Monday, October 15, 2007

Rain in the Sahara

Last Wednesday the House passed a nonbinding resolution labelling as genocide the killing of 1 million Armenians by Turkey during WWI. On Sunday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to push forward on the resolution despite bitter protest from Turkey. Now I agree that those murders were in fact genocide. I also believe that they were the last gasp of jihad that Islam could muster before it was subdued by the European powers. I don't believe for one minute, though, that Pelosi wants this resolution because she cares about honoring the Armenian dead or making a statement about the nobility of America (Look! America is condemning genocide. America is good!).

Nancy Pelosi wants the Armenian resolution because she wants to upset our relationship with Turkey. Why? Because Turkey is our staunch ally in the Iraq War, allowing supplies from fuel to water to reach our troops from its soil. If Turkey ends its military relationship with us over this resolution, as it has threatened to do, we'd have to reroute those supplies in ways that could be prohibitively expensive. And if you can't supply an army, it can't fight. Now you're getting the picture.

This whole resolution business is about ensuring defeat in the Iraq War and doing it in a way that normally only our enemies would try: by cutting off supplies to our troops. This makes me sick. In her effort to please her fanatically anti-Bush base, Pelosi is willing to sacrifice our boys. And then she tries to make her dirty work look clean by wrapping it up in specious concern for the memory of slaughtered Armenians. If I were Armenian I'd be outraged at such exploitation of the Armenian nation's greatest tragedy.

If Pelosi, or any other American, wants to oppose the Iraq War they certainly have the right to do so. But they should be patriotic about it and not try to cut our troops' legs out from under them. And they should have the decency not to use another people's tragedy to cover their pro-defeat shenanigans. But expecting patriotism and decency from Pelosi who, after all, hails from San Francisco, is like expecting rain in the Sahara. It ain't happenin'.


elwoodin said...

I couldn't have said this any better. You are right. Nancy Palosi and all the Liberals like John Kerry, Jack Murtha do not care about the troops. They do not stop to think that the troops themselves see the things that these "representatives" of ours are saying about them and the things that they do while in battle. They get the same feelings that I do that they (the democrats) do not think that our troops are capable of liberating themselves out of a paper bag....and how do you think that makes them feel? I would hate to think about that. I know that our troops are the best and they do NOT need a second enemy fighting that is in their own country. Reid, Palosi, Murtha and the others are treasonous traitors.


JMK said...

Sadly, this was another blatant political ploy.

To the Left everything is politics - the war, natural disasters, even human atrocities.

If denying the holocaust would serve their political ends, they'd do that.

This was timed to undermine our already flagging relations with Turkey at a time when we need them onboard the most.

If Turkey invades northern Iraq, the stability of Iraq will be at severe risk and if Iraq disintegrates, the entire Middle East could erupt in war, with Russia and possibly China taking sides with those nations opposed to U.S. interests, creating the distinct possibility for a REAL, "all out" World War.

But hey! What can you possibly expect from a group who see even ten year old kids as mere props to their political ambitions?