Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trying KSM

"Hey Obama, here's what I think of trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed in civilian court...and here's what I think of you!"

I was going to write a thoughtful piece on the travesty of Obama treating the mastermind of 9-11 like a common criminal and his act of war like a common crime, but I was a little too discombobulated--spelling?--by all the craziness going on in our great nation. Besides, the above photo "says" exactly how I feel about Obama and his KSM outrage. What a sorry excuse for a president.


Robert Garding said...

Amen to that one my friend. He is exactly that. A sorry excuse for a President....and, a damn sorry excuse for an American. Because a real American wouldn't be doing that.

Jane said...

Robert Garding,

you mean "real muriken".

and cheers to Obama for getting away from the fascist constitution degrading tactics of Bush and his administration.

proper justice like this country was founded on.

Robert Garding said...
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Seane-Anna said...

First of all Jane, what the hell is a "muriken"?

Second of all, YOU are NOT a real American. Proper justice? Jane, let me break the news to you. 9-11was an act of WAR. You do NOT treat enemies like common criminals, and you certainly don't treat the slaughter of 3000 Americans like just another crime, not if you are a real American.

Jane, how many Americans have to die in a single attack before you'll call that attack an act of war? Do you not realize that nearly 500 more Americans were killed on 9-11 than at Pearl Harbor? And yet you have the unmitigated gall to say it's "proper justice" to treat the mastermind of that atrocity like just another criminal.

Jane, who is Obama trying to impress by trying KSM in civilian court? Do you really think that the terrorists will look at the trial, conclude that America is being fair to Muslims, and then call of the jihad? Ain't gonna happen, moron! And if you don't believe me I'll give you three words of proof: the blind sheik.

If you remember, the blind sheik (can't remember his real name) was tried for his part in masterminding the first WTC bombing. He was tried in civilian court. He was read his Miranda rights. He had all the protection of the Constitution. Were the jihadis impressed by that? NO!!!!
Six years--almost to the day--after the sheik was convicted the horror of 9-11 was unleashed on this nation.

Jane, the terrorists aren't motivated by disappointment in the workings of the American justice system. They're motivated by Islam. The sooner you deluded liberals get that the safer America will be...if you want America safe.

And you don't even know what "fascist" means. It's just a slur you use to smear people you hate.

Robert "the infidel" Garding said...

No Jane...I mean a "Real American." And stop blaming Bush. He hasn't been to blame for a year now. It has been someone else. YOUR precious Obama is at fault now for everything going wrong. At least Bush kept America safe from Terrorist attacks during his presidency. The terrorists have been rubbing their hands with glee since Obama took over. He is such a whimp that he doesn't even realize the attacks that have been thwarted by his hated CIA and military since he took office, have happened, and doesn't even realize the ones that did happen were even terrorist attacks.

He can't even say the word terrorist, let alone face up to them.

And the one degrading the constitution wasn't Bush...it's been Obama all the way.

Skunkfeathers said...

Jane has no idea what a "real American" is. But it's easy to read her hatred for the US Constitution, and wish for her heroes in marxism to undo and destroy it, in place of a marxist template.

Jane wants terrorists tried in our court system, so when Barry's minions totally screw the pooch -- giving citizen rights to non-citizen terrorists who would kill Jane in a hummingbird heartbeat -- she can gleefully claim it's Bush's fault, and that's the only thing that matters.

Jane, you who declares all of us idiots, can't see the forest for the trees. But then, none of you morons ever could.

namaste said...

high-five, seane-anna. i couldn't agree with you more.