Friday, November 06, 2009

Tribute To The Fallen At Fort Hood

I'm not yet ready to write on the horror that occured at Fort Hood yesterday. I found this AWESOME song on a blog called Power and Control. It was posted to honor the victims of the evil and cowardly act that transpired Thursday. I'm putting this song on PGZ also to honor the dead and wounded at Fort Hood and in all of the military in this time of war. So listen up, here's some real manly and patriotic rock'n'roll. It'll cheer you and scare the hell out of that jihadi trash!

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Skunkfeathers said...

God Bless our military, and may God sweep to Hell the Islamofascist riffraff, be they outlanders or liberally-tainted converts to the poison of Islamofascism.

For there are Muslims who wish only to live and thrive, and fear the very same riffraff that threatens, intimidates, and holds them down as useless pawns.