Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Help Save Foxy!*

Foxy got a reprieve!

I can't believe the good news. My Mom told me this evening. It seems Sis took Foxy to the vet and he said she might have an infection that could be causing some of her symptoms like constant thirst and not shedding her winter coat this summer(I know, she was REALLY hot!). So the vet gave Foxy some medicine and said if she's not better in 30 days then Sis would have to go ahead and put her down.

Please, anyone and everyone out there in the blogosphere who loves dogs and believes in prayer, pray for Foxy. Pray that the medicine will work and her life will be saved. And please donate a little something so she can get hip replacement surgery if/when she survives this waiting period. If you recall, the surgery costs about $3000 and Sis and her husband can't afford to spend that amount of money on Foxy with a son in college. Foxy needs the surgery because even if she gets over this possible infection, she might still be in so much pain that Sis will put her down anyway. So please pray, and tell all of your friends to pray, too. Foxy needs all the prayer she can get!

Please pray for my sister's other dog, Pepper. Sis and her husband are putting their house up for sale and they took Pepper to stay at my Mom's house until their house sells. Well, Pepper got out of my Mom's backyard. We think she was disoriented by the new surroundings and wanted to go home. She's been missing since Sunday. She has a collar with all of her infomation, but so far, no one's called to say they've found her. The dog pound doesn't have Pepper, either. Please pray that Pepper will find her way home safe and sound. She's such a little thing, about the size of a Dachshund. I can't stand the thought of her being all alone, cold, wet, and hungry. Please pray for her. We need her back home!

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