Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GAE Rights Yes, Freedom No

The GAE (Gay Activist Elite) Stalinists have struck again, this time across the big pond. Britain has instituted new sexual "equality" regulations and they have cost a Christian couple the foster son they've loved for two years.

Sixty-five-year-old Vincent Matherick and his wife Pauline, 61, became foster parents in 2001 and have successfully nurtured 28 troubled children since then. But Somerset County decided the Mathericks weren't fit to keep their latest foster child after they refused to sign a paper agreeing to teach the boy that homosexuality is good. Consequently, the 11-year-old has been taken from a loving home and placed in a county hostel. Vincent Matherick explained that he doesn't hate gays but felt he couldn't endorse behaviour that conflicted with the Word of God.
That didn't matter. Freedom of religion and conscience, not to mention a child's happiness, are inconsequential compared to the lofty goal of normalizing homosexuality.

This is a shocking story. There's nothing more Orwellian than government officials entering people's homes and telling them what to teach their children. Granted, the Mathericks were foster parents who, like all foster parents, have to abide by state standards. But how does not approving of homosexuality suddenly make them unfit when they weren't unfit for the last six years? And you better believe that if the GAE Stalinists can get away with using the government to impose their views on foster parents they'll use the government to impose their views on natural parents. Mark my words. The day is coming in the West when parents will be assigned a social worker to make sure they're raising their children "correctly". And a large percentage of those social workers will be GAE.

For now, the Mathericks have been forced out of fostering for being politically incorrect. They've indicated that they might appeal the decision of the Somerset County Council. I pray they do and I pray they win. Children need a loving home like the one the Mathericks are ready and willing to provide more than they need an ideology. Sadly, Britain's GAE Stalinists think otherwise and children are paying the price.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Good Lord..great find on this utterly depraved the UK is becoming.....sigh

JMK said...

THIS is why over two-thirds of Americans oppose "gay Marriage," and that includes many people who are OK with Civil Unions for gays.

In Europe it's been used to cow Churches from preaching that homosexuality is sin, and in some places Churches have been sued for refusing to Marry homosexuals!

The commited anti-religionists all piously claim that "that would never happen here, it's about the right of gay people to be treated like everyone else."

That's what they said in Europe too.

Let'em have Civil Unions, but Churches MUST BE indemnified from any lawsuit that opposes their preaching that homosexuality is sinful, or that they must Marry gays.