Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love That Judge!

Just when you thought defeatism was about to grab America by the throat thanks to Obama, a military judge with balls defied the appeaser-in-chief and refused to stop military tribunal proceedings against a Gitmo suspect.

Judge James Pohl on Thursday refused to halt the arraignment of Abu al-Nashiri, the alledged mastermind of the USS Cole bombing which killed 17 US sailors and injured 50 more. Judge Pohl said that delaying proceedings against al-Nashiri would harm "the public interest in a speedy trial". Frankly, I could care less if that's true or not. If Judge Pohl is defying Obama purely for political reasons that's alright with me. If he's defying the messiah because he's a military man and knows better than a liberal like Obama ever could just what kind of scum the terrorists are, that's even better. Either way I'm giving the judge a high five.

Pohl is taking a risk here. Two other military judges bowed to Obama's executive order and stopped trials against terror suspects. Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morell said Pohl will be "told to comply with" the order, too. Just how Judge Pohl will be "told" to obey isn't clear, but if the Pentagon is smart it'll leave Judge Pohl alone. Obama will, too. Judge James Pohl is doing what a military man is supposed to do: defend this country. If he's being hampered in that duty by an appeaser-in-chief beholden to the defeatist left he needs our support and our prayers.

I'm with you, Judge Pohl! You're now my boyfriend, along with Geert Wilders (ooooo, kinky!). Keep sticking it to all the Ramzi El Kabooms* unfortunate enough to fall into your hands. Not every American is an Obama loving defeatist. A lot of us still want the military to do what it's supposed to do: strike terror into the hearts of our enemies. Keep doing your bit, JP, to terrorize those stupid enough to touch a hair on an American's head. You've got my thumbs up, and God bless!

*Ramzi El Kaboom isn't original to me. I heard Dennis Miller say it on The O'Reilly Factor and liked it so much I just had to use it in a post.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bipartisanship We Can Believe In

Barack Obama campaigned on a platform of change. Part of the change he promised to deliver was an end to bitter ideological bickering and a new burst of happy bipartisanship. Well, in the House's showdown over his stimulus package on Wednesday, Obama got a taste of a bipartisanship that he almost certainly wasn't expecting. Rather than have some Republicans coming over to his socialist side, the Big O saw eleven Democrats buck his big government trend and vote with the unanimously nay saying Republicans. Below is a list of the independent Dems who gave America bipartisanship we can believe in...and stuck it to the messiah.

Roll Of Honor

Rep. Allen Boyd (D, FL-2)
Rep. Bobby Bright (D, AL-2)
Rep. Jim Cooper (D, TN-5)
Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D, IN-8)
Rep. Parker Griffith (D, AL-5)
Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D, PA-11)
Rep. Frank Kratovil (D, MD-1)
Rep. Walter Minnick (D, ID-1)
Rep. Collin Peterson (D, MN-7)
Rep. Heath Shuler (D, NC-11)
Rep. Gene Taylor (D, MS-4)

I want to thank these Democratic Representatives for casting a skeptical eye on their leader's grandiose economic vision for America. Keep up the good work guys! Bipartisanship rocks!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Democratic Truth, Part 2

With his executive order to close Gitmo and suspend military tribunals for terrorists and his commitment to funding foreign family planning groups that promote abortion, Obama is really living up to the truth to the left...far left.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Never Fear! Superwuss Is Here!


That sound you heard was the collective sigh of relief from terrorists worldwide because they now have a friend in the White House.

Just three days into his administration Barack Obama has rushed to the NONdefense of America. With the stroke of a pen Obama kept a campaign promise to his treasonous, far-left base and signed an executive order to close Guantanamo prison within a year. Exactly where will the terrorists now housed at Gitmo go? The Sultan of Surrender hasn't figured that out yet. But since he's so loved in Hollywood maybe he can call up Brangelina and ask them if they'd take in some more deprived Third Worlders. This whole thing just makes me sick.

Obama hasn't been in power for a week and he's committed himself to dismantling the only successful anti-terror strategy America's ever had. His predecessors from Carter to Clinton treated terrorism as a law enforcement matter and we kept getting attacked; George W. Bush treated it as a war and kept this nation safe for seven years. And liberals will never forgive him for that.

Don't be fooled by liberals' squawking about human rights or restoring America's image; they care about neither. The libtards don't want Gitmo closed, military tribunals suspended, and warrantless witertapping stopped because they're commited to civil liberties or improving America's name abroad. No, what they want, what they crave like a starving wolf craves a deer, is defeat. They want defeat for America in Iraq. They want defeat for America in Afghanistan. They want defeat for America in the larger war on terror. And now they have a president who will give it to them.

Liberals will deny this, of course. They will actually try to claim that dismantling Bush's anti-terror policies will make America safer. If, they'll say, we're nice to the terrorists, give them rights, and try to understand them we'll look great to the Muslim world and the Islamic fanatics will be swayed to lay down their arms. And presto! no more terrorist attacks on the USA. Yeah, right. And I want to sell you fried ice cream.

As I've said before, liberals are wedded to a narrative that casts America as uniquely guilty and, therefore, unworthy of the moral right to be right. For liberals America, as Obama's pastor friend Michael Pfleger put it, needs to pay. They believe that America deserves violent blowback. The terrorists, then, aren't really the problem; they're just reacting to America's provocations and injustices against them. America is the problem and that's why liberals want Gitmo closed. We have no right to detain people who are simply giving us what we deserve. That's what the Left believes. That's what Obama believes. And that's why he ordered Guantanamo to close.

Never fear! Superwuss is here!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smarter Than Most Americans

An Irishman calling himself Jigsaw made the following comment on Wise Conservatism, my friend Robert's blog. I'm sharing it here because this Celt gets it like too many Americans don't.

"Hello, I am from Ireland and watched the campaign with interest! My take on President Obama is how on earth [can] a guy with no experience, no leadership history, and a guy linked to terrorists get to be president? All because he sounds good and looks like he stepped off a film set playing the president? I think it will all end in tears although I hope not for America's sake. If a guy here in Ireland had any links at all to an unrepentant IRA terrorist he would not get elected. I cannot get my head around that one!"

Jigsaw is so right. The Americans who voted for McCain can't get their heads around it, either. And, like Jig, I fear that this will all end in tears. I feel like we are Germany, 1933 only it won't take us twelve years to become Germany, 1945. God HELP America!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Invasion Begins

I'm ready for the invasion of the Obamabots. BRING 'EM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I can't believe it. I just read on Yahoo! News that Israel's Security Council (SC) voted to impose a unilateral cease-fire on the Jewish state's offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Pardon my French but, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Ehud Olmert, Israel's left-wing prime minister, claimed that Israel's goals have been achieved because "Hamas was hit hard, in its military arms and its government institutions". For the time being Israeli forces will stay in Gaza but will be willing to leave if and when "the time befits [them]." Excuse me, but I thought the goal of this offensive was to stop Hamas rocket attacks on Israel. Those attacks have continued throughout the campaign, so how on earth can Olmert say that Israel's goals have been met?

Frankly, I was afraid this would happen. Ehud Olmert is a leftist. In June 2005 he distinguished himself by infamously declaring that Israel was "tired of winning;...tired of defeating our enemies ". During the '06 Lebanon war, Olmert insisted that there would be no cease-fire without the unconditional return of the Israeli soldiers whose kidnapping triggered the conflict. But then, in true spineless liberal fashion, he not only accepted a cease-fire agreement, he accepted one that didn't even mention the return of Israel's soldiers. So this current change of events isn't really surprising.

Olmert and the Security Council almost certainly caved to international criticism of Israel's effort to defend itself. I mean, Olmert can't really think that anyone believes his assertion that his nation's objectives have been achieved, especially since Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel even as Olmert was declaring this abominable cease-fire. No, Olmert and the SC are playing the Israeli left's usual spineless game of trying to make the world love them. The game's never worked but the leftists keep playing it to avoid dealing with the fact that they have no commitment to their own nation's survival. Well, let me tell Olmert, the SC , and the whole of Israel's left something.

No one, and I mean no one, cares about Jews but Jews and the few truly pro-Israel, anti-anti-Semitic gentiles like me. The world is NOT going to be impressed by Israel's latest self-defeating action. No matter how many cease-fires Israel makes with her enemies; no matter how much trust she stupidly puts in the "world community"; no matter how many investigations she conducts into her own actions, the Jew hating world will NOT love her!

It's time for the Israelis--for all Jews everywhere--to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee and defend themselves without any concern for world opinion. The IDF must destroy Hamas. That is what the objective must be. That is what victory must mean, and Israel must accept no option but victory. If Palestinian civilians die in the process, so be it. The Jews can't become obsessively concerned about that. The moral responsibility for those deaths lies squarely with Hamas, which uses its own people as human shields. The Jews must stop succumbing to that phoney morality that says they must let themselves be destroyed in order to prove how civilized they are.

I hope the Israeli people will oppose this cease-fire. I hope they will rise up and demand war until victory, whatever the cost. Why? Because for the most part the Jews, like the Kurds, have no friends, and they need to stop putting their collective head on the chopping block trying to make some. It will never work. The Jew hating world will never be satisfied with anything less than no Jews. Consequently, the Jews must unapologetically commit themselves to victory because, and I'll quote Sir Winston Churchill yet again, without victory there is NO survival.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farewell To The Warrior

I just watched President George W. Bush's farewell speech to the nation and I was greatly moved. In sharp contrast to the cosmically evil being imagined by the viscious and deranged Bush haters, the President showed himself to be a decent, gracious, principled and, unlike most of his critics, patriotic man who, in his eight years as POTUS, was committed to one cause above all else: keeping this country and her people safe. And in that cause George W. Bush succeeded beyond all our wildest dreams.
Since September 11, 2001, there has been NO terrorist attack on this nation. This singular achievement overrides and overshadows ALL ELSE. As a real American, not a liberal, I GREATLY APPRECIATE being defended and protected by George W. Bush.
I greatly appreciate, admire, and am eternally grateful to George W. Bush for standing up and being the WARRIOR that America needed in her darkest hour since Pearl Harbor. And I admire George W. Bush for possessing the courage to be the most hated president in recent history in order to do what needed to be done to protect the nation. Can you imagine? Being hated and savagely maligned by many of his fellow citizens for the crime of protecting them, which is his job.
When the killers came calling they got only one hit. After that George W. Bush took sword in hand and struck terror into the hearts of the terrorists. He laid waste to their cells, their infrastructure, and their state sponsors the way the Allies laid waste to Germany and Japan. He unhesitantly donned the role of warrior because he believed that America was worth defending, and for that the liberals will never forgive him. Their caustic accusations of torture, spying, war crimes, blah, blah, blah are but their way of expressing their core belief that America has no right to be right. But their traitorous cacophony failed to dissuade The Warrior from his task. Through all the strident condemnation of the left-wing bitches, "Dubya" has stood over this nation with a ready sword, and the sand Nazis have not dared to touch us again.
So, it is with a grateful but heavy heart that I bid goodbye to the man who has kept me and every other American, including the snarling ingrates, safe from further harm. Farewell to the Warrior. And God bless.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sea Kittens?!

I know, I know. I probably shouldn't touch this with the proverbial ten foot pole. Most people with a lick of sense know that those PETA folks are a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but the latest stunt from those people haters is too good to pass up.

It seems that PETA thinks that fish are in need of a moniker makeover. That's right. According to PETA fish should no longer be called fish. PETA wants people to stop eating fish and thinks a big step in that direction is getting people to sympathize with the scaly creatures. To wit, PETA now proposes that fish be called--drum roll please!--sea kittens. You read that right. Sea kittens. Can you say, brain dead? I knew you could!

PETAniks, let me explain something to you. No matter how much you call fish "sea kittens", they will always remain fish! Scaly, finny, bug-eyed, ugly fish. Got it? No amount of Orwellian newspeak will change that. Fish will NEVER be cute and cuddly and normal people will NEVER feel for them the same affection they feel for truly adorable creatures like kittens. To think that people will be moved to aquatic vegetarianism by this insult to their intelligence just shows how unintelligent you are.

And speaking of vegetarianism, PETAniks please stop with the conversion crusade. We meat eaters see nothing wrong with what we do and are NOT going to stop. And it has nothing to do with us lacking compassion. We carnivores are compassionate human beings. We love our families. We love our friends. We even love their place. We don't put subhuman--yes, subhuman--beings on a pedestal. And we have a better understanding of the natural order of things than you animal "lovers" do.

We carnivores understand that hunting, predation, living things killing and eating other living things to survive, is just part of how nature works. A human hunter is NOT bringing some egregious evil into what had been a previously peaceful environment. Rather, human hunters are just playing by nature's rules. You PETAniks think that people snagging fish on hooks and yanking them out of the water is cruel. You think that calling fish sea kittens will move people to stop doing that. But even if EVERY fisherman hung up his rod and reel millions of fish would continue to die bloody, painful deaths. They'd just be yanked out of the water by the razor sharp teeth of grizzly bears instead of by hooks, or torn to pieces by seals, otters, or other fish. So by trying to ban fishing/hunting you're not saving fish, or any other animals, at all. The idea that you are is downright comical.

Listen PETA folks. If you don't want to eat meat, then don't. If you don't want to wear fur, then don't. If you think that weird looking swimming things are cute, indulge your delusion. Just leave the rest of us alone. We're busy living in the real world and are getting really tired of your sanctimonious, judgmental BS.

Sea kittens? Get a life!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Move Over Sean Connery!

Man oh man! I never knew James Morrison, who plays Bill Buchanan on "24", was so freakin' HOT!!!!! In fact, on previous seasons of the show he wasn't this hot. I don't know what the hell happened but I LOVE IT!!!! Eat your heart out, Sean Connery! There's a new silver fox on the block!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"24" Is Back!

It's baaaaaaaaack!

The hit Fox tv show "24", which didn't air last year due to the writers' strike and Kiefer Sutherland's legal problems, premiered its seventh season tonight. I have been waiting breathlessly for a year for "24" to return, maybe that's why I'm a little disappointed with the first two opening salvos of season seven.

The show got off to a promising start with Jack Bauer, played by Sutherland, getting sassy with a self-righteous, we-don't-torture-nobody's-above-the-law Senator, who was almost certainly inspired by some lame liberal Democrat. But then Jack gets called away by the FBI and the show went a little downhill from there. Not that there wasn't an interesting plot twist. The big shocker is the return of Tony Almeida, supposedly killed in season 5, as an apparent anti-government terrorist. I will keep watching this season just to find out what's up with Tony, if nothing else. But beyond that I'm not too impressed so far.

In this season of "24" America has her first female president played--underwhelmingly, so far--by Cherry Jones. Unlike the first black president, David Palmer, who first appeared in season 1, President Allison Taylor isn't natural. I couldn't shake the feeling that the writers of the show were trying to make a statement by having a female chief executive. President Palmer was simply allowed to be president, and you soon forgot that he was black. I have an unpleasant feeling that I'll never be able to forget that President Taylor is a woman. And that's not all that's bothering me about season 7.

Bauer has been paired with an FBI agent by the name of Renee Walker, played by Annie Wersching. Annie Wersching is dull. There is absolutely NO chemistry between her and Sutherland. None what so ever. The whole time I was watching them together I kept thinking that Wersching might as well have been a man. Of course, a romance between Jack and Renee isn't inevitable but c'mon! If you're gonna put a man and a woman together make sure that they have at least a few sparks flying just to keep things interesting, y'know? But that's not the biggest problem with season 7. Oh no, there's something much, much worse.

The single most atrocious defect in the latest addition of "24" is the addition to the cast of left-wing loon Janeane Garofalo. I kid you not! I don't know what the great minds behind the show were thinking to bring that woman--I use the term loosely--on board, but they sure weren't thinking right. How could they pollute a pro-America show with the likes of her?! Garofalo's presence is going to make watching my favorite tv show an exercise in mental anguish. I can't stop watching, though, because I want to find out what's going on with Tony. Lord, help me!

Hopefully "24" will start delivering its usual in-yo'-face charm and I'll soon forget about this season's shortcomings and just enjoy the ride. Maybe Cherry Jones will grow into her role as president. Maybe Annie Wersching will become interesting...well, I doubt it. Maybe Janeane Garofalo's character, Janis Gold, will get killed off by a terrorist. That would be awesome! Oh, I hope! I hope! I'll watch the next two installments of season 7 tomorrow night and keep my fingers crossed. Hee! Hee!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Ode To The IDF

It's about time that Israel cleaned house in Gaza and I'm thrilled to see it happening. So thrilled that I've written a humble ode to the IDF, sung to the tune of AC/DC's song "Rock 'N' Roll Train", from the Aussie band's killer new cd "Black Ice". So sing along fellow friends of Israel, and hail the IDF!!!!

Ode To The IDF (aka Fightin' Back!)
by Seane-Anna

Hear the shofar!
Trumpet of war!
The Jewish state's asleep no more,
she's rockin' Gaza to the core!

Do it boys, you're alright.
Hebrew lightening strikes!
C'mon, wield your kosher might.
Shoot 'em up, kill 'em
and grind 'em into dust.
Fight hard, give 'em all
a taste of Jewish shock and awe!

On the way up!

Watch out world,
the IDF's fightin' back!

The Jewish hammer!

Watch out world,
the IDF's kickin' ass!

On the way up!

Watch out world,
the IDF's fightin' back!

The Jewish hammer!

Watch out world,
the IDF's kickin' ass!

The faithfuls' Motherland
has taken sword in hand.
She's waging war without no shame,
and sending Gaza up in flames!

Do it boys, you're alright.
Hebrew lightening strikes!
Eradicate that Arab Reich.
Shoot your fire through the mist,
make 'em feel a Jewish fist!
Fight hard, give 'em all
a taste of Jewish shock and awe!

On the way up!

Watch out world,
the IDF's fightin' back!

The Jewish hammer!

Watch out world,
the IDF's kickin' ass!

On the way up!

Watch out world,
the IDF's fightin' back!

The Jewish hammer!

Watch out world,
the IDF's kickin' ass!

Sons of Joshua,
sons of Gideon.
Sons of the mighty king
are making Pali ears ring!

With pounding in your chest,
destroy that rodents' nest!
Survival is at stake
and you know the Jews can't hesitate.

Do it boys, you're alright.
Hebrew lightening strikes!
Let loose and wield your kosher might!

Bear your claws,
give 'em all
a taste of Jewish shock and awe!

Let your thunder split the night!

On the way up!

Watch out world,
the IDF's fightin' back!

The Jewish hammer!

Watch out world,
the IDF's kickin' ass!

Bear your claws,
give 'em all
a taste of Jewish shock and awe!

On the way up!

Watch out world,
the IDF's fightin' back!

The Jewish hammer!

Watch out world,
the IDF's kickin' ass!

There it is folks, my tribute to the Israeli Defense Forces. And there couldn't be a better song to sing it to than "Rock 'N' Roll Train". So sing it, friends of Israel, and pray that God will give His chosen ones the complete and irreversible victory over their enemies that they so richly deserve. Hail Israel!!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jewish Shock and Awe!

And they're off!

After a week of punishing air strikes, Israel has finally launched its much needed ground offensive against the terrorist nest called the Gaza Strip. Hamas responded with jihadi bluster, claiming that Gaza would be a "graveyard" for Israel and threatening to kidnap Israeli soldiers. Typical. The ground invasion won't be short or easy, as Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told his countrymen, but Israel's military might is more than enough to crush Hamas once and for all...if she has the resolve to do so. And that's where I'm a little worried.

Despite being surrounded by homicidal enemies on all sides, much of Israeli society seems to suffer from the same self-defeating, "humane" liberalism that infects so much of the West. This liberalism is epotimized by a loathing of violence in our own defense coupled with a pathetic eagerness to excuse violence used against us by our enemies. And when we--Westerners and Israelis--do defend ourselves we incessantly wring our hands over our enemy's civilian casualities. Never mind that our foes care nothing about our civilian casualties, or that such handwringing can impede victory. Showing the enemy they feel his pain is THE most important thing to the "humane" ones. Victory is distasteful to them and Israel appears to be showing signs of confusion in her objectives in Gaza.

Israel claims that its goal in this invasion is not to reoccupy Gaza but to destroy Hamas' terrorist infrastructure. But it seems impossible to permanently achieve the latter without doing the former. Israel has hinted she'd be open to a diplomatic solution in Gaza, provided that international monitors are sent to oversee Hamas' compliance with any cease fire agreement. Surely, though, Israel learned from her 2006 Lebanon fiasco that the international community can't be counted on to make Arab terrorists do anything. The UN was supposed to have disarmed Hezboallah at the end of the '06 Lebanon war but the Hez is still armed to the teeth today. No, the world will not do what needs to be done to save Jews.

If Israel wants Hamas destroyed she must do it herself. And if destroying Hamas means reoccupying Gaza and driving every Gazan Palestinian into the Sinai desert or the Mediterranean Sea, so be it. Israel must not send her sons into battle unless she's prepared to let them do whatever it takes to win. Israel must stop kowtowing to the opinion of a Jew hating world and make her own survival the only thing that matters. She must fight in Gaza until Hamas is utterly, irretrieviably destroyed and that lesson is not lost on the West Bank. I, for one, will be praying that God give Israel the strength and resolve to shatter her adversaries, as He did in the Old Testament.

Let the Jews arise and let their enemies be scattered!!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

The guns are going off!!!! It's 2009!!!! I wish everyone a wonderful, prosperous, and blessed New Year! Cheers!!!!