Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tribute To The Marines

If you like "The March Of Cambreath", the first song in my collection of battle hymns, then you'll love this video tribute to the mighty Marines set to this stirring war cry. While I love and admire ALL of our armed forces I must admit that, as the niece of a leatherneck, the Marines hold a special place in my heart. So pull up a chair, turn up your PC speakers, and feast on this awesome tribute to the Few, the Proud, the American Terminators...the MARINES!!!!!

Blessed are the Terminators for they send our enemies to hell!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Will Someone Please Explain?

Will someone please explain Barack Obama to me?

I saw in my local paper yesterday and again on Yahoo! News today that the Big O plans to halve our nation's 1 trillion dollar plus deficit by 2013--after he spends almost another trillion on his "stimulus" package. Now, I admit I'm mathematically challenged so it seems a little strange to me to think you can halve the amout of something by adding to it. But then, I'm not Barack Obama or a liberal so I must be missing the magic.

Still, it's rather audacious of our national Guru to say something like this. I guess he's trying to find a balance between his we're-facing-a-catastrophe rhetoric and his hope-over-fear routine. And the Chosen One HAS offered a few details on achieving his goal. Like a true liberal Obama plans to start downsizing the deficit by defunding the war in Iraq. Supposedly, this will save billions in the effort to halve the deficit. BUT, Obama also plans to send 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan which--you guessed it!--will cost money. So, where is the money for those troops going to come from? If Obama just transfers money from Iraq to Afghanistan then said money will continue to contribute to the deficit. On the other hand, if Obama really takes the cost of the Iraq war out of the budget he'll have to find cash for his Afghan surge from somewhere. Enter his second deficit busting tactic: tax the rich.

Ahhhhhh! Nothing like a little class warfare to get the blood running! Tax the rich? Yeah, right. Most people with an ounce of intelligence know that all of us can be defined as "rich" so the government can take our money. And by implying that "rich" means a person is some how shady libtards like the Big O try to convince us that punishing success is ok. It's not, and this strategy will fail. Taxing the rich will reduce the deficit like a sugar pill will stop a headache. And trust me, when Obama gets through with America we'll ALL have a headache.

I don't know what kind of math classes Obama had in school but they were definitely different from the kinds I was in. I learned that you reduce the size of something by taking AWAY from it. It's called subtraction. Big word. Obama might want to google it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Rocker Who Gets It

I don't listen to a lot of Kid Rock so I didn't know about this song. It's called "Warrior" and it's a tribute to the Army National Guard. I saw the video tonight when I was at the movies. I was deeply moved by both the video and the song. I wish more rockers were patriotic enough to sing songs and make videos like this. I'm sending a shout out to Kid Rock. Kid, you did a good 'un!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Was Ok When Lincoln Did It

Liberals howled about it during almost the whole of George W. Bush's presidency. Bush, they screamed, had destroyed the Constitution by suspending the right to a writ of habeas corpus. He was Hitler reborn; Americans had lost their "sacred freedoms", to quote Hollywood dunce Robert Redford. What was the cause of this hysteria? The fact that most of the Guantanamo detainees didn't get their day in court, which is essentially what the writ of habeas corpus means. Bush was a demon to the libtards for not giving Ramzi El Kaboom a lawyer, a lazy boy and a cup of tea, all at the tax payers' expense. He had to go! Enter the Chosen One, Barack Obama.

During his presidential campaign Obama signalled that he would overturn many of Bush's War on Terror policies. In his inaugural speech Dear Leader made a reference to we Americans not having to choose between our safety and our ideals, a direct jab at Bush. Ok, that sounds fine. Let Obama give Ramzi El Kaboom and all his cohorts all the rights of Americans even though they're not Americans, but while he's at it Obama must drop his worship of Abraham Lincoln. Why? Here's why.

If Obama really opposes denying anyone, even enemy combatants trying to kill Americans, the right to habeas corpus then he can't be an admirer of Lincoln because HE suspended the right to habeas corpus! That's right. Honest Abe flipped the bird to this cherished right during the Civil War. And unlike Bush, Lincoln revoked this right from actual Americans, not enemy fighters. History's a bitch, ain't it?

So what's Obama to do? He's made much of his admiration for our 16th president. The Big O, like almost all Americans, gushes rather unthinkingly over Lincoln, and there IS much to admire about both Lincoln the president and Lincoln the man. But the fact remains that the Great Emancipator squashed a key constitutional right during wartime. He also closed down opposition newspapers and had 13,000 Americans, about .065% of the North's population, arrested for criticizing him. To equal that feat Bush would've had to close down virtually every big city newspaper plus NPR radio and cable outlets like CNN and MSNBC. He would then have had to arrest nearly 200,000 Americans for protesting against his policies. Of course, none of that happened. But Lincoln did it. And Obama goes full steam ahead with his Honest Abe worship.

I'm sure Obama, this scion of the hate America/hate Bush left, totally misses the irony of him admiring a president who did the exact same thing that liberals now excoriate Bush for doing. Habeas corpus is a precious right and suspending it, which the Constitution DOES allow for in times of dire national emergencies, should never be done lightly. But for liberals to act like Bush was demonic for taking habeas corpus away from enemy combatants--which, I reiterate, is different from Lincoln who voided the right for Americans--reeks of historical ignorance and moral dishonesty. If Lincoln is a hero for freeing the slaves and winning the Civil War, despite trampling the Constitution along the way, then Bush is also a hero for keeping us safe from terrorism despite sometimes using less-than-kosher means to do so. Fairness demands no other conclusion, but we're talking about liberals here so we won't get it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I was watching Mike Huckabee's show tonight and he was lamenting the fact that the Big O's "stimulus" bill was so long that no one who voted for it had time to read it. In fact, they didn't even have time to give it a proper name. So Huckabee, not wanting the Obama administration to look bad, kindly decided to give an apt moniker to the Anointed One's economic "recovery" plan: Congressional Relief Action Program, or CRAP. Quite befitting, don't cha think?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Video Blues Again

Damn! I found a really sweet video I wanted to post here on PGZ for Valentine's Day but I STILL can't get vids to upload--download?--to my blog from YouTube. ARRRRRRGH!!!!! I don't know that the "F" is the matter. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyway, happy Valentine's Day friends! Hope it was sweet for all of you.

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Desperate Deliverer, Part 2

Not content to scare the American people and Congress into supporting and passing his "stimulus" package last Thursday night, Barack Obama is at it again tonight. In his first prime time news conference the Chosen One jumped out of the chute with apocalyptic language designed to scare the hell out of the public and present himself as the saviour. The main theme of his introductory speech tonight was that a catastrophe will engulf the nation if his economic "recovery" bill isn't passed. A catastrophe! Oy vey! Boy I'm glad we have the next best thing to Jesus Christ sitting in the Oval Office.

Obama sounded as desperate tonight as he did last Thursday. There's no time to actually think about what's in the "stimulus" bill, there's only time to pass it. Remember, catastrophe awaits us if we don't. But the Guru also seemed determined to cushion himself from the fallout in case his economic magic bullet doesn't work. More than once the Messiah whined about the policies of the last eight years and how he inherited the current economic mess. Translation: if this "stimulus" thing doesn't work it's Bush's fault. Nope, no partisanship there. No wonder virtually all Congressional Republicans are against this plan.

Barack Obama is very concerned about something but it's not the poor, unemployed folks in middle America; you know, the ones bitterly clinging to their God and their guns. What the Anointed One is worried about is his place in history. He's not satisfied with being the first Black president, he wants to be a heroic president, too. He wants to be a living legend; he wants to be our salvation. This economic plan is designed to get him there...if it works. Dear Leader feverishly hopes it will but for his sake, not yours or mine. Yep, the Deliverer was desperate again tonight. I hope he stays that way.

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Desperate Deliverer

Almost from the moment he stepped unto the national stage Barack Obama has been held up by his devotees as the epitome of cool. But last night, while rallying the Democratic troops in support of his rapidly faltering "stimulus" bill, the Deliverer sounded downright desperate.

Speaking more like a candidate than a sitting president, the Chosen One called for the passage of his pork-laden bill with vehement passion. He returned to his campaign theme of "change" by telling the assembled Dems that Americans didn't elect him and them just so they could play the same old political games. America needs new solutions, American solutions, bipartisan solutions and, by golly, those Democrats had better give 'em to them! And just in case the appeal to "change" didn't work, His Worshipfulness dragged out THE tried and true motivator: fear.

Failure to pass his "stimulus" bill, Dear Leader warned, would lead to economic catastrophe. There was NO time to waste. The bill had to pass NOW! It was the ONLY way to stave off the apocalypse. Yep, nothing like a good ol' round of fearmongering to rev up the folks. The Big O didn't look so innovative and inspiring after that. He also didn't look too tolerant of dissent, either.

While railing against opposition to his "stimulus" package, Great Leader singled out what he called "cable chatter" as part of the problem. I took this to mean the conservative tv talking heads who are taking his bill apart with a fine tooth comb and telling the folks just what's in it. How else can you explain support for the bill dropping like a proverbial rock? Anyhow, the "cable chatter" thing really caught my attention. Was this a hint that conservatives--or anyone else--shouldn't pry too closely into the High One's plans for America? Was this an attempt to set the stage for the return of the terribly misnamed Fairness Doctrine? Methinks I smell a whiff of Stalinism in the air. What say you?

Watching The Great Liberal Hope melt into a puddle of desperation was a hoot. Obviously he's not taking the cold wind of reality too well. But I guess we should expect that after the love fest that was his coronation. After being virtually deified on Janurary 20th, I'm sure the Messiah really believed that all he had to do was sit his brown butt in the Oval Office and utopia would break out. It didn't and his stunned reaction is soooooooo funny! The next four years might be rather tolerable after all. Hee, hee.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Cute Chubby Kid

I was asked by my political sparring partner, Virgomonkey, who the "cute chubby kid" is in my profile picture. She is BB Kiddo, daughter of Beatrice Kiddo--aka Uma Thurman--from the movie "Kill Bill, Vol. 2". I love this picture of BB--aka Perla Haney-Jardine--because she looks so damn cute but also so damn ready to kill. Sweet!