Monday, March 31, 2008

Fitna The Movie -Original English Version- [Part 1]

I can't believe this is still on YouTube! I guess YT has more balls than LiveLeak. Anyway, I knew I had to get this video on my blogs before YT also caves to the threats of the peaceful Muslims.

I send my shout out to Geert Wilders, the maker of this film. He's one Dutchman who has the immense courage to tell it like it is. May God bless him and keep him!

Fitna The Movie -Original English Version- [Part 2]

The second part of Geert Wilders courageous film. I wish it was in one piece like the version on is, but at least we can still see it. I just hope we will learn from it.

God bless Geert Wilders!
God save the Netherlands!
God save America!
God save the West!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me-ee! Happy birthday to me!

Hey friends! On this date 44 years ago the world was made a little brighter by the addition of yours truly to its population. I almost arrived in a car as my Mom decided to wait a tad bit too long before hightailing it to the hospital. But, to everyone's relief, I made my appearance in the appropriate place and weighed in at (approximately) 6.5 lbs, my Mom's youngest but biggest child. I wowed the nursery with my good looks and every nurse on the floor wanted to name me. Unfortunately, my Mom put her brand of choice on me and I've had to make do with nicknames and contend with constant mispronounciations and misspellings ever since. Well, I guess Mom did her best, and she did shower me with all the necessities of life so I gotta love her...but not my name!

I've got friends here in the blogosphere but, as you can see from my previous post, not everyone is thrilled that I exist. To all those who are perturbed by my presence I say, tough shit! I'm here, I'm conservative, and I'm gonna keep on telling it like it is. Get used to it! If you don't like what I have to say take your sorry liberal self somewhere else. And if you try to cross me watch out. I'm slow to anger but if you rile me up I'll KICK YOUR ASS!!!!

Have a nice day! :)


The name my Mom gave me and the one I hate isn't Seane-Anna. Seane-Anna is my blog name I created from my nickname and a mispronounciation of my first name, the one my Mom gave me. I love my blog moniker; I hate the brand on my birth certificate. Sorry Mom!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hate Mail!

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away for a whole week. My writer's block still has a bit of a hold on me but I was going to write a post today if it killed me. I was going to write about the on going controversy over Barack Obama's pastor but I was sidetracked by a comment left on my post "Battle Hymn Of The Anti-Jihad!". I thought that post had seen it's last comment until I came across this pithy little missive while checking my e-mail: FUCK YOU FAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

That's the exact quote friends, complete with all eleven--count 'em 11!--exclamation points. Clearly the author of this message, who didn't leave his/her/its name, had some strong feelings against anyone standing up to jihad. I strongly suspect he/she/it was either a Muslim or a liberal. Both groups vehemently oppose any criticism of or opposition to Islam. But why? Why does opposing Mohammed's religion usually elicit nasty rebukes like the one above?

Every since 9/11 I've been surprised, frightened, disappointed, and frusrated by the cowardice and even collaboration of so many Americans and Westerners in the face of violent Islam. After an intial outburst of patriotism and righteous anger immediately following September 11, most Americans have now retreated back into denial, self-condemnation, and self-doubt. As many as 30 per cent of us prefer to believe that the government had something to do with 9/11 rather than accept the fact that the attack was an act of war against us by Islam.

Criticism of Islam is denounced as racist, bigoted, and/or xenophobic. No matter what atrocities Muslim terrorists commit we're told by our cultural elites and opinion makers that Islam is a religion of peace. We're told that poverty, not religion, is the cause of Muslim terrorism despite the glaring fact that the teeming masses of non-Muslim poor aren't strapping bombs to themselves. We see the archbishop of Canterbury caving to Sharia law in Britain and universities in America doing the same. We see all this and still tell ourselves that everthing is ok.

We see Pim Fortuyn assassinated by an animal rights activists angry over Fortuyn's "scapegoating" of Muslims and we convince ourselves it happened because we aren't tolerant enough of Islam. We see Theo van Gogh, another Dutch critic of Islam, sliced and diced on the streets of Amersterdam and we draw the same delusional conclusion. Never mind that van Gogh also criticized Christianity and Judaism but wasn't murdered by a Christian or a Jew. We see other critics of Islam such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Irshad Manji, Salman Rushdie, and Kurt Westergaard going into hiding or living under armed guard to protect themselves from peaceful Muslims. We see "blasphemous" cartoons or a toy named Mohammed inciting more violent protests from "moderate" Muslims than the murder, by Muslims, of non-Muslim civilians.

We see all of the above and more, yet continue to tell ourselves that all is well. Muslims really don't mean us any harm and the ones that might can be easily appeased. We just have to show them more tolerance, let them build more mosques, let them continue immigrating to our lands, let them proselytize, change our foreign policy to reflect their grievances and, above all, ditch our racist notion of free speech which allows people to criticize Islam without penalty. If we do all this the sun will always shine, God will be in His heaven, and everything will be right with the world. Yeah, right.

We are commiting cultural suicide in the name of peace and tolerance. Our corrupt "anti-racism" and unprincipled pacifism have convinced us that we are the problem, that our white, Western, Christian civilization is the fount from which all racism, imperialism, colonialism and war springs. Islam, on the other hand, is deemed benign simply because its followers are overwhelmingly non-Western and non-white. Consequently, the demise of our civilization through Islamification is seen not only as a good thing but the hope of humanity. Sound farfetched? Maybe, but I can think of no other explanation that fits the fact of the West's spineless capitulation to violent Islam. If anyone has a better explanation I'd like to hear it, but I don't think you do.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

America's Peaceful Warrior

On this day two years ago a hero died and most Americans didn't notice. Like me, they had no idea that he even existed, yet he was one of the bravest participants in World War II. He was a conscientious objector who didn't want to be called or treated like a conscientious objector. Though he refused to carry a gun he desperately wanted to serve his country in the titanic struggle of that time. He wasn't willing to kill for his country, but he was more than willng to die for it. This hero was Army medic Desmond T. Doss, the first conscientious objector to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, America's highest military medal.

I first heard of Desmond Doss totally by accident. It was Memorial Day weekend '06, if memory serves, and I was channel surfing trying to find something to ease my boredom. I landed on the Christian tv station Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and a movie caught my eye. I soon realized that the movie wasn't a movie at all but a documentary. Not in the mood for anything serious, I was going to change channels when something said don't. I put down the remote and soon became engrossed in the unlikely story of Desmond Doss, a pacifist who joined the United States Army.

Desmond Doss' story moved me deeply. Naturally, the sheer unlikeliness of a pacifist becoming a war hero drew me in, but it was Doss himself who touched my heart. As he told his story he revealed a gentleness, kindness, and humility that most people usually associate with the Amish. How could such a harmless soul win the Congressional Medal of Honor? Listen.
Desmond Doss was a devout Seventh Day Adventist who took the Ten Commandments, especially the sixth one, seriously. He resolved in childhood never to harm another human being. Yet when WWII broke out Doss was eager to serve his country, but the Army didn't want him. It had no need, it thought, of a soldier who wouldn't carry a gun. An effort was made to send him to a conscientious objectors' camp but Doss refused. He didn't consider himself a conscientious objector because he wanted to wear the uniform and serve his country, he just didn't want to kill anyone. So he kept trying to get into the Army until he was finally allowed to enlist and was assigned to the 77th Infantry Division as a medic. That's when his trouble started.
This was the hardest part of the documentary for me to watch. It almost made me cry. Once Desmond Doss was in the barracks with his fellow soldiers he was badly mistreated by them. He was cursed. He was taunted. He was ridiculed. He had boots thrown at him. His life was even threatened. All because he prayed every night, was a vegetarian, and refused to work on Saturday, the Adventists' sabbath. And because he wouldn't carry a gun. Listening to Desmond Doss recount this abuse in his humbly dignified way, free from all bitterness, sent chills down my spine. It made me understand what real strength he had and why he walked off the battlefields of the Pacific with two Bronze Stars, three Purple Hearts, and the nation's highest military honor. All without firing a shot.
Desmond Doss got to show his mean-spirited "brothers" just what he was made of when facing combat on Guam and in the Phillipines in 1944. Medic Doss braved enemy fire repeatedly to treat and rescue the wounded, many of them the same men who'd abused him. The soldiers who'd vehemently objected to serving with a devoutly Christian, vegetarian pacifist now gave him their deepest respect. And it soon got deeper.
On April 29, 1945 American forces won control of the Maeda Escarpment on Okinawa but on May 5 the Japaness lauched a fierce counterattack. The Americans were forced to retreat, leaving their wounded, and medic Doss, on the escarpment. While those wounded who could fought off the Japanese, Doss lowered soldier after soldier down the escarpment using a rope and a tree stump, saving at least 50 men. Doss continued his courageous and non-violent service to his country until he was injured by a grenade on May 21. Now it was his turn to be rescued. While being carried to safety, though, Doss slid off the stretcher so a more gravely wounded man could be moved first. When he was finally on his way to a hospital ship Desmond realized he'd lost the Bible his wife, Dorothy, had given him. Upon learning that the men in his battalion searched the battefield until Doss' Bible was found. They lovingly cleaned it as best they could, dried it, then mailed it to the man they'd once scorned but now loved and admired.
On October 12, 1945 Doss, who would spend the next 5 years in and out of the hospital due to his injuries and a bout with tuberculosis, was awared the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Truman. After his distingushed service to a nation that initially spurned his desire to serve, Doss lived out his life in the mountain community of Rising Fawn, GA. There he and Dorothy raised a son, Desmond, Jr., and Doss continued to help any who asked. In 1965 he formed the Civilian Defense Rescue Service for Walker county, GA. The CDRS proved it's mettle a year later when it helped rescue seven Boy Scouts and their leader who'd gotten lost in a cave. Desmond spent more consecutive hours searching the cave than anyone else.
Desmond Doss was a shining example of courage and conviction. After serving his country with nearly superhuman courage, surviving his wounds, raising a son, burying his first wife and marrying a second, and in everything remaining faithful to God, Desmond Doss, America's peaceful warrior, went home to his Maker on March 23, 2006.
Farewell gentle soldier, and thank you for your service and your faith.
If you want to learn more about Desmond Doss you can order the documentary "The Conscientious Objector" at

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Writer's Block

I'm soooooo frustrated! I'm suffering a big attack of writer's block and it's making me soooooo mad! I want to write about how I think Barack Obama still has a big problem in spite of his somewhat successful speech yesterday, but the words won't come. Don't you hate it when that happens?

I want to write about how I believe Obama's real problem isn't race but his liberal ideology and that his speech was a calculated effort to distract the public's attention from that. Think about it. In his speech Obama essentially blamed his pastor's hate filled sermons on racism. While deploring and distancing himself from Rev. Jeremiah Wright's words Obama insisted that they had to be understood in the context of America's racist history. No one, he implied, can really blame a Black man of Wright's generation for being a tad bit upset with Uncle Sam. Meanwhile, the fact that Wright's anti-Americanism is par for the course for liberals, not Blacks, was obscured.

And Obama needs to obscure that fact because he's one of the most, if not the most, liberal politician in America today, certainly in this campaign. This man wants to be president of a country that his own ideology regards as inherently evil. Prominent exponents of Obama's ideology routinely denounce America in the most viscious terms. They declare our troops unwelcomed in their city and make movies portraying them as crazed rapists and murderers. They stand in the highest halls of power and accuse America of creating another Auschwitz at Gitmo. They compare the victims of 9/11 to Nazis and claim we deserved that attack. They cheer on our enemies in Iraq on their websites. They call America evil then play grieving mother to avoid criticism. And to top if off they expect us average Joes to be stupid enough to believe their venom springs from the deepest reservoir of patriotic love. Insulting!!!!

This is what liberalism is today. It is about hating America. It is about siding with our enemies under the guise of seeking peace. It is about blind animosity against our history, heritage, and culture. And that's the side of the political aisle Obama's on. In his speech Obama talks a good talk about change while using race to hide the fact that he's a strident leftist. Prudent Americans must not let him get away with that.

That's what I want to say. Hey, I just did!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Battle Hymn Of The Anti-Jihad!!

I was going to post this yesterday to mark the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, but work and family took up my time. So I'm posting it today.

The song is called "Open Season" and the band is Stuck Mojo. Finally a band that gets it! No entertainment industry PC bull$h!t here. Stuck Mojo tells the truth, without fear and without apology. Give a listen as they rock for America and the rest of the Free World! And in case you don't get what they're saying I've included the lyrics to the song below.

Open Season, by Stuck Mojo (from the album Southern Born Killers).

I speak peace when peace is spoken. But I speak war when your hate is provoking. The season is open 24-7-365, man up yo' time to ride. No need to hide behind slogans of deceit, claiming that you're a religion of peace. We just don't believe you. We can clearly see through the madness that you're feeding your people. Jihad, the cry of your unholy war, using the willing, the weak, and poor. From birth drowing in propganda, rhetoric, and slander. All I can say is damn ya!

My forefathers fought and died for this here. I'm stronger than your war of fear. Are we clear? If you step in my hood, it's understood. It's open season.

I don't need a faith that's blind, where death and hate bring me peace of mind; with views that are stuck deep in the seventh century. So much sand in your eyes, too blind to see the venom that your leaders preach is the path to your own destruction, your own demise. You might say that I don't understand but your disgust for me is what I realize. Surprise! Your homicidal ways has got the whole world watching, whole world scoping. So if you bring it to my home base, best believe it. It's open season.

I see you, hell yeah I see you. Motherfvcker naw, I don't wanna be you. If you come to my place I'll drop more than just some bass. Yo, you'll get a taste of a sick motherfvcker from the Dirty. I ain't worrying, not a fvcking bit. I'm telescoping like Hubble. Yo! You in trouble. Yo! On the double. I'm wild with mine, bring that style with mine. Fvck with my family I'll end your life. Just the way it is; just the way it be. Do you understand? No matter if you're woman, or man, or child. My profile is crazy. That sh!t you do doesn't amaze me; I'm ready to blaze thee.

I don't give a damn what god you claim. I've seen the innocent that you've slain; on my street you're just fair game. Like a pig walk to your slaughter; the heat here is so much hotter. And my views won't teeter totter or fluctuate. Step to me you just met your fate. And I'll annihilate, with the skill of a Shogun assassin. Slicing and dicing precise with a passion, in any shape, form, or fashion. Bring it to my home, welcome to the danger zone. 'Cause your attitude's the reason the triggers keep squeezing. The hunt is on and it's open season.

It's Open Season!

In case I made a mistake in writing the lyrics down you can check them out at Aside from a little profanity these words are flawless. All of you who understand what's at stake in this war, take them to heart. Pass this battle hymn along to everyone you know.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fall From Grace

I'm just glad Spitzer is a Democrat. Whew!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mexican Students In FARC Camp

It's just been revealed that at least six Mexican nationals were in the FARC rebel camp attacked by Colombia last week. Five of the Mexicans were killed; the sixth, Lucia Morett, survived. Morett and one of the dead Mexicans, Juan Gonzalez del Castillo, were students at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (NAUM) and members of a radical, pro-FARC student group. Supposedly, that group had sent Morett and Gonzalez to study South America's oldest armed rebel movement but NAUM officials denied that. You can imagine what kind of "studying" Morett, Gonzalez and the other Mexicans were doing.

This is scary stuff, folks. Mexican radicals training--oops!--I mean studying with FARC terrorists and our southern border pourous as a sieve. How long before some of those "students" and their friends sneak into our country and begin causing havoc? The FARC is a Marxist terrorist group which bombs, murders, and kidnaps as a matter of course, and funds its operations through drug trafficing. There are reports that FARC has sought to buy sophisticated weapons from Lebanese terrorists and might've even been trying to get its hands on uranium. Mexicans who have been tutored by such ilk can't mean America any good.

Open borders fanatics, who insist on believing that all Mexicans sneaking into America are just good hearted poor folks looking for a job, need to get a reality check. Not all of the illegals are good hearted; not all are poor and not all are Mexican. Rather, what you have with the illegals is a witch's brew of drug trafficers, leftist revolutionaries, and international terrorists mixed in with the campesinos.

It's time to deal with illegal immigration once and for all. It's time to crackdown big time on businesses that employ illegals so the illegals will self-deport. It's time to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities. It's time for Americans to boycott sanctuary cities: don't vacation in them, don't send your kids to college in them, don't hold your conventions in them, and don't relocate your business to them. And above all, it's time for Congress to stop bullshitting and build the damn fence--the REAL one--it promised us a year ago!

The Mexican students who were in the FARC camp are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are plenty more where they came from, and they don't want to sing Kumbaya with us. If our elected officials wait until a nuclear tragedy strikes America before they act then they should be gathered up and shot. They would have betrayed this country in the most horrid way and would deserve nothing less than execution. Strong words, but these are deadly times and nobody in Washington seems up to the task of leading us through them. Oh, where is Churchill when we need him! Come back, Winston, come back!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Climate Change" Strikes Again

It snowed today! In Texas; in March. Ain't global warming a bitch?!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

That Damn Dog Incident

I'm sure everyone has seen and/or heard about the (possibly fake) video showing a Marine tossing a puppy over a cliff in Iraq. I first heard about this a couple of days ago while watching CNN. The Marines are investigating to see if the video is real and have condemned it whether it's real or not. Bravo to the Marines, but they are wasting their time. No amount of condemnation from the Corps will satisfy the crazed army of global America haters. And that's what pisses me off.

I've seen the puppy throwing video. It's disturbing, real or not; but the reaction to it from people around the world is even worse. The identity of the puppy tossing Marine has been revealed and not only has he received death threats but his family has, too. People have called for him to be tortured, thrown off a cliff, disfigured with acid, and otherwise treated VERY BADLY. "Anti-war" activists have seized upon this incident the way they seized upon the non-massacre at Haditha to smear our troops. One comment that stands out in my mind reads, "This is why people hate America". And of course Bush is to blame. Gag me!

Where was this outpouring of outrage when Nicholas Berg was beheaded? When Daniel Pearl was beheaded? When the London subway was bombed? When 3000 Americans were slaughtered on 9/11? A puppy apparently gets tossed to its death by an American soldier and the world goes bonkers but human beings get sliced and diced by Muslim crazies and it's greeted with a yawn. Killing a puppy justifies maniacal hatred of America but decapitations and suicide bombings don't justify hatred of Muslims. People, this is the upside down world we live in. This is the perversion political correctness has brought us.

If this video proves to be authentic then the Marine in it should be punished. But even if it's real we shouldn't apologize too much if at all. Our apologies and efforts to redress wrongs are NEVER appreciated by anyone, not even our friends. Instead they are seen as weaknesses and are used against us by our enemies. Our jihadist foes rejoice in our deaths and offer no repentance for slaugtering us like cattle. Therefore, we must stop our hand wringing over every little mistake we make and instead concentrate on obliterating the Islamofascists as thoroughly as we obliterated the Nazis and the Japanese during World War II. After all, destroying your nemesis is how you win wars and this is one war we can't afford to lose.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Help! I'm Feeling Sorry For Hillary!

I have to admit it. I'm feeling sorry for Hillary Clinton. No, I'm not feeling so bad that I'd vote for her--nothing could make me feel bad enough to do that!--but I do feel just a tad bit down that dear Hillary has to face her dream collapsing right before her eyes.

Remember, this woman started the presidential campaign convinced that she was the shoo-in for the Democratic nomination. She was cocky and confident that no one could touch her. Then, as if by magic, Barack Obama, a virtual nobody, swooped in and stole her thunder. Overnight Hillary saw herself lose 11 straight primaries and/or caucuses and found herself fighting for her political life, something she was totally unprepared for. What was she to do?!

Hillary wants power. She craves it the way a starving wolf craves meat. She endured and continues to endure a marriage to a wanton and callous womanizer in order to stay in the loop of political might (and you thought she stayed with Bill for his looks). Power and the desire for it is the air Hillary breathes, only now her oxygen supply is being drastically reduced by a Black man from Illinois. Her lead in the polls has vanished; even some of her friends among the Democratic delegates have switched to Obama. If Hillary doesn't win Texas and Ohio today she's finished. This woman, who stayed married to Bill Clinton to reach political gold, will be finished. C'mon, you gotta feel sorry for her. Just a little bit.