Monday, August 31, 2009

Get 'Em While They're Young!

While driving home from work today I was listening to Michael Medved's radio show and heard something totally creepy. It seems that Barack Obama really does believe he's Dear Leader and he's going after the kiddos to make them believe it, too. How is he planning on doing that? By giving a speech on September 8 to America's school children, a speech that teachers are being greatly encouraged to permit their students to watch during the school day. This, as I said, is totally creepy.

It's not just the fact of Obama giving a speech directly to children that's creepy. It's the things that are going along with it. According to Medved the Department of Education has suggested that, in preparation for the Anointed One's speech, teachers should encourage their students to read books about Obama and should ask them questions like, What can we learn from President Obama? And my favorite, How does Barack Obama inspire us? WTF?!?!

We are not living in North Korea! This is America! There is nothing inherently wrong with Obama or any president talking to America's children, but Obama is a chief executive who's shown he doesn't like criticism. He's taken it upon himself to tell Americans which news sources they can trust and which they can't. He's told Republican lawmakers that they need to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. And he's complained that Fox News isn't "adequately favorable" to him, as if it's the media's job to be favorable to him. Clearly, Obama has a problem with dissent. So, his upcoming speech to the nation's kids is suspicious.

The guest on Michael Medved's show, a Midwestern school teacher called "Carol", asked why Obama doesn't give his speech during primetime. During primetime, "Carol" pointed out, not only could kids still hear the speech but their parents could listen too and give their opinion on Obama's message. Perhaps that's why Obama is giving his education speech during school hours, precisely to do an end run around that parental filter. Dear Leader wants to reach the children directly so they'll then go home and tell Mom and Dad how great he is because he cares about them and wants them to do well in school. The strategy is simple: get the kids and the parents will follow. I'm not saying that is what Obama's doing but it sure looks like it.

As news of Obama's speech spreads I hope many, many parents will opt their kids out of the "historic" event. If Barack Obama really cares about education then the people he needs to be addressing are parents, not children. But parents are adults who might surprise Barack with some challenging questions and thoughtful skepticism. Obama will have no such worries with little kids; they can be counted on to give him the unthinking devotion he seems to need just to function as a human being.

Obama needs to grow up. He wanted to be president; well, now he is. If he can't take the political heat he should resign and leave the presidency to someone more thick-skinned. But the one thing he most certainly must not do is use our children for his own political gain. Parents and others who love children don't take kindly to that sort of thing. Just thought Dear Leader ought to know.

Monday, August 24, 2009

$35,000 A Week

Barack Obama has decided to take a summer vacation. He has a very big job y'know, so he's off to Martha's Vineyard with Michelle and the girls--and Bo too, I presume--for a much needed rest. The Anointed One will relax with his family on an estate that rents for $35,000 a week. You read that right; $35,000 a week! But not to worry. Barack Obama is independently wealthy due to book sales so he'll be paying that outrageous sum himself. And his devotees couldn't be happier about it. But let's think about this for a minute.

Suppose John McCain had won the '08 election. Now suppose that the economy was in the same dire straits under him as it now is under Obama. Can you imagine how the MSM would be crying foul if President McCain was paying $35,000 to rent a vacation estate at a time when unemployment hovered near 10%? We'd almost certainly get a steady diet of stories on how uncaring Republicans were and how McCain's very expensive vacation epitomized that. President McCain would be harassed with questions about why he didn't spend that money on the poor. Come on, you know that's what would happen if McCain had done this. But when Obama does it it's alright.

Barack Obama is the darling of the media. He can spend more money on his vacation than millions of Americans earn in a year and it's just fine. After all, the Golden Child needs his rest; he's breaking a sweat running up the deficit, surrendering to our enemies, and apologizing for America's very existence. After doing all that anyone would be tired. So Obama is perfectly within his right to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a vacation. A vacation.

Must be nice.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Massa Massa

You won't believe this! Here's Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) declaring he'll vote against the interests of his district if he thinks doing so will be "helpful". Here's Rep. Massa speaking at the loony left Net Roots Nation conference in Pittsburgh, PA:

Can you believe the arrogance of this guy? He'll vote against the interests of his district? He'll vote against the opinions of his district? Apparently, Eric Massa thinks his last name, which sounds like the slaves' pronounciation of "master", really does make him and the other arrogant twits in Washington our "massas". Memo to Eric Massa: you are Representative Massa, not Massa Massa. Get that through your thick head and start doing the job you were elected to do: represent your fellow citizens not lord it over them. There is only one Lord, Eric Massa, and you are not him!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

They Can Organize...

...but we can't?

Tonight on Greta Van Susteren I saw that supporters of Obamacare came out in force at a townhall meeting for Sen. Arlen Spector in Pennsylvania. And did those supporters of the President's health care policy show up at the meeting spontaneously? NOT! They were bussed in by your favorite community organizer organization and mine: ACORN.

But wait! Hasn't the political Left spent the last few weeks screaming against organized protests? Haven't liberal politicians been saying that organized protests are illegitimate, astroturf, to quote one well-known leftist politico? Yes, that's exactly what the Left's been saying, loud and clear. But now that people are organizing for Obamacare organized protests are A-ok. Liberal hypocrisy at work.

The truth, people, is that most demonstrations are organized and that's alright. All groups--liberal, conservative, religious, secular, you name it--are free to rally their troops to make their voices heard. It's called freedom of speech and it's the American way. It's the American way when we do it, and it's the American way when they do it. There is no clause in the Constitution that says free speech is only for the Left. Memo to Nancy Pelosi.

The effort to demonize, discredit, and smear the sometimes raucous opponents of Obamacare is not only shameful but also a threat to one of our most cherished and fundamental liberties. The liberal politicians and their party who are leading this charge should be ashamed of themselves. Those who disagree with any of Obama's policies are Americans too and have the same rights as Obama's devotees.

They can organize but we can't? Not in my America!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The REAL Backbone Of America

Dr. David Scheiner, Barack Obama's former personal physician, was on Mike Huckabee's show Saturday and he said something that really pissed me off.

While discussing Obamacare--he's against it, he supports a single payer plan--Scheiner advocated covering illegal aliens because they "do our work for us". Did you get that? Illegals do our work. When I heard that my first thought was, oh no he didn't say that! My second thought was how someone who has to be smart--Schneiner's a doctor after all--would peddle such bona fide nonsense.

Speaking as someone who busts my ass 40-60 hours a week, I'm SICK TO DEATH of this noxious notion that illegal aliens are the only people in America who work. No, they AREN'T. Illegals make up approximately 5% of the US workforce. That means the other 95% of the US workforce is composed of AMERICANS! Like me. We are the ones who "do our work". We are not some sort of parasitic leisure class living off the backs of the poor illegals. We are the producers. It is our labor that produces the wealth that creates the jobs that employ the illegals. If we stopped working the illegals would have nothing. We don't owe our way of life to them; they owe their lives to us.

If Dr. Scheiner or anyone else believes that illegal aliens should be covered by universal health care, fine. Let them defend their view with rationally stated arguments. But Scheiner and all who think like him should understand that they lose credibility when they use the patently false assertion that illegals "do our work" and therefore should reap all the benefits of citizenship. They don't and they shouldn't.

I am an American worker. I am only one of millions. I and my fellow workers, along with small businessmen, are the backbone of the US economy. If our country ends up with socialized medicine--and I pray she doesn't--it should go first of all to us. No foreigner who broke into this country like a thief in the night deserves health care at the taxpayer's expense. If they want free health care let them get it in their own country. As for America, let universal health care go to those who really "do our work". You and me.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Uncriticizable President Part 2

My! My! How opinions change!

When George Bush was president liberals didn't hesitate to call him every vile name in the book. Now that they have the power they are outraged at any dissent from their policies. Can you say hypocrites? I knew you could.

The reactions of the Dems to many Americans' anger over Obamacare is downright shameful...and frightening. I have never in my life seen a national party actively try to discourage and discredit opposition to its policies. It's one thing for bloggers, columnists, or talking heads to opine on and even diss their ideological opponents, but when actual members of government do it it's alarming.

How dare you Democrats chastise us citizens for speaking our minds!!!! Let me explain something to you people.

The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech to all Americans, not just those on the Left. You senators, representatives, and presidents are sent to Washington to do the will of us, the people. You are not sent there to impose your will on us! Speaking our minds and making our opinions known on the issues of the day isn't only a constitutional right, it's also a duty of citizenship. And part of your duty as our public servants is to listen to, not disparage, our opinions.

The smear campaign against opponents of Obama's health care reform is appalling. During the Bush administration liberals shrilly insisted that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. But now that their Golden Boy is in office criticism of the president and/or his policies is suddenly illegitimate. I'm shocked almost beyond words at liberals' stunning reversal of their admiration for dissent. Oppose Bush and you're a patriot; oppose Obama and you're a racist or a stupid, GOP tool. Gimme a break!

It's time liberals in and out of government accepted the fact they that don't own the right to criticize. Their messiah and everything he does aren't off limits to dissent. Smarmy efforts to delegitimize Obama's critics expose a mile wide fascist streak running through the left side of the political aisle. Surprise, surprise.

The fight against Obamacare is shaping up to be a fight for the right to free speech for all. Being an angry "mob" is our American right. If Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama himself are upset by that then they're living in the wrong country. They should catch the next plane to Venezuela or Cuba where only the Left can speak. I'm sure they'll feel completely at home there.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

My Flag Too

The Confederate battle flag. How so many people love to hate this banner! I used to be one of them, being Black and all, but over the years I've come to really like this much maligned symbol. Before you throw stones at me or call me an oreo, hear me out.

First, I like the Confederate battle flag (CBF) for purely aesthetic reasons. I just think it's a beautiful image. I love the mix of colors, stripes, and stars. I was fascinated to learn several years ago that the stripes in the CBF are actually a form of the cross called the St. Andrew's or saltire cross. This is the cross on Scotland's national flag and was chosen for the Confederacy largely because the majority of White Southerners were of Scottish descent. I believe it was an appropriate choice as the saltire works to produce a most delightful treat to the eyes. But, aesthestics aside, what about the CBF'S history as a symbol of slavery and racial injustice, many will ask. Doesn't the Confederate battle flag's association with racism offend me? In a word, no.

The notion that the Confederacy's battle banner is uniquely linked to racism is something that I've never understood. It's like the people who promote that idea don't know anything about history, or just don't care because they're too busy making political hay out of the CBF. But the fact is that there is nothing uniquely racist about the Confederate battle flag, and those who claim there is are being profoundly hypocritical. If liberals hate the CBF because it supposedly symbolizes slavery and racism, then why don't they hate every flag that has ever flown over a slaveholding nation, and every symbol ever used by racist groups?

I mean, if the Confederate battle flag is to be despised because of its association with the slaveholding South, then what are we to make of the Star and Stripes? America's national flag waved over a slavery practicing country just as surely as the CBF did. It also waved over a country that was steeped in racism long after slavery was abolished. And that racism was not confined to the South. A documentary on Malcolm X revealed that when he was born in Nebraska Klan membership there was "five times higher than in Mississippi". Is Nebraska's state flag hated because of that unsavory fact? Of course not.

And what about the Muslim flags?

Arab Muslims started trading in African slaves hundreds of years before Europeans did. Yet today Arab Muslims aren't ashamed of their flags; they don't look at them as symbols of a despicable past. But if symbols matter, and if moral consistency matters, shouldn't they be? Wouldn't they be?

The hatred of the Confederate battle flag has nothing to do with morality. It's about a liberal, anti-White ideology and I embrace the CBF as a form of resistance to that ideology. Unlike many liberals I'm a genuine anti-racist. I don't believe in being racist against anyone, including White people. So, irony of ironies, claiming the CBF as my own is, for me, part of opposing racism. But there's another, simpler reason why I like the Confederate battle flag.

I like the CBF just because I'm a Southerner. The Confederate battle flag isn't a symbol of the slaveholding South; it's a symbol of the South, period. Black Southerners are Southerners. We are part of the South and Southern culture is as much ours as it is the slaveholders'. Black Southerners are as conservative as White Southerners. We're proud of the fact that the South is known as the Bible Belt. Yes, we've been influenced by the anti-traditionalist ideology of modern liberalism, but we still hold traditional, Bible-based, Southern values as the ideal to aspire to. The Confederate battle flag's haters forget that the CBF represents those now embattled values more than it represents anything else. Those are values anyone, White or Black, can believe in. And that's why, even though I'm Black, the Confederate battle flag is my flag, too.