Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Slutgate" and the Uses of Fake Rage

Well, it's been going on for weeks now, liberals' well-timed outrage over Rush Limbaugh's insult of Sandra Fluke who, as a result, has become the darling of the Left. Liberals have declared that a full blown war is now being waged on women by Republicans because eeeevil Rush--who, of course, is the unofficial leader of the Republican Party--called a liberal woman a slut. Oh, the horror!

Don't get me wrong. I believe it was wrong for Rush to call Ms. Fluke a slut. However, it was also wrong for Ed Schultz to call Laura Ingraham a slut, and for Bill Maher to call Sarah Palin a cunt–yes, I did write the word–yet, when that and other nasty, misogynist slurs were thrown at conservative women by liberal talking heads, no one on the Left had a nervous breakdown and declared that a “war on women” had been unleashed. That tells me that all the outrage being dumped on Rush by liberals now is 100% FAKE. They’re simply using this trumped up “attack” on the nation’s females to try and shut Rush down BECAUSE THEY DO NOT LIKE OPPOSING SPEECH. That's what this is really all about: shutting down opposing speech.

The Left wants no opposition to their agenda. Freedom of speech? The right to protest? Liberals don't believe those are rights. Rather, they regard them as tactics in political warfare, tactics that are legitimate only when used by the Left to advance its agenda. When speech doesn't advance the goals of the Left, leftists want it stopped. Claiming that they're fighting runaway misogyny is just a cover for the real goal of suppressing opposing views. That's what's really going on here, and we conservatives must make that clear.

And as for the original contraceptive issue which started "slutgate" in the first place? It’s not about government giving women free birth control. Rather, it’s about the government mandating that a) insurance companies must provide free contraceptives in their policies, and b) private companies must provide such insurance policies to their employees, EVEN IF THE PRIVATE COMPANY IS RUN BY A RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION THAT OPPOSES CONTRACEPTIVES. It’s that mandate, and the complete disregarding of religious freedom, that conservatives are vehemently opposed to. If a private company chooses, of its own free will, to provide its employees with insurance that covers birth control, fine. But the federal government is overstepping its bounds to order them to do so. That is a HUGE power grab that we conservatives have no intention of letting the federal government get away with, no matter how many times we're accused of waging a "war on women".

And as for Sandra Fluke and all those who think like her? Well, not wanting to pay for her own contraceptives may not make a woman a slut, but I have to ask. If you don't want to pay for your own contraceptives, are you really responsible enough to be having sex in the first place? I'm just asking.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Monique And The Magical Mystery Fuel

While driving home from Bible study tonight I was listening to talk radio. The show that was on--sorry, I didn't catch the name--was addressing the Obama administration's policy not to bring down gas prices. The show's host was positing the idea that Obama wants higher gas prices as a way to gin up support for green energy investments, which Obama believes in fervently. A woman named Monique called into the show to weigh in on the discussion. Monique opined that Obama is looking for the magical mystery fuel to replace oil and he believes he can compel its invention by making it financially painful for Americans to drive. When I heard what Monique said I burst out laughing. "Magical mystery fuel". LOVE IT! And she was so right! That IS what Obama devoutly believes in, a magical mystery fuel to deliver us from the evil of fossil fuels. And he IS arrogant enough to believe he can force it to materialize by allowing more and more pain at the pump.

Barak Obama has a messiah complex. He does not believe he was elected president to discharge the chief executive's constitutionally mandated duties and to do the will of the people. No, he believes he was elected to impose on us religion-and-gun clinging people his superior, secular progressive vision of the Good Society. Obama knows that alternative energy is better for us so he feels justified in compelling compliance with his "green energy" policies and objectives. Moniuqe nailed it. The magical mystery fuel is Obama's Holy Grail, and he's willing to permit increasing hardship on millions of Americans to get it. But hey, it's for our own good, even though we're too unsophisticated to get that. But the Anointed One is looking out for us. I'll try to remember that next time I'm pumping $4 a gallon gas.