Friday, October 05, 2007

No Old Glory for Obama

I was watching tv tonight and just saw a story about Barack Obama that I can't believe. It seems that "patriot" Obama has decided to stop wearing his American flag lapel pin. Why? Obama claimed that he preferred to simply talk about what he wants to do for our country and that would show Americans his inner patriotism. Not buying it. Considering the stranglehold that far-left groups like and The Daily Kos have on the Democratic presidential candidates, I suspect that some far-left puppet master told Obama to ditch the Stars and Stripes--or else.

Whatever the reason Obama removed the flag pin, it was a big mistake to do it. He can talk all he wants to about showing his patriotism from the inside out, taking off the pin clearly reveals that Obama is uncomfortable with being American. It's like John Kerry claiming, in the '04 presidential campaign, to be a good Catholic while also insisting that he wouldn't wear his faith on his sleeve. Why not? If you're so religious, why would you be reluctant to show it? Likewise, if you're so patriotic, why would you be ashamed to flaunt it?

Of course, I understand that the wearing of symbols--flags, crosses, or whatever--can be a shallow and hypocritical ploy to get votes or win over public opinion, but it can also MEAN SOMETHING. It can reveal where someone's heart is truly at, where his allegiance truly lies.

Maybe Obama really is patriotic, but felt that would hurt his chances with the far-left crowd he apparently thinks he needs to win. So he dropped Old Glory to reassure that constituentcy that he's not TOO American. Or maybe the opposite is true. Maybe Obama is an anti-American American and dumped the flag because he was tired of not acting in sync with his true feelings.

I don't know what really motivated Obama to do what he did. I do know that his action won't help liberals repair their bad reputation on patriotism. Surely Obama knows that. I guess that was a price he was willing to pay to make whatever statement he was trying to make. All I can say is, "Thanks, Obama, for giving us conservatives the rope with which to hang you!"

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JMK said...

He's going for the anti-war vote, Poorgrrl.

A cynical, if effective strategy on his part.

Here's a guy who claims he'd "invade Pakistan" to get OBL, but is part of a Senate that voted to fund the Iraq war to the tune of $150 Billion (the exact amount the Bush admin asked for) and now looks ready to expand the NSA's domestic eavesdropping powers.

Like any politician, Barack Obama wants to have it both ways.

He wants to INEFFECTIVELY oppose things like the Patriot Act, the NSA eavesdropping and funding the Iraq war, so he can claim to be against those things that have kept him and the rest of us a lot safer, in a cheap appeal for the votes of the hopelessly naive.

Hey! There's a lot of naive people in America. so it's probably not a bad strategy.