Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy birthday to me!  Today's my birthday.  I'm 50-years-old today and I can't believe it.  I've lived for half a century.  That definitely marks a milestone, and the other "milestone" marked today is this is the last day to sign up for Obamacare.  Yep, open enrollment ends on my birthday and no, I have not and will not sign up.

I refuse to take part in the Ponzi scheme that is Obamacare.  I'm not sure how I'll take care of my medical needs.  I'm thinking about joining one of the Christian health care sharing ministries, such as MediShare or Christian Healthcare Ministries.  In fact, I've already received an information packet from CHM.  I don't know if a health care sharing ministry will be the right choice for me but I DO know Obamacare is not the right choice for me.  Whew, what sobering issues to think about on what should be a carefree day!

Enough about Obamacare.  I'm going to get ready to attend my weekly Bible study and enjoy the remaining hours of my special day.  Fifty years ago today, I was born.  I think that's pretty neat!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time To Leave "The Walking Dead"?

It's on.  The last episode of season 4 of The Walking Dead.  And for me this episode may be the last one, period.  Why?  Because of gay character Tara Chalmers.  Before you throw rocks at me, this isn't about being anti-gay, it's about being anti-propaganda.

When I started watching The Walking Dead three years ago I just wanted to watch a scary, suspenseful tale of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse; I didn't want to be "agendaized".  And Hollywood being what it is, you know a gay character was added to TWD only for propaganda purposes.  Gay is good!  Gays are normal!  I don't want that.

Don't misunderstand me.  If I go into a movie, book, or TV show knowing there's a message, that's one thing.  Then I can prepare myself for it and choose to overlook it if the story is good enough.  But if a show presents itself as one thing and then, later, slips "agenda stuff" in, that I don't like!  Especially when it's left-wing, secular progressive agenda stuff.  And that's what having a gay character on The Walking Dead is.

Think about it.  What does Tara Chalmers' lesbianism add to the show?  What makes it necessary?  Nothing, except its propaganda value.  Gay is good!  Gays are normal!  Gays are everywhere!

I'm a Bible-believing Christian.  I believe homosexual behavior is a sin.  I believe in traditional marriage.  Those are my convictions, and if I'm going to live by them I can't support anything that actively opposes or undermines them.  Is The Walking Dead doing that by adding lesbian Tara Chalmers to the cast?  Most likely, though I really, really hope not.  But if it is, goodbye The Walking Dead.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


A while back I read a Christian book titled The 10 Dumbest Things Christians Do, by Mark Atteberry.  While reading it it struck me that some of the dumb things Atteberry says Christians do are done by conservatives, too.  The one dumb thing Atteberry detailed that I think really applies to conservatives is this one:  living below the level of their beliefs.

Living below the level of their beliefs.

Or, as I would say it for conservatives, living below the level of their convictions.  Conservatives do this habitually, almost unconsciously, and it's maddening.  It's another reason why I no longer call myself a conservative.  However, I can't be too indignant here because, as I look over my life, I see that I'm equally guilty of this failing.  But now I've been motivated to make a change.  Let me explain.

This year--at the end of this month, actually--I turn the big 5-0.  In late 2013, as I contemplated this milestone, I resolved to make some changes in and bring closure to certain parts of my life.  Specifically, I committed to attending a Cowboys' game in my father's honor.  It was a promise I'd made to my Dad after he died of cancer without being able to attend any of his favorite team's games.  This year, 2014, would mark nine years since I'd made that promise and I determined that I was finally going to keep it, money and other issues be damned.

Then the gay marriage controversy erupted again.

Specifically, national furor broke out over Arizona's proposed "anti-gay" law that would allow business owners to refrain from serving homosexual weddings based on their religious convictions.  Under intense pressure from many sectorsArizona's governor, Jan Brewer, vetoed the law.  One of the entities pressuring Brewer to do so was the NFL.  When I heard that the National Football League had stood up against religious freedom I decided I would no longer patronize that organization.  I wouldn't buy any NFL products.  I wouldn't watch any NFL games nor would I attend any.  I decided it was time to start living my convictions.  But what of my promise?

I'm going to keep it.  I'm going to attend one Cowboys' game for my father and then I'll be done with the NFL.   This may seem like a small step for my convictions, and it is.  I don't want to make some big commitment to reorder my entire life ALL AT ONCE according to my beliefs and then fail.  I'm making small moves that will be easier to sustain.  And as one small change becomes a way of life, I will add another.  One step at a time.  Bit by bit.  Here a little, there a little.

It is now my life's work to live by my convictions, not beneath them.  I'm now dedicated to being AWARE of how I live, not just going on autopilot, and to being conscious of the impact of my choices.  And as I change myself I can change my country.  Restore America from the bottom up.  Live your convictions! That is what it means to be wise.  Join me.