Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cartoon Madness

Hi friends! It's been a while just like I said it would, but I've got some time on my lunch break to post so here goes!

It seems I've heard nothing since I've been offline but all the news about Muslims rioting over some amateurish cartoons about Muhammad. This makes me sick. Muslims apparently feel the cartoons are disrespectful to Muhammad in particular and Islam in general, yet do they really think they're going to encourage respect for their religion and prophet by going nuts over some cartoons? And shouldn't the respect go both ways?

"Respect us! Respect our prophet!" Muslims demand without showing the slightest inclination to respect the West and its values, chief among which is freedom of expression. In a free society you're going to hear and see things you don't like, things that offend you. The proper response is to counter the offending info with your own views and let the market place of ideas decide who wins. You don't go on rampages destroying property and killing people. Does Islam so corrode the brain that Muslims don't understand that?

Denmark is not a Muslim country. It's people are not a Muslim people, consequently it's naive at best and imperalistic at worst to expect them to act according to Islamic law/values. Muslims ought to be concerned with the behaviour of fellow Muslims. The terror attacks on 9/11, the beheading of civilian hostages in Iraq, the "honor" killing of rape victims, the suicide bombings of buses, hotels, and other civilian targets, and the utter silence of the Muslim world in the face of these atrocities bring far more dishonor on, and create more disrespect toward, Islam than any cartoon ever could. Think about that, Muslims.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Settling In*

Hi friends! Just letting you know I moved over the week-end. I didn't go to another apartment as planned; instead, I moved in with my Mom so I could get caught up on my bills without having to worry about another rent payment. The down side is I that can't set up my computer in Mom's house! I will have to blog from public libraries around town until I get my own place again, which I hope will be SOON. So keep checking me out. I may not post as regularly as before, but I'm still here! Later!


Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Hi friends (and enemies!). I'm just posting to tell you that you might not hear from me for a few days, or longer. I'm moving, either this week-end or the next, and I'm spending my free time packing, not blogging. I hate to admit it, but after three months of unemployment and only two months of almost full-time employment, the rent monster has kicked my butt. I just can't afford my place anymore. I'm downsizing to a strictly no-frills apartment in the small suburb where I work. Hopefully, this will let me get caught up on my bills and start saving for a better place. I'll let everyone know how things go. Wish me luck!


In case you're wondering, the asterisk by the title means the post is strictly personal. Posts with no asterisk are commentary that may or may not include my personal business.