Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Pope's Trip

For my opinion on the Pope's trip to Turkey check out my post on my blog Kafir Warrior at http://kafirwarrior.blogspot.com

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your holiday will be filled with the true riches of life: faith, family, friends, health, happiness, and love.



Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Election

Well, I'm finally getting around to talking about the midterm elections, two weeks late. Sorry! Anyway, the elections went as I expected them to. The Dems won a slim majority in both houses of Congress. Of course, I'm disappointed. I'd hoped that the American voters' thirst for change would be tempered by common sense, but it wasn't. The voters decided to believe that change would automatically be for the better and chose to ignore the Dems' San Francisco values, epitomized by their lust for surrender in Iraq and on our southern border. Bad move.

A part of me can't blame them, though. The Republicans really messed some things up. Most notably they spent like crazy, spending that can't all be attributed to the war. If memory serves, George W. Bush hasn't vetoed a single spending bill since he's been in office, and conservatives are supposed to be for smaller government. And let's not forget Bush's open borders attitude on immigration and his near-total abandonment of the fight against gay marriage, support of which helped to win him re-election in 2004. No wonder the Republicans' base was dissatisfied, to put it mildly.

I, too, was dissatisfied and willing to vote non-Republican, and I did. I did NOT vote Democrat because I don't trust the Dems with neither the safety nor the future of America. No, I voted for independent candidate Kinky Friedman for govenor of Texas. I voted for Kinky because of his strong stance against illegal immigration--he wanted to put 10,000 National Guard on the Texas-Mexico border--and also because he spit in the face of political correctness. It was thrilling and refreshing to see a candidate brave enough to call a spade a spade and offer real solutions to problems without worrying about whom he was offending. Kinky wasn't trying to win the Hispanic vote, or the black vote, or the white vote. He wanted the Texan vote. And he got mine. Unfortunately, Kinky lost his bid for the governorship of the greatest state in the greatest nation, but if he decides to run in 2010 he'll have my vote again.

On the national level I voted Republican because there were no Kinky Friedmans running for those offices. Most of my fellow Americans chose to vote Democrat and now we'll have to spend the next two years dealing with the consequences. Already the Dems' left-wing core is showing. We can expect all kinds of hearings and investigations as the Dems wage war on Bush instead of the terrorists. Blame America first will be the guiding principle of our foreign policy. Any chance of building a fence along our southern border, or doing anything else to curb illegal immigration, is kaput. The economy will slow down as the Dems raise taxes in the name of fairness and part of those tax dollars, no doubt, will be used to pay for public defenders for Gitmo detainees. This is only the beginning of the change you voted for America. I hope you're happy with it.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Quotable Quotes: On the Future

"The future belongs to the fertile and the confident." Mark Steyn, conservative columnist, in his new book, "America Alone". Sadly, America and the West are neither and Muslims are both. Heaven help us.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Yesterday former tyrant of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was found guilty of crimes against humanity and given the death penalty. HALLELUYAH!

All over Iraq people shot guns into the air and danced in the streets to celebrate Saddam getting what he so richly deserved. I know this verdict won't mean that utopia will break out in Iraq but I am hoping that it will be a dash of reality to all the Bush haters of the world.

Even before America invaded Iraq, President Bush was the object of irrational hatred from the international Left. After the Iraq invasion the hatred got even hotter. "Peace activists" here and abroad smeared, and continue to smear, Bush as a terrorist and "the world's greatest tyrant". Clearly these people are totally detached from reality. I'm hoping Saddam's verdict will make them take a cold, hard look at what a real tyrant is and does, and then admit that they're accusations against President Bush are horribly false, the ramblings of distorted, Orwellian minds.

In George W. Bush's America, no one has been imprisoned for attacking the president. Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Harry Belafonte, Ward Churchill, and Jay Bennish, just to name a few anti-Bush critics, are alive, well, free, and even getting rich(er) and/or famous off of their hatred of the president. Can anyone say the same thing about the critics of Saddam? When did Saddam allow Iraqis to go abroad, call him the world's greatest tyrant, then return to Iraq with absolutely no fear of being harrassed, imprisoned, and/or tortured by the government? When did Saddam allow one of his citizens to buy some property close to one of his palaces and use it has a base to protest against him? Never, and never.

Tyrants don't allow freedom of speech. Tyrants don't allow freedom of association. Tyrants don't allow any second guessing of their policies by any of their citizens. Americans have freedom of speech. Americans have freedom of association. Americans second guess the policies of their government all the time. Yet, according to Harry Belafonte, Bush is the world's greatest tyrant. As I said above, the Bush haters are totally irrational. Hopefully Saddam's verdict will reaquaint them with the real world.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thank You, John Kerry

I want to thank Senator John Kerry. I voted early this year and even though I'm a conservative I felt kind of blah voting for Republicans. I've been really disappointed in President Bush on some key issues, most notably illegal immigration, and only voted Republican because I knew the Democratic/liberal alternative would be worse. Well, Senator Kerry showed me just how much worse the Dems/libs really are and made me feel good about voting Republican.

As you all know, Senator Kerry insulted our troops once again--how many times is this guy gonna do this?--and showed everyone willing to see just what the Dems/libs are all about. Liberals/Dems are anti-military and they are anti-victory. For them, the only enemy is George W. Bush and they will do anything, say anything, and support any real enemy of America to bring the President down. That's not just partisan ranting on my part; I sincerely believe it. And for proof, look no further than Senator Kerry's Oct. 30 anti-troop "joke".

I've known for a while that Kerry and the rest of the Dem/lib cabal are anti-military. They've revealed their true feelings for decades. Kerry first made a name for himself slandering our troops as baby killers before Congress in 1971. More recently, he accused them of "terrorizing" Iraqi women and children, and then came his October surprise when he all but called our fighting men stupid, saying that if young people don't study they'll end up in Iraq. I know that the liberal media and blogs are tripping all over themselves trying to spin this remark into something it's not, but I think most Americans now know the truth. Most Americans now see the Dems/libs for what they really are: anti-military, anti-victory, anti-America traitors.

Yes, I called Dems/libs anti-America. Yes, I'm questioning their patriotism. People who slander our troops (John Kerry), call America evil (Cindy Sheehan), and use their power to aid and abet our enemies (Teddy Kennedy) are TRAITORS. Efforts by liberals to whitewash this treason by calling it dissent won't work. A few years ago straight talking Judge Judy wrote a book titled "Don't Pee On My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining". When liberals use their dissent-is-patriotism argument to try to sanitize their anti-American rants, they're peeing on our national leg and calling it rain. And they expect us to be dumb enough to believe them. Well, we're not.

Patriots support their country, love their country, defend their country, pray for their country, and oppose their country's enemies. They don't blame their country first when she gets into a conflict with another nation. They don't rush to believe the worst about their own troops while demanding lawyers for enemy fighters captured on the battlefield. Patriotism means something and in these perilous times we can't afford to take anyone's patriotism for granted. We can't assume that someone's patriotic just because he was born and raised in America. We also can't assume that someone's a patriot just because he's a combat veteran. Just as someone can go to church as a child yet become an atheist as an adult, so too can someone fight for his country in his youth then turn against her years later. It happens; John Kerry and John Murtha are sad proof of that.

So, I'm glad I voted Republican. I now realize more clearly than ever what I was voting against, and I have more hope about what I was voting for. The Republicans are not perfect; they've made a lot of mistakes in Iraq, but at least they have a history of being reliably pro-America. Senator Kerry reminded me of that. Thanks again, John.