Monday, November 02, 2009

Message To Illegals

I found this wonderfully politically incorrect picture on my friend Angel's blog and just had to post it here. When it comes to the issue of illegal immigration it doesn't get any more succinctly unpc and true than this.


Tom said...

The graphic has been around for a while, but never gets old.

Skunkfeathers said...

LOL..your libtard fans won't be able to leave this one alone ;)

Tapline said...

Poor Girl,,,,Doesnt this say it all????stay well......

Jane said...

Its one thing to be un-PC, another thing to be offensively ignorant. What about all the illegal immigrants that come from China, Honduras, etc etc. Over simplified bullshit as always.

JMK said...

"What about all the illegal immigrants that come from China, Honduras, etc etc." (Jane)
Unfortunately, ILLEGAL immigration is not part of "America's immigration discussion, Jane."

We can blame the Libertarians, although personally I blame the Left for its typically lazy "thinking."

Still, admittedly, it was the Libertarians (like Ben Wattenberg and Julian Simon) fierce advocates of an "open borders policy," as part of a "free minds, free markets" type society who first advanced an open borders agenda.

Of course, BOTH those men were sensible enough to recognize that "open borders can ONLY exist within the framework of an open free-market economy (which we DON'T have and haven't had since 1912) and and in the absence of what we euphemistically call "the safety net" - welfare, SSI, etc.

Here's the short version of how the ILLEGAL immigration issue didn't get to be a part of America's immigration debate.

That debate started in the spring of 1967, just ahead of Ted Kennedy's transformative immigration Bill.

As is customary in such policy discussions, ALL arguments had to be set up within one year from that date. That is customary and binding in that arena.

Ben Wattenberg and Julius Simon were among the first to take the lead on arguing for a more open borders policy, BUT they DID NOT acknowledge ILLEGAL immigration as part of that argument and today readily admit that the year had passed and, well, ILLEGAL immigration was NOT INCLUDED in the official "American immigration policy debates" during that period and never has been accepted subsequently.

I've met and like both Ben Wattenberg and Julius Simon, and though I disagreed with their view, calling it "putting the cart (open borders) ahead of the horse (a completely free and unregulated economy without any "safety nets")," I DID and still DO respect their opinions.

Unlike Liberals they actually make affirmative arguments for their views.

The FACT that because of that earlier oversight ILLEGAL immigration is NOT part of America's immigration policy debate, really isn't all that impactful, to be honest.

I mean, seriously, can you think of even one single soul today who has made a strong, positive and compelling argument as to why ILLEGAL immigration should be encouraged or that ILLEGALS already here be granted some kind of amnesty?

No, just as I thought....and neither can I (and I've looked), so it's really no big deal.

Suffice to say, ILLEGAL immigration is an economic bomb, in that it suppresses the "wage floor" (the lowest level wages) and in doing that, it drags ALL other wage rates downward.

There are simply mo good arguments in favor of ILLEGAL immigration.....if there had been, I'd have already found them and knowing me, refuted them as well.