole "torture" thing is really about, and it's DESPICABLE!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Traditional Girl

Here's a poem/song I've been working on for the past few days. The words, and even a melody, started coming to me while I was at work. The poem is inspired by Miss California Carrie Prejean. As I'm sure you know, Miss Prejean has been the object of viscious personal attacks since declaring her support for traditional marriage during the Miss USA beauty pageant. I find Carrie Prejean's grace and bravery under pressure quite admirable. She is a role model for every believer in traditional values. The sentiments in my poem probably don't reflect what every traditionalist believes; that's not the point. I want this poem/song to encourage traditionalists, especially young ones like Miss Prejean. The culture isn't totally sold out to progressive, anti-Biblical values. We traditionalists are still in this fight. I'm using cultural ammo to fight a culture war, and I'm fighting to WIN!

"Traditional Girl"
by Seane-Anna

I walk the old paths
that they say are bad.
I read the Bible
and salute the flag.

I believe all that I earn
is my own.
The work of my hands
and to me it belongs.

And I know the Lord loves
the rich and the common.
And marriage is between
a man and a woman.
I stand on my first right
and say it out loud:
I'm a traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

The ways of tradition
were sent from above.
Like a child is best brought up
by his mother's love.
And the father stands firm
as the strength of the home.
And it's for him to bear arms
to protect his own.

And I know true beauty
shines out from within.
It's not found on newsstands
displaying bare skin.
I stand on my first right
and say it out loud:
I'm a traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

Charity leads us to
uplift the poor.
To teach them the way
how to famish no more.
Neighbor is better than
state at this part.
'Cause good's only good
when it comes from the heart.

And I know you can't spend
your way out of debt.
It's been tried before
and it hasn't worked yet.
I stand on my first right
and say it out loud:
I'm a traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

I believe my land's
the home of the good.
Established by brave men
who did what they should.

In danger their fortune
and honor they pledged.
And they left us a great law
that means what it says.

And I know those Fathers
are still our foundation.
And the blood of the brave
is the seed of the nation.
I stand on my first right
and say it out loud:
I'm a traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

A traditional girl
and I'm strong
and I'm proud!

There it is folks, my poem/song in defense of traditional values. I hope you like it and I hope it inspires you to stand as firmly and courageously for tradition as Carrie Prejean and others do.

The REAL Holy Warriors!!!!

I'm having a bit of writer's block so I decided to post a video paying tribute to our troops. I went to YouTube looking for one particular video but ended up finding three that rocked my world. I've posted those videos below. One of them has strong language for which I apologize, but if you can overlook the profanity I think you'll enjoy the vid. So sit back, grab a Coke, and cheer on the US Armed Forces, the REAL holy warriors!!!!

Vid 1: Marine Sniper Remix. A kickass tribute to Great Satan's A1 killaz! (Song: Bodies, by Drowing Pool)

Vid 2: Marines Get Some: Die MF Die. Watch Uncle Sam's Finest bust caps on enemy ass! American Terminators without apology! (Song: Die MF Die, by D.O.P.E)

Vid 3: Soldiers. Here are America's Mighty Men getting a little R&R after a day of villain killin'. Rest up, rock on, and fight another day, boys! (Song: Soldiers, by Drowning Pool)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Another Brave Voice

We've all heard of the controversy involving Miss California Carrie Prejean. We've seen her courage in the face of viscious denunciations. On "The O'Reilly Factor" this past Tuesday I saw where Miss Prejean got some of her courage: her pastor, Miles Mcpherson. I don't know where Miles Mcpherson stands on all the issues, but on the issue of gay marriage he's a fearless advocate of Biblical morality and truth. He's also African-American, which undermines the gay rights activists' effort to equate their struggle with Blacks' struggle for civil rights. Mcpherson rejects that equation. Like I said, the man is brave. Give a look and listen to Miles Mcpherson. If you're a traditionalist like me, you'll cheer.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Another Blog, Another Post

Hello blogging friends! Sorry I haven't posted on PGZ in nearly a week. I will soon. In the mean time I'd like for you to mosey on over to my religion blog, God and Me, and check out my post there on Jesus and gay marriage. I really want to know what you think of it, so don't be shy about leaving comments. And while I'll reply to any provocative comments, I promise I won't bite. Well, maybe just a nibble. Hee, hee.