Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day! I hope you had a great holiday and took the time to remember the man who paved the way for the birth of America. Columbus rocks!

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JMK said...

It is amazing how the course of human civilization has run.

For whatever reason, perhaps coming from a colder, less hospitable climate, the Northern Europeans developped, through much anguished trila & error (feudalism, the Guilds, etc., etc.) what has come to be "modern civilization, with its property rights, the right of self-defense, etc and that has replaced the indigenous civilizations that all humans originally sprang from.

There are those who insist upon looking at this as "Europe's paternalistic rape of the indigenous world," but that's hopelessly naive.

People from every part of the world have moved modern civilization forward, improved it and left their marks upon it.

The cross-polonization that Columbus helped bring about has enriched ALL of human civilization and greatly improved the European civilization that Columbus came from, as much as it did any other civilization.