Thursday, November 17, 2005

Number One Sell Out

I suppose you've heard that "hawkish" Congressman John Murtha, D-PA, has called for an immediate US pull out of Iraq. I know some will say that I shouldn't criticize Rep. Murtha because he's a Vietnam vet and, therefore, knows all there is to know about war and foreign policy, but I just can't let this pass. This man is NUTS! And maybe even evil. Strong words, I know, but I'm tired of subversive peaceniks spreading their defeatist poison across this land and trying to disguise it as patriotism.

What I want to know is this: what does Rep. Murtha and his defeatist friends think will happen in Iraq if we just up and leave? The answer to that question will reveal a whole lot about what the peace crowd really thinks about America and how the world works; but I think we already know what they think.

For the "peace activists" America, not war, is the problem. In their warped and malicious ideology, the only thing wrong with the world is us. America is the corrupting influence that keeps nice people like Osama Ben Laden and friends from acting according to their natural decency. Therefore, if America will only leave Iraq, paradise will break out by default. It has to, because all the bad people, i.e. Americans, will be gone. This is the worldview that's driving the "peace" movement. Rep. Murtha probably doesn't subscribe to this worldview in toto, but he's clearly under its influence.

Well, I've got news for you, Rep., and all your "anti-war" friends. Paradise won't break out when the last GI leaves Iraq, just as paradise didn't break out when the last Israeli left Gaza. What broke out, and still continues, was a flood of jihadi bravado declaring that their intifada drove Israel out of Gaza and would drive Israel out of all of "occupied" Palestine. Rather than pacifying the terrorists, Israel's pull out emboldened them by allowing them to claim victory. That's what will happen in Iraq if we leave without winning. The victory will go to the terrorists and they'll use it as a powerful recruiting tool for more jihadis. We won't be safer, but will be in even more danger because the terrorists will see us--the politicians, not the soldiers--as weaklings beneath their contempt.

So, go ahead, Rep. Murtha, bring home the troops; live in your "anti-war" fantasy land. Just don't act surprised when a dirty bomb explodes in a major American city, or more planes fly into skyscrapers. After all, if you bring the troops home now, the jihadis will have no choice but to follow them.


Jon said...

I agree with you, Rep. Murtha is nuts for demanding the immediately withdrawl of our troops from Iraq. He has absolutely no clue what would happen if we "cut and run" now. If we pulled out Al-Qaida would take over in a second and then begin their master plan of taking over the entire Middle East.

Gonzo said...

He would look stunning with a towel on his head. Also make a better target.

PoorGrrl said...

Here! Here! to both of y'all!