Sunday, November 08, 2009

Islamic Terrorism At Fort Hood

It was terrorism.

No, officialdom hasn't yet labeled it as such, but the massacre of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood this past Thursday was an act of domestic Islamic terrorism. This is the second act of Islamic terrorism on American soil since Obama took office, and the deadliest one since 9-11. But no one among the powers that be seems to have the courage to call this rampage what it is.

As I've thought over these last few days about the horror at Fort Hood, I've concluded that what scares and angers me the most is seeing the iron grip that political correctness has on our society and all its most important institutions.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the army psychiatrist and Muslim who slaughtered our soldiers at Fort Hood, had given plenty of clues that he was heading off the radical Muslim cliff. He had complained that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were unjust to Muslims and feared his upcoming deployment. He had said he was Muslim first and American second. He said he believed Muslims shouldn't kill other Muslims. And he had reportedly left jihadi style rhetoric on the internet. These things by themselves might not be too much case for alarm but taken together they had up to a HUGE red flag. Why didn't the military pick up on it? Most likely for the same reason that most politicians and news folks haven't called what Hasan did terrorism.

In the PC world of the Left, where many politicians and virtually all journalists live, Muslims are a protected group. Being non-White, non-Western, and non-Christian they are regarded as oppressed and are cut tremendous slack and given a huge pass. Every effort is made to be sensitive to their feeling. Violence by Muslims is to be understood, not condemned. And under no circumstances are Muslims generally to be condemned for the actions of a few. This politically correct paradigm is the main reason why the rampage at Fort Hood hasn't been called terrorism. But I think there's another reason, too. Officialdom has resisted labeling Nidal Malik Hasan's crime Islamic terrorism for political reasons. They want to protect the reputation of Barack Obama and his smarmy policy of peace through appeasement.

Obama, you may recall, went on his now notorious I'm Sorry To Be An American Tour of the Muslim world shortly after becoming president. His grovelling to Muslims was supposed to usher in a new era of "mutual respect" and peace between America and the Islamic world. It didn't. Islamic terrorism has continued and has now struck twice on American soil since Obama took possession of the Oval Office. The first act of domestic Islamic terrorism under Obama was the June 1st murder of Pvt. William Long by Muslim convert Carlos Bledsoe, aka Abdulhakim Muhammad. The second act of domestic Islamic terrorism under Obama was the horror at Fort Hood on Thursday. That attack, I repeat, was the deadliest Islamic attack on the homeland since 9-11.

I fear that more attacks from radical Muslims are coming. They are coming because we now have in Washington a crew who won't do what's necessary to stop them. The first president to treat Islamic terrorism as the war that it is was savagely maligned for doing so. Now we have a president who thinks that "soft power",i.e. appeasement, will calm the savage Muslim beast. Well, Nidal Malik Hasan and Abdulhakim Muhammad didn't get that memo. Waiting for the Islamofascists to become good boys and girls in response to our ass kissing is going to cost more Americans their lives. Next time it may be a shopping mall, commuter train, or school that gets hit. Don't expect the Anointed One and his policies to be held accountable, though, when they strike again. Don't expect the terrorists to be held accountable, either. It'll be Bush's fault; that's liberal officialdom's prime way of absolving Obama of responsibility for anything bad. Protecting Obama, not America, is all that progressives, including Obama himself, really care about. More dead Americans in the homeland are on the way.

Heaven help us.


namaste said...

i completely agree with you here. especially about more attacks coming. we are living in scary times.

Jane said...

you're a goddamn idiot and you prove that over and over with your posts. You are a hysterical fear mongerer who makes no sense. According to you anytime a person is killed in this country and the killer happens to be muslim its terrorism. The murderer at Fort Hood was a psycho and it was the fault of the army and the people who put him in the position he was in. Yet you're grasping at straws like a good little wingnut and blaming this on the President of the United States. I'll remember, that, whenever there is another mass shooting in the US(and they'll be plenty thanks to the Conservatives and their gun "freedom") I'll just blame Obama.

You. Moron.

P.S. No post about the Health Care Bill passing the house?

You know the bill that will kill grandma and force abortions? Thats why I came on today, but alas nothing.

Jane said...

...also interesting how you only take interest when Americans are being killed by muslims. What about all the other shootings. Don't perk your interest because you can't mold it into your conservative republican agenda. Disgusting falsely caring bastard.

Robert 'the infidel' Garding said...

leave it to Jane to use the Lord's name in vain. Typical of a liberal when they see something they do not agree with. But do not worry...she is wrong as usual. The World Net Daily has an article today that tells exactly what you said. We are too PC for our own good. And the liberals that protect these idiots are just as bad. WND had an article on how Muslim radicals called Hasan and Officer4 and a Gentleman. How sick can one get. This nation needs to set things straight and stop trying to protect people who are trying to destroy us. God Bless America and help her to start protecting herself. Great post my friend.

Seane-Anna said...

Jane every time you come back to my blog I'm reminded of how stupid you are. A Muslim slaughters 13 soldiers and it's the army's fault?! And you call me a moron. Gimme a break!

Jane, I did NOT say that the massacre at Fort Hood was terrorism because it was done by a Muslim. I said it was terrorism because it was done by a Muslim who'd displayed troubling signs of radicalism, signs that the military either missed or chose to ignore because of political correctness. My larger point was that political correctness endangers Americans by blinding us to the warning signs like the ones Hasan showed. Got it, dearie?

And as for me supposedly not caring about other shootings, well, I do care, but here's what your pc whipped brain can't understand. Radical Muslims have said repeatedly that they plan to kill Americans. In light of that, and in light of 9-11, the killing of Pvt. William Long, the bombing of the USS Cole, the bombing of the Khobar Towers, the bombing of our embassies in east Africa, the first WTC bombing, in light of all that Muslim terrorism yes, I DO take special notice of Muslims killing Americans. All prudent and sane Americans do, Jane, which explains why you don't.

Jane, you are the epitome of the political correctness that I decried in my post. When a Muslim murders an American you, like a true liberal, tries to find ANY excuse to avoid blaming the Muslim and/or his religion. America is usually the target of blame as "blame America first" is the guiding principle of modern liberalism. Obviously, it's a principle you follow like a religion. Nidal Malik Hasan would love you, Jane. The scary thing is that you would love him back.


And as for that "gun freedom", you can't blame modern Conservatives for that. The right to keep and bear arms was bequeathed to us by the Founding Fathers in that Constitution you pretend to believe in. If you have a beef with "gun freedom" take it up with Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and their friends. Now go finish your Kool-Aid.

JMK said...

Thanks for calling this what it actually IS - Islamic terrorism.

THIS from today's NY Post:

"Army massacre fiend Nidal Malik Hasan attended a Virginia mosque at the same time as two of the 9/11 hijackers -- and the FBI is now investigating whether there is a connection between the men, an official confirmed yesterday.

"Maj. Hasan - the Army psychiatrist accused of fatally shooting 13 people and wounding 29 others at Fort Hood in Texas on Thursday - had held his mother's funeral at the Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Va., in May 2001.

"The mosque's imam at the time was the ultraradical Anwar Aulaqi (picture below), thought to have ties to Osama bin Laden.

"After 9/11, the controversial imam admitted to the FBI that he had met with Nawaf al-Hazmi, one of the hijackers who crashed a jet into the Pentagon.

"Al-Hazmi and another hijacker, Hani Hanjour, had attended the imam's mosque in early April 2001 -- the same time Hasan's family worshipped there."


And there are almost certainly many, MANY MORE!

Like THIS guy!

A Queens, NY radical Muslim convert who's said, "The soldiers at Fort Hood had it coming," and has sent a "Get Well Soon" message to Major Nidal, the jihadist who killed 13 service-people at Fort Hood last week.

JMK said...

"nteresting how you only take interest when Americans are being killed by muslims. What about all the other shootings. Don't perk your interest because you can't mold it into your conservative republican agenda...." (Jane)
And THAT is the Liberal response to the worst Islamic terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11/01!

Now, THAT is truly disgusting.

Jane, at least pretend you love America, well, at least for a week or two after such attacks on our nation.

Skunkfeathers said...

Jane's a blithering, abysmal idiot. Forget her. She's as intellectual as a fart in a hurricane, and less relevant than one.

I'm willing to await the facts on this, before suggesting that, once they're known, this individual of a dubious religion and even more dubious beliefs, be tried by court martial, and sentenced according to military law.

Seane-Anna said...

You're getting your wish, Skunky. I heard on The O'Reilly Factor tonight that Nidal Malik Hasan will be tried by a military court. YEAH!!!!!

Seane-Anna said...

"Thanks for calling this what it actually IS--Islamic terrorism." You're welcome, JMK. Unfortunately, no matter how much evidence emerges of what Nidal Malik Hasan really did, it'll never be enough for pc whipped libtards like Jane. Sigh.

Skunkfeathers said...

I missed something...Jane and I agree on something!

Barry Hussein Obama...mmmm mmmm responsible for Major Hasan's attack at Ft. Hood, and is responsible for every Muslim attack in America from January 20 this year, to at least the next inauguration in '13.

Thank you, Jane! For once, you're correct!

Roadhouse said...

Jane said: "The murderer at Fort Hood was a psycho and it was the fault of the army and the people who put him in the position he was in."

This line is actually true, the rest is childish rantings and insults.

You see, ALL Muslim terrorists are "psychos". Like the Fort Hood terrorist, they study under radical Imams and learn to hate the "infidel" as perscribed by their religion.

Pop quiz:

Name the common denominator in the following list.

Trade Center Attack #1
USS Cole
Khobar Towers
Iranian Hostages
Spanish trian attacks
London bus Bombings
Pope John Paul shooting
September 11th
Al Acsa Marters Brigade
John Allan Mohammed
"Shoe Bomber"
"Millenium Bomber"
Danial Pearl beheading
Nick Burgh beheading
Russian theater attack
Russian elementary school attack
etc, etc, etc...

You're right, we're obviously just fear mongering about Muslims...shame on us.

As for your "gun" comments...all but one of the victims at Fort Hood were un-armed. How's that workin' out for them?

Roadhouse said...

I almost forgot. It IS also the fault of the politically correct, liberal, pacifist, Jihad-deniers put into power by other like-minded lefties such as yourself who are to blame for this.