Sunday, October 21, 2007

Libertinism Uber Alles

I believe liberals want an end to age of consent laws. In fact, I believe liberals want an end to ALL laws regulating sexuality. When I see liberals voting to pass out the Pill to eleven-year-old girls; when I see liberals opposing tough penalties for child rapists; when I see liberals imposing gay marriage on people who've already voted against it, I can come to no other conclusion.

Liberals are libertines. Sexual freedom is their core principle. That, and not respect for women's rights, is the real motive for their love affair with abortion. An instant end to pregnancy gets women back into the all-important game of sleeping around--oops!--I mean hooking up. Likewise, passing out birth control to middle schoolers is not about protecting them from STDs and/or unplanned pregnancy; rather, it's about conditioning adults to accept the "fact" that kids, even quite young ones, can and do consent to sex.

Think about it. How can you give condoms or the Pill to children without tacitly admitting that said children can consent to the activity those items are for? You can't. And once you accept that children can consent to sex, the age of the people they're having sex with becomes irrelevant. After all, if an eleven-year-old can consent to sex with another eleven-year-old, why not with a 15-year-old? Or a 20-year-old? Or a 30-year-old?

I can easily imagine the day when an accused child molester will insist that little Suzy wanted it and use as proof the birth control pills she got from her friendly school nurse. The nurse not only knew that Suzy was sexually active, the molester's lawyer will argue, she condoned the 12-year-old's behaviour by giving her contraceptives, no questions asked. So, if his middle aged client is guilty of a crime, the school nurse is a clear accessory. I don't think you want to be the nurse who'll have to answer that charge.

Liberals will insist that the above scenario is just hysterical, right-wing propaganda against personal freedom. But liberals don't believe in freedom, not when it comes to sex. Then, liberals are pure, unadulterated libertines opposing ALL judgements and restrictions on sexuality. Everyone, including children, must be free to do as they please with their bodies. For liberals this is enlightened, progressive thinking. To the clear thinking masses it's cultural suicide, and it will not stand.


WomanHonorThyself said...

you are spot on!..great read and thanks for come again please!!

PoorGrrl said...

You're welcome and I will!

JMK said...

That's one of the reasons that I believe the far-Left reviles Bill O'Reilly, despite his holding to a number of fairly Liberal views (he opposes the death penalty, supports hate-crime legislation, which treats a person attacked by a person from their own background less severely than someone attacked by a person of a different ethnic group, supports a "work-visa program" for illegal aliens and believes U.S. energy companies should sell oil, NOT at world market prices, but at slightly above their direct costs, to American consumers)...his pushing for Megan's Law (mandatory sentences for child molestors) is antithetical to the radical Left's agenda.

NBC's best show "To Catch a Predator" has been sued by the family of a child-predator for "causing his suicide" (a case that deserves to be tossed out)...THAT lawsuit was mainstream media (MSM) news, the show itself never was.

O'Reilly was never a pariah of the Left UNTIL he began his crusade for Megan's Law - think about it.

That IS a very real part of the agenda of the far-Left.