Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Restoring America's Image"

Hillary Clinton already has a plan for when she's elected president. Quite presumptive of her, considering she hasn't even been elected the Dems' presidential candidate. Anyway, dear Hillary recently announced that, after her election, she'll immediately send emissaries around the world to proclaim the end of "cowboy diplomacy" and restore America's image. How sweet. Not!

"Restoring America's image" sounds great but is just another front in liberals' war against Bush instead of the terrorists who want to kill us. The slogan derives from liberals' persistent delusion that terrorism is caused by the "imperialism" of the Bush administration, beginning with the Iraq War. If we would only surrender in Iraq and sell out the Israelis, liberals believe, the Arab/Muslim world would love us and global utopia would break out. That's the essence of their idea of "restoring America's image": undermine the Bush administration by agreeing with the America haters and appeasing our enemies.

Liberals have conveniently forgotten all the terrorist attacks against America that occurred before Bush was president. The World Trade Center was first attacked in 1993 when Bill Clinton, Hillary's hubby, was president. Our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were also bombed during Clinton's presidency when, presumably, everybody loved America. Many other terrorists attacks were launched against this country in the pre-Bush era, going all the way back to the Iran hostage crisis under wimp-in-chief Jimmy Carter. But that's reality and the anti-Bush psychotics have simply willed reality out of their minds.

Let's be honest. Hillary Clinton and all the other liberals don't give a rat's ass about America's image. The call to restore our image is just a cover for their policy of rabid anti-Bush hatred and anti-Americanism. It's a cover for their sympathy for radical Islam. It's a cover for their defeatism. It's a cover for their internationalism. It's a cover for their socialism. If you vote for liberals this is what you'll get. You've been warned. Now do the right thing and side with those who care about our country's survival. The best image for America is that of a free, intact, sovereign nation. If you want to restore anything, restore that.

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JMK said...

Here's how clearly out of step those morons are who proclaim "America's lost the respect of the rest of the world" are - in Germany, pro-American Angela merckel replaced the Schroeder regime, in France the pro-American Nikolas Sarkozy ("Sarko the American") beat his socialist challenger handilly.

If America "lost the world's respect," then why's the rest of the world repacing anti-American and decidedly anti-Bush governments with pro-American and indeed pro-Bush governments???

That's how utterly DUMB those nitwits are.