Sunday, December 27, 2009

This Wasn't Supposed To Happen!

The attempted bombing of an American airplane on Christmas Day really shook me up when I heard about it. I had family that flew in for the holiday on Christmas Day and I shuddered at the thought that that could've been their plane. But this wasn't supposed to happen.

When Barack Obama was elected president we were told that he would restore America's standing in the world. Obama would close Gitmo, ban "torture" of detained terrorists, brown nose Muslims, surrender in Iraq and engage in unconditional diplomacy with our enemies. This would show the world that Obama's America had repudiated the "cowboy diplomacy" of Bush and was now ready to submit to the world community. Peace and harmony would follow. But something happened on the way to Utopia.

Three times now, Muslim terrorists have killed or attempted to kill Americans on Obama's watch. Apparently, having brown skin, spending part of his childhood in Muslim Indonesia, and not being Bush hasn't impressed the jihadis. Imagine that. Gee, maybe that means something. Maybe that means Islamic terrorists are motivated by oh, I don't know, Islam, and won't be dissuaded from their murderous mission by a grovelling appeaser, not even a Black one.

I don't know what the Anointed One is going to do to combat terrorism now that his mere presence has proven ineffective at the job. I DO know that he'd better snap out of his egomania and PC stupor real fast. The jihadis are already promising more attacks, and if what's not supposed to happen happens again it won't be pretty for the terrorists...nor Obama.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Sweet Friends!

I'm sending out warm wishes to all my blogging buddies for a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! God bless you all!

Daring Christmas Humor

I found this on my friend Skunky's blog and had to post it here.

I told you it was daring!

It's Snowing!!!!

It's snowing!!!! It's not sticking yet and it'll probably all melt soon but I've never seen snow this close to Christmas before in my life. We just don't have white Christmases here. But a white Christmas Eve will definitely do. Let it snow, let it snow, let snow!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Reckless Disregard

I saw this bumper sticker while driving home from work tonight: If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free. To those of you who get it, truer words haven't been put on the back of a car.

The Senate Democrats just showed how much contempt they have for the will of the American people. We have spoken and said repeatedly that we don't want this health care "reform" bill yet Senate Dems voted to pass it anyway. Yes, the Senate and House have to hammer out the differences between their respective bills before a final health care monstrosity can become law, but that gives me little comfort. It's the fact that the Dems chose to move forward with this thing in reckless disregard of the wishes of the people that's so infuriating.

I'm a conservative. I believe in limited government per the Constitution. I'm against government taking over health care, whether it's done piecemeal or in one fell swoop. The shocking disregard for the people shown by the Democrats has strengthened my conservative convictions. I've come to realize that, as Dick Morris put it, there's no such thing as a moderate Democrat. Bribe them enough and those "conservative" or "moderate" Blue Dog Dems will cave to the Left faster than you can say political whore. Consequently, these Democrats have to go. They may think they are our masters but come November 2010 they'll discover who's really in charge. It's going to be a bloodbath and I can't wait.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Climate Change Common Sense

The global warming conference now taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark got me to thinking about something from years ago. I was just a kid at the time, but I remember the big freeze scare back in the '70's. Yes, 30 plus years ago scientists and environmentalists were screaming that the earth was headed for a new ice age and drastic action was needed NOW to save humanity and the planet. Can you say deja vu? I knew you could!

Don't get me wrong. I believe that the earth has warmed a bit in the last couple of decades. I don't need a scientist to tell me that. I can see for myself the difference between the winters from my childhood and the winters now. I can also see the difference between the summers. Both seasons are warmer. So, yes, the climate is changing a bit. What I'm skeptical about is the cause of the change.

Global warming true believers insist that people are the cause of the earth's climate change, but I have my doubts. I remember learning in school that, millions of years ago, the North Pole was as warm as the tropics. Imagine that, the North Pole a tropical paradise! And there weren't any people around back then to cause that run away warming, or stop it. It was just the earth doing its thing. Remembering that lesson from my childhood, I don't buy the true believers' man-made global warming dogma. But I also don't entirely dismiss the possibility.

The climate of the planet is complex, and climatology isn't an exact science. Diligent, honest, well-intentioned scientists and activists can disagree. Skepticism about man-made global warming is NOT a character flaw, as the true believers seem to think. Differing opinions on climate change and the solutions for it should be welcomed, not discouraged. What should be unequivocally rejected is any attempt to exploit climate change to further agendas having nothing to do with the environment. I feel that is what some "solutions" for global warming, like cap and trade, are really all about.

If climate change really is a threat to the earth and its life dispassionate discourse, not hysterical ranting, is the only way to find solutions that will work. My suggestion to the true believers: put away your dogma and open your mind. The answer to global warming may be where and what you least expect. Time to drop the dogmatism. Time to have a real discussion. Time to have some climate change common sense.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Christmas Shoes

Christmas songs aren't supposed to make you cry, but this one does every time. It's called The Christmas Shoes and it's by the group New Song. This modern Christmas classic makes me cry each time I hear it, but it's particularly poignant this year. You see, my Mom had a second heart attack in August. She's doing fine now but I can't shake the feeling that she's not out of the woods. As the holidays have come upon us again I've been wondering if this holiday season will be our last with Mom, and what I will do if it is. Needless to say, such unease doesn't make for a totally merry Christmas. That's why The Christmas Shoes really speaks to me this year. I'm putting the song on my blog for others who may be going through a touchy time with a loved one this holiday season, and to remind all of us what the Christmas spirit really is. Enjoy, and merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Truth Will Out

First Michael Moore, then Chris Matthews. Progressives constantly reveal their true feelings for our country even while they wax apoplectic at anyone who questions their patriotism; but truth will out.

Michael Moore did it first.

Before Barack Obama gave his "tough" speech on Afghanistan Tuesday, Moore wrote an open letter telling Obama that if he didn't withdraw our troops he would become the new war president. Then, Moore delivered his coup de grace, saying that progressives "love our kids in the armed services but hate these [bleeping] generals." Did you get that? Moore, writing for himself and his left-wing cohorts, said they hate, not the terrorists who want to kill us, but America's generals. You can't spin that into some sort of dissent-is-patriotic con. This is Michael Moore, the man who, in 2004, wrote on his website that the Iraqi insurgents were like the Minutemen in the American Revolution. That would make our troops the Redcoats, i.e. the bad guys to you historically challenged folks. So, this letter to Obama isn't the first time Moore has trashed our military, and it won't be the last. But Moore wasn't the only liberal letting his true nature slip out.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC called West Point, where Obama delivered his Afghanistan speech, an "enemy camp". Mind you, the audience for Obama's speech was mostly cadets, those same kids that Moore claimed "we love", yet Matthews called them the enemy. The MSNBC pundit has apologized for his remark. He claimed that he was just trying to emphasize that the military audience might be skeptical of Obama's speech. Of course, if that's what Matthews really meant he could've just said that. He didn't say that because that's not what he meant. Matthews called West Point the enemy camp because that's how he, like most liberals, really sees the military. Yes, liberals really see our troops that way.

Liberals are extremely good at masking their hatred for the military and America itself. They hide it behind catchy slogans like, "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism". They hide it behind the noxious notion that constant, caustic criticism improves the nation. They hide it behind flowery but bogus professions of patriotic love. They hide their hatred, but it nonetheless manages to emerge. From Michael Moore, to Chris Matthews, to Brian de Palma, to Jack Murtha, to Jane Fonda, their hatred emerges. The truth makes itself known. No matter what, truth will out, eroding liberalism's credibility, and that couldn't be better for America.

Truth will out!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Recipe For Victory...

...for our enemies.

I didn't watch Barack Obama's Afghanistan speech last night; I didn't think I could stomach it, and one thing I've heard about the speech has confirmed that thought.

Barack Obama, our great and fearless leader, did announce that he's sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, 10,000 fewer than General McChrystal asked for. However, he also said that America would begin withdrawing those troops in 18 months, presumably without any regard to conditions on the ground. Did you get that? We're going to put in more troops then yank them out according to the date on the calendar, NOT what's necessary for victory.

Now, I'm no general. I'm no military strategist. But even I know that you can't win a war by telling your enemy that you're fighting by the clock. I mean, what does Obama think al Qaeda and the Taliban will do? See his "good will" and throw down their arms? No! They'll lay low for the next year and a half and then take over again once our troops withdraw. Duh!

Then it will be back to square one: the Taliban running Afghanistan and jihadis running their training camps under Taliban protection. What an achievement.

But that's probably what Obama really wants. After all, he cut his political teeth on the hard Left, where hating America is de rigueur. Obama sat for twenty years in a God damn America, Black liberation church. He launched his political career in the home of radical Left terrorist Bill Ayers. He was friends for years with far-left "priest" Father Pfleger who thundered from the pulpit that America was the greatest sin against God. Obama immersed himself in that world. Can we really be surprised that he governs from its America-is-the-problem paradigm?

Barack Obama is like a gay man married to a woman. He's trying to act like what he's not--a patriotic moderate--but his true far-left nature continuously slips out. Eventually Obama will succumb completely to his true self and plunge head first into promiscuous leftism. Oh, wait, he's there already; his speech last night proved that. Last night at West Point, our nation's most prestigious military academy, Barack Obama delivered a recipe for victory...for our enemies.

God help us!