Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Great Day For America!

Today is a great day for America. Today the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees individuals the right to keep and bear arms. Gun rights activists will no longer have to argue this point when fighting gun grabbers trying to impose draconian gun control laws on Americans.

The ruling is the result of the Court reviewing Washington D.C.'s extreme handgun law which made it impossible for D.C. citizens to own a handgun legally. As is the case with all gun control laws, D.C.'s criminals had no problem getting handguns or any other kind of firearms. The capital has, and has had for a long time, one of the highest murder rates in the country. In fact, the lawsuit that ultimately came before the Court was filed by D.C. resident Dick Heller after the city denied his application to keep a handgun in his home for protection. "I'm thrilled I am now able to defend myself and my household in my home," Heller exclaimed upon hearing the ruling. Amen brother!

While affirming an individual's right to bear arms this ruling doesn't mean that all restrictions on gun ownership are now unconstitutional. Justice Antonin Scalia, in writing for the majority, stated that their decision in no way "cast[s] doubt on long-standing prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons or the mentally ill, or [on] laws forbidding the carrying of firearms [into] sensitive places such as schools or government buildings." I suspect gun control advocates won't find that reassurring. Too bad.

Today the Supreme Court got one right, which is an all-too-rare occurrence. And it not only got the law right, it also got a worldview right. By striking down D.C's handgun ban and affirming the people's right to keep arms for personal protection, the Court was unmistakeably repudiating the loony left view that inanimate objects, e.g. guns, and not people cause crime. As mentioned above, Washington D.C.'s handgun ban did nothing to reduce crime. That's because crime originates in the hearts and minds of human beings, not in the objects they use to carry it out.

Blaming lifeless, will-less, tools for the anti-social ends to which they are put is the mother of all cop outs. Liberals cling to it, I believe, because it allows them to retain their utopian view of human nature. Being largely unChristian, liberals deny man's innate capacity for evil and instead blame evil on a corrupt environment. If that environment includes guns, this thinking goes, violent crime is the result. Remove the gun and, supposedly, the urge to commit crime vanishes as well. Crazy, I know. And five of the nine Supreme Court Justices know that, too. Thank God, and long live the Second Amendment!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Common Sense Comes To Washington

Finally, some common sense from a politician!

In this video Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) gives the House a hilarious but spot on tongue lashing over its plan to force Americans to replace all of our incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs. Mercury containing fluorescent light bulbs made in China, the country that gave us contaminated pet food and dangerous toys.

Rep. Poe does a terrific job exposing the utter stupidity of Congress' light bulb switching plan. And check out Tom Tancredo in the background. His reaction alone is worth the 5 minutes it takes to watch this video. So pull up a chair, relax, and watch in amazement as, for once, common sense comes to Washington.

(And when you're done here check out the miniature belly dancer on my blog Hammer Folk Woman. See what kind of "family values" THEY teach their kids.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Propaganda Not Truth

I can't believe what I saw on The O'Reilly Factor tonight. The Factor did a segment on a couple of political ads made by the liberal group, and I couldn't believe how viscious, hate filled, and utterly dishonest they were. Oh, wait, I can believe it. After all, this is we're talking about.

One of the ads was premised on a shameless distortion of John McCain's statement about America being in Iraq for 100 years. In the ad a hip young mother has her cute baby boy, Alex, on her lap. She talks lovingly about the baby for a minute then gets gravely serious when she tells McCain that he "can't have [Alex]" to send to Iraq. Come on!

McCain has explained what he meant by being in Iraq for 100 years. He was talking about America having a military presence there, similar to the ones we have in Germany, Japan, and South Korea. He was NOT talking about fighting in Iraq for a 100 years. and the rest of the left knows that, yet they continue to engage in rank dishonesty in order to smear McCain and instill fear of Republicans in American voters. As bad as the Alex ad was, though, the second one was worse.

Ad number two was a stark revelation of how liberals really view Republicans/conservatives. In this ad the left's hatred toward the right was laid bare for all to see. The ad consisted of a series of people telling why they wanted to vote Republican. One was a soldier saying he wanted to vote Republican so he could stay in Iraq forever. Another was a toy gun wielding little boy who said he wanted to vote Republican so he could invade Iran. But the really offensive parts of this ad were the pastor and the white guy.

The pastor, sounding quite wicked, said he wanted to vote Republican because women had no right to make decisions about their own lives, ever. Of course, this was a reference to abortion. This part of the ad was premised on the notion that only Republicans are pro-life; it totally ignored the existence of pro-life Democrats. Yet there ARE pro-life Democrats, Senate majority leader Harry Reid being the most prominent example. But according to's ad, being pro-life is a misogynist, Republican position. This reveals the progressives' disturbing attitude toward pro-life Dems: they shouldn't exist. What exactly should be done with pro-life Dems the ad doesn't say, but by portraying support for the unborn as a strictly Republican cause it's pretty clear that progressives don't want them in the party. Despite Reid's election as leader of Senate Democrats I suspect that pro-life Dems will soon feel a cold wind blowing. Can you say purge?

The white guy was next. What he had to say was the most offensive to me personally. The white guy said he wanted to vote Republican because he didn't want a cure for AIDS or breast cancer. Why not? Because the victims of those diseases were "just gays and women". I almost hit the tv when I heard that. My mother and grandmother both had breast cancer. Granny died after a heroic five year battle; Mama, thankfully, is a survivor. For some sanctimonious, far-left jerk to say that, because I vote Republican, I don't want a cure for the disease that killed my beloved grandmother is obscene beyond words.

This politicizing of compassion is one of the left's most despicable characteristics, and I'm not falling for it. I want a cure for breast cancer, but not because it primarily strikes women. I want a cure for AIDS, but not because it primarily strikes gays. Rather, I want a cure for these and all other deadly diseases because they strike people, and cause horrible suffering to my fellow man. Why should I want a cure for breast cancer more urgently than I want a cure for abdominal cancer, which killed my father? Is my father's death less tragic, less of a loss, because he was a man? Is heart disease, the number one killer in America, less worthy of a cure than AIDS simply because its victims aren't overwhelmingly gay? I think not.

The left-wing loons who made the ads described above just showed how much contempt for truth and the intelligence of the American people they really have. That's all their ads accomplished. John McCain has no intention of waging war in Iraq for 100 years; pro-lifers come in both Democrat and Republican flavors, and the desire to see mankind freed from the clutches of deadly illnesses transcends ideology. Americans know this. That many "progressives" apparently don't is frightening indeed. God help us.

Friday, June 06, 2008

D-Day, The 6th Of June

D-Day. One of the single greatest days in American history--and I'm sure half the people reading this have no idea what it is. I'll tell you.

D-Day was the day America committed her finest young men to the task of defeating her enemy in Europe once and for all.

D-Day was the day the American eagle chose to continue to be an eagle and not a sitting duck.

D-Day was the day America realized that you defeat your enemies by fighting them with grim determination, not by deserting the battlefield in the middle of the fight.

D-Day was and remains the day that epitomizes everything that today's liberals despise: patriotism, steely resolve, and copious bravery.

June 6, 2008 marks the 64th anniversary of the day that was a baptism of fire for hundreds of thousands of American and other Allied troops and secured victory in Europe. Please take the time to remember those young men whose courage and sacrifice on that momentous day ensured the preservation of our free and precious way of life. Please join me in saying a heartfelt "Thank you!" to all those fine young men. God bless them and God bless America.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Frag The Traitors!!!!

Ok, I've had it! I've had it up to here with the left-wing, America hating scum infecting our nation and working overtime to destroy her from within. Whatever America's faults there was no excuse to curse her as "the greatest sin against God" as Barack Obama's spiritual mentor, Michael Pfleger, did at Obama's now former church. I can care less if Obama has finally quit Trinity United Church of Christ. The problem of leftist fifth columnists goes further than the loud mouths at TUCC.

The sad and frightening truth is that Michael Pfleger, Jeremiah Wright, Brian de Palma, Michael Moore, Bill Ayers, Ward Churchill and their ilk have infected every corner of American society. From the pulpit, in films, in classrooms, and in our streets these vermin systematically tear down our pride in our nation and ourselves and seek to infect us with a debilitating self-hatred. They rush to believe and disseminate the worst about America. They spit on our vets and military recruiters; they call our soldiers baby killers and portray them as raping, murdering thugs. They burn Old Glory but proudly carry the flags of our enemies through our streets. They teach our children that our president is another Hitler. They endlessly berate America for slavery but never praise her for ending it. Indeed, they won't recognize any of this nation's positive accomplishments , yet they have the audacity to call themselves patriots!

These left-wing malcontents are no patriots. They are fifth columnists embarked on a campaign of psychological sabotage meant to destroy our will to fight and thereby ensure victory for our enemies. They are ideological termites eating America from within. They are a political autoimmune disease attacking the very "body" that protects them. And they MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

When you join our armed forces you recite an oath that recognizes the existence of enemies "foreign and domestic". America has domestic enemies, and they are no less deadly than her foreign enemies. Consequently, our internal foes should meet the same end as our external ones. The time for debate has passed. The liberal fifth columnists won't be dissuaded by words; they are too entrenched and too dedicated for persuasion to work. A national cleansing has to take place. It's time for the radicals, for the bombers and the shooters and the kidnappers and the killers, to get a taste of their own medicine.

Don't frag an officer like the "peace" activists advised; rather, frag a "peace" activist. Frag a fifth columnist. Frag a traitor. Wait until after the election, so there won't be any negative blowback for the patriotic candidate, then take your pick. Personally, I think Michael Pfleger would be a good one to start with. But that's just my opinion. Whoever is first, I'll serenade his and all other "cleansings" with the immortal words of Queen: And another one gone, and another one gone, and another one bites the dust! Oh yeah!!