Thursday, November 19, 2009

That Cover

It's probably obvious but I'll say it out loud: I'm a Palinista. Sarah Palin is my kind of politician: conservative, Christian, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and all around traditionalist. I'm mindful of the brutal trashing Mrs. Palin has endured from the lame stream media for being who she is. I certainly believe the leftists media elite wants to destroy Palin. Still, I think the outrage over the Newsweek cover to the left--no pun intended--is a waste of time and maybe even a bit disingenuous.

When I heard that there was a "negative" photo of Sarah Palin on the cover of Newsweek I assumed it was some sort of unflattering candid shot or a caricature. Instead, the "sexist" picture is a photo of Sarah Palin in--gasp!--shorts. Ohmigod!!!!! Conservatives, let's get real.

The photo on the cover was taken from a photo shoot Mrs. Palin did for Runner's World magazine. Now, this picture might've been inappropriate for the cover of what is ostensibly a news magazine. Perhaps a more "formal" photo was in order, and perhaps this casual shot was an attempt by the left-wing Newsweek to demean Palin. Maybe all of that is true but it's not cause for foot stomping anger. I mean, Sarah Palin looks good in that picture! I don't understand why she didn't see how she could've turned this attempted insult to her favor. Think of the possibilities.

While her critics were making themselves look like pit bulls with their malicious attacks, Sarah Palin could've waved this photo to the American people and said, "This is what being conservative, Christian, pro-life, and the mother of five will get you--smokin' hot!". Or, "You've heard about my 'caribou Barbie' lifestyle, now see the results!". A light hearted retort to this liberal provocation would've been a show of real class. Instead we got irate accusations of sexism which, in my opinion, made Sarah Palin look like a crybaby.

Mrs. Palin's handling of the cover controversy reveals that she has some "maturing" to do. I don't think she's ready to run for the presidency in 2012, if that's her intention. Still, her heart and beliefs are in the right place and I think Mrs. Palin should run for a lesser office to help build her resume for 2016. By then her experience will be greatly improved and she will have bounced back from her overreaction to that cover.


Skunkfeathers said...

1. That cover shot IS hot ;-)

2. Sarah should, from the campaign, know the liberal, ethicless, uncredible media template on her, and let it roll off her back.

3. I agree that, in a political cat-fight environment, Sarah does need to toughen up, especially if she has national aspirations. Using the sexist argument demeans her to the level of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barbara Boxer, and, of course, your libtard fan, Jane. And Sarah's better than that, especially in the latter case.

Jane said...

Actually I believe that picture is demeaning and a low blow. However, a bigger deal than is necessary is being made of it.

Oh and if Sarah Palin decides to run for President and secures the Republican party ticket it will be the best thing that has ever happened to the Democratic Party in a long time.

Once again Skunky throws in my name to stuff that has absolutely no merit and nothing to back me up. A typical smear tactic of the modern radicalized fascist tinted Republican party which uses the various methods of propaganda very well.

Go Sarah 2012

Jane said...

HELLZZ YEAH the tea party just got all Hollywood and shit.

the joke just gets bigger

Seane-Anna said...

Sarah Palin would be the best thing to happen to the Democratic party, Jane? You mean your messiah, Barack Obama, wasn't it?!

Seane-Anna said...

"...fascist tinted Republican party..."? This from someone who belongs to that side of the political aisle which, during Bush's presidency, insisted that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Now, because Obama is in the White House, dissent is fascism. Talk about a joke getting bigger.

Skunkfeathers said...

Jane's just jealous of Sarah, like most libtard feminazis of dubious antecedence, lesser intellect, and no moral fiber, honesty, integrity or ethics.

She can't hep it, SA: she's a libtard, and most have such self-loathing, they can only lash out at what they can't, themselves, be.

That's why Jane keeps coming back here to throw stones at you, likely ;-)

Robert 'the infidel' Garding said...

Sarah is learning though....and you are right....a lesser office would do her a world of good.....I still think that a Mike Pence / Sarah Palin ticket would take the Republicans a long way in 2012. But that is just my opinion. Pence has the experience to cover the job at the top, and Palin could learn a lot from him. And they both believe in the Constitution, God, America and her security, and the nuclear family as God intended. What more could the republicans ask for in 2012?

Robert 'the infidel' Garding said...

And thanks for the Sarah endorsement Jane. You will find out that she will NOT help the Democrat party because she believes as 80% of Americans do....that America is a country worth defending and her Constitution is too.....unlike you dems who can't wait to tear this country to pieces.

mccommas said...

Ann Coulter Law #4: Don't take advice from your political enemies.

The Democrats/ liberal media fear Sarah Palin for very good reason.

Sarah Palin is going to be our next President.

That is why they are out to destroy her. They see her coming and they are scared. They are going to pull out every trick they got to try and stop her.

If she runs, and I think she will, she will have my full support. Palin is the whole package.

Let me put it this way -- Michael Reagan said in the last campaign that every Republican voter was looking for his father. The younger Reagan said that there would never be another Ronald Reagan. I grudgingly had to conclude he was right. I was looking for someone that has already come and gone.

The last bunch of Republican candidates was profoundly discouraging to me. There was no Reagan in that paltry bunch.

Enter Sarah Palin.

Michael Reagan was wrong!



--- And he is in high heels!

I watched Palin's very lengthy acceptance speech at least six times!

I am very excited to have Sarah Palin as the titular head of our party. I am ripping through her book right now.

I understand that we will have a primary and I have to be respectful of the other candidates that you all will support.

Reagan’s greatness after all was not universally accepted by rank and file Republicans at first. Palin will have to earn her spurs.

But I want to go on record here and now that I see Palin’s potential for America’s second renewal after four miserable years of Obama just as Reagan was after four miserable years of Jimmy Carter.

Sarah Palin – the right woman, the right time.

Anonymous said...

Sure, yeah you are right...You and Sarah Palin have a lot in common. I mean the weight thing for sure. I've seen you in your shorts. I've also seen you eating lunch, like a fucking wild animal. Do you want to fuck her too. You fat fucking nigger.

mccommas said...

It is not often that I think a punch in the face is the right responce to something but in your case Anonymous, I would make an exception.

Seane-Anna said...

Mac!!!!! Little brother!!!!! How nice to see you again!!!! I've been thinking about you. Guess you caught the vibes, huh? I'm so glad you stopped by, sweetie. Don't be stranger ever again, k? Hugs and kisses.

Skunkfeathers said...

McCommas, ditto on the punch to the cowardly Anon, a slut buddy of Jane's, most likely.

mccommas said...

I have been busy with school and work. I have also been involved with local issues -- I ran for Town Council again.

And lost again....

I did win a seat of the Tax Assessment Board though so I finally did win an election

-- on my 4th try!

Today I am getting over drinking way to much last night. Urgghhhhh