Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Deafening Silence

Where are the peaceniks when you need 'em?

When a Palestinian terrorist blew up dozens of Israelis and himself on Monday you would've thought that all the anti-war devotees would've been marching in the streets. They can organize in a New York minute so it should've taken no time for them to grab their anti-war signs and head out the door. Instead, all we got from Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, ANSWER, and all the other anti-war suspects was cold, deafening silence.

But what did we expect? These "anti-war" activists are the biggest hypocrits around. They're not anti-war at all; they're anti-America, anti-Bush, anti-Israel, and anti-West. When the right people commit grotesque acts of war or terrorism, it's ok. And Palestinians top the "right people" list. No one from the "peace" crowd is going to condemn a Muslim killer because most of them are Muslim killers and their sympathizers. Don't think so? Find a replay somewhere of past "anti-war" rallies around the world and look closely at the protesters. You'll be shocked at all the Middle Eastern faces and garb you'll see. Check out the messages on the placards the protesters are holding. You'll notice Palestinian blah, blah, blah, or Hamas blah, blah, blah, or Socialist Workers blah, blah, blah. The protesters don't hide their allegiances. And anyone with a brain they're willing to use knows that Hamas, the PLO, and Socialists are not pacifists.

If you're a peacenik or a peacenik sympathizer and are outraged by this post, prove me wrong. The next time a homicide bomber strikes in Tel Aviv, or Baghdad, or London, or Madrid marshall your forces and take to the streets. Shout at the top of your lungs, "Down with suicide bombing!" Or, "No to radical Islam!" Or, dare I even suggest it, "God bless America!" If you do this consistently you might earn some actual moral credibility, otherwise you'll remain in the cesspool of hypocrisy that's already your home.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The GAE Stalinists Strike Again

For decades the White House Easter egg hunt has been a time for families to have agenda-free holiday fun with the President and First Lady. Not anymore. This Easter gays decided to politicize this apolitical tradition by stacking the hunt with gay families, wearing rainbow leis so they'd be easily identified, in order to make their pro-gay point.

Frankly, I doubt that any average gay family came up with this in-your-face idea. No, I firmly believe it was the brainchild of the gay activist elite (GAE) Stalinists. These people have total disregard for tradition. For them, everything is political. Every event, every place, every time is the right event, place, or time to force their agenda in the face of average folks. Think about it. The last thing families expect to find at the White House Easter egg hunt is activists campaigning for or against controversial causes. That sort of thing just doesn't belong at a family event like the egg hunt, yet the GAE Stalinists just had to intrude on this tradition. Why?

Supposedly, all the gay families wanted was to let themselves be seen so that people would see that they're just like everybody else. The problem with that explanation is that gay families, and single gays, are already seen and accepted in America today. Most Americans don't believe in giving gay couples the special, legal status of marriage, but they also don't believe in harming gays and their families. In short, most Americans practice the tolerance that gays claim they want. The problem is, mere tolerance isn't enough for the GAE Stalinists; they want total, unquestioning social, legal, and moral approval of homosexuality. And they feel that the surest way to get it is to go after the children.

The GAE Stalinists want to indoctrinate children with a pro-gay view; it's that simple. It's down right creepy the way they zero in on kids. The stunt at the Easter egg hunt was so important precisely because it was a family event. People would be there with their kids, and when the kids heard other kids calling two women mommy the parents would be forced to talk about homosexuality when they least expected it. The GAE Stalinists don't want parents to be in control of how, whether, and/or when they talk to their own kids about homosexuality. Leaving parents in control means that some kids won't learn the "correct" view, so the GAE Stalinists are working hard to take control away from parents and anyone who supports them.

Remember the brouhaha over the Boy Scouts? The Scouts don't allow openly gay men to be Scout masters, but rather than respect the Scouts' freedom of association rights, GAEs sued to force them to accept gay Scout masters. The GAEs claimed they were fighting discrimination, but the Boy Scouts were and still are a private organization with the freedom to set it's own leadership standards. If GAEs didn't like the Scouts view of homosexuality, they were free to start a pro-gay scouting group that would allow gay men to be masters. But if they did that, that would mean that the Boy Scouts would still exist and be free to impart their "anti-gay" views to children. That was the real issue for the GAEs. They didn't want the existence of a huge organization, influencing the minds of millions of kids, over which they had no control.

It's the same thing with public schools. Liberals don't vehemently oppose vouchers for private schools because of church/state issues, or because such vouchers would bankrupt pubilc schools. No, liberals oppose vouchers because every child lost to the public schools is a child lost to liberal social indoctrination, chief of which is approving of homosexuality. Children must be kept in the public schools, no matter how academically bad many of them are, because it gives the GAE Stalinists the captive audience they crave, with parents easily being kept out of the loop.

I hope ordinary gay people come to realize that stunts like the Easter egg hunt protest hurt their cause. Straight people, all people for that matter, don't like being ambushed with political messages thrown at them at inappropriate times. There is a time and a place to make political statements; family holidays are not that time or place. I actually believe most gay people agree with that and they should let their "leaders" know it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dissing the American Worker

Like every American, I've seen the huge demonstrations in favor of illegal aliens' "rights". I've heard, over and over again, how the illegals are the backbone of America's economy. I've heard that grotesque lie and I'm sick of it! I'm an American worker and I'm pissed! And every other American worker should be pissed, too!

Let's set the record straight. Illegal aliens make up only 5% of the American workforce. Sure, they may be crucial to some industries in some regions of the country, but on the whole their contribution to the US economy is minimal. The real backbone of the American economy is the American worker. America has the lowest unemployment rate of any industrialized nation and her workers are the most productive in the world. America produces 30%--30%!-- of the world's wealth. America's economy is a kick ass miracle, and American workers are the kick ass miracle workers. We produce the wealth that creates the jobs that pay the illegals the dollars they send back to Mexico by the billions. Indeed, the money illegal Mexicans send back to Mexico is that country's second largest source of national income. Thus, American workers are not only the backbone of the American economy, we're the backbone of the Mexican economy, too! But don't expect our elected officials, the msm(mainstream media), Hispanic activists, the AFL-CIO, and the illegals themselves to give us any credit. And the reason why should piss us off.

Think about it. This notion that illegal aliens hold up America's economic sky is ridiculous on it's face; you just have to do simple math to see how grossly false it is, yet powerful people, from the president on down, have not only swallowed this idea hook, line, and sinker, but are actively basing, or trying to base, public policy on it. Why? Why are so many people so willing to believe and act on something so obviously false? Race, that's why. America is a predominately white nation, which means it has a predominately white workforce therefore, to give credit to American workers for America's economic success means giving credit primarily to white people, and that violates the pc race code.

The pro-illegal alien activists dogmatically assert the idea that everyone who opposes illegal entry into America does so only because of racism. The dissing of (white) American workers and the assertion that illegals are the saviors of our economy is an effort to counter this alleged racism and give the illegals racial pride and a motive to demonstrate. Obviously, illegals and many legal Hispanic citizens fervently believe they are indeed America's saviors; it's time we snapped them out of their delusion.

I believe we, America's workers, should stage a national strike. We have left the streets in the hands of people who mean us no good, and theirs is the only voice our elected officials are listening to. We must shock, and I mean shock, the politicians, unions, reporters, even ourselves, back into reality with a massive job walkout to show them just who really drives this economy.

On Friday, May 5, every American worker should stay home. The symbolism of doing this on Cinco de Mayo is obvious. When we stay home, when the banks, schools, stores, offices, factories, day care centers, restaurants, gas stations, and every other workplace is closed, then the pro-illegal alien activists and their friends will be hit hard with the truth and not be able to deny it. I know going on strike is a big step. Many of you are probably thinking you can't afford it, or you'll lose you job. Well, if your boss threatens to fire you, ask him if he threatened to fire his Hispanic employees who participated in the demontrations on Monday, April 10. If he didn't threaten to fire them, he has no right to do it to you. And if he does, go to your union, if you have one. That'll be a test for the union. Rememeber, the AFL-CIO, which is supposed to represent American workers, was at the demonstrations on Sunday and Monday giving its support to illegal aliens. This was a bitch slap in the face to American workers who, as I've said repeatedly in this post, are the real backbone of America's economic miracle. Don't let that stand. Go to your unions and remind them that they exist to represent you, not illegals. And the best way to remind them is not to show up for work on Cinco de Mayo.

I love America with all my heart and I don't like the thought of shutting down her economy, but if that's what it'll take to stop the pro-illegal alien train in its tracks and force the politicians to hear us and do their Constitutionally-mandated duty of securing America's borders, then here comes the strike. We must shut America down for a day if she's to have a future as a sovereign, independent, nation. Are you with me?