Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pink Warriors!

In case you didn't know, October is breast cancer awareness month. October 12 was Cares Enough to Wear Pink (CETWP) day. On that day people were supposed to wear pink to work to show support for women who have or had breast cancer. In my town CETWP day was sponsored by the fire department, which is selling special pink T-shirts during October.

Since I have breast cancer my co-workers and I decided to participate in CETWP day, only we had ours on Friday. I was really touched by all the people who participated. The department where I work was pretty much a sea of pink yesterday. Almost all of the women wore shirts in various shades of glorious pink. Even a couple of the guys wore pink shirts, and those who were too "manly" to do so tied pink fabric squares around their arms or heads or let them dangle from their pants pockets. The show of support was very moving. I even got a few gifts given to me in a breast cancer awareness gift bag. My co-workers are such kind and compassionate people. I'm really fortunate to work with them. And I'm blessed to be doing well.

I'm getting along in my cancer treatments. I had my last round of chemo--YES!!!!--on October 6. I can't tell you how happy I am that that awful ordeal is now over. Like all of my chemo treatments, the last round had side effects. Most of them have gone away but I'm still dealing with some constipation and some neuropathy in my toes. The side effects are bearable, though, because I know that, once they're over, I'll never have to deal with them again because my chemo is DONE!!!!

My cancer treatments aren't entirely done, though. At the end of October or the beginning of November I'll start my radiation treatments which will last 6 1/2 weeks. After that, I'll be finished with my treatments and finished with cancer and I'll be going on with my life. I'm keeping a very prayerful and positive outlook. I'm not giving in to fear and worry over a possible recurrence. I'm going to live my life with the conviction that I'll be cancer free from now on. After all, that's what pink warriors do, we LIVE!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rescue Of The Chilean Miners

I'm watching FoxNews and those trapped Chilean miners are FINALLY being rescued. I haven't blogged about the plight of those trapped men but I've thought about them off and on ever since I heard about their plight. When their story first made the news the men's prospects for a fairly quick rescue were rather grim. It was reported that they wouldn't be saved for about four months. I remember shuddering at the thought of being trapped underground, where God knows what can happen, for four months. Now, however, the men are at last being rescued after being underground for "only" a little over two months.

I'm so happy to see this miracle unfold. And it's not just the miracle of the rescue; it's the miracle of people all over the world pulling and praying for these men, strangers to them, connected to them only by their common humanity. It reminds me of the rescue of Baby Jessica over twenty years ago. The world seemed to come to a stop then, too, and the only thing that mattered was the safe retrieval of an 18-month-old baby trapped in a well. Humanity showed its best face then, and it's doing so again now.

I'm one of those people pulling and praying for those 33 men in that mine. Their safe rescue will be a huge blessing to them and their families. God bless the rescuers, God bless the miners, and God bless the human race for acting human.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Socialism Saturday in the Capital

Oops! I almost forgot! Today was the day of the big One Nation Working Together, aka we-lefties-can-do-it-too-Glenn-Beck-!, rally. Liberals hoped to show the power of their ideology and the Democratic party by outdoing Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally held on August 28. They failed.

By the media accounts I've seen, turn out for the One Nation protest was far below the hundreds of thousands who attended Beck's rally. And no wonder.

Glenn Beck's rally was about just what its name says, restoring honor in America. It was about getting back to God, family, community, patriotism, decency, integrity, all the traditional values that made this nation great. Beck's rally wasn't about politics. It wasn't about rallying the party faithful to defeat their ideological opponents at the polls. On the contrary, attendees to Restoring Honor were specifically told NOT to bring signs to the gathering. Contrast that to One Nation.

One Nation Working Together was political to the core. How can an event featuring speakers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Ed Schultz be non-political? How can an event sponsored by groups like Code Pink, AFL-CIO, SIEU, NAACP, La Raza, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, International ANSWER, American Muslim Association of North America, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Communist Party USA, to name a few, be non-political? Simple answer: it can't!

Nope, no politics here!

Make no mistake. The One Nation rally was political. That's why NAACP president Ben Jealous called it the "antidote to the Tea Party". The purpose of the rally was to support and promote big government liberalism and even full blown socialism. If you doubt that take a look at this:

"Obama ain't no socialist! We are! We are!"

Yes, you heard the chant right. Those were the people at the rally supporting the Democrats and Obama. Hmmmmm. Socialists, communists, and radicals. That's the real base of the Democratic party. And they call the Tea Partiers extremists. No. The truth was on display today in Washington D.C. It was socialism Saturday. That's what the Democrats have become. And that's why they must be defeated in November.

Down with socialism!