Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reality Not Revision

Sometimes I'm just stunned by the ignorance of liberals, and even non-liberals.

Tonight I watched The O'Reilly Factor as I usually do. Bill O'Reilly had a liberal radio talk show host, Mark Levin, on the show discussing some inane things actor Tom Hanks said. Basically, Hanks accused America of anti-Japanese racism during WWII and insinuated that the same racism is at work today in the War on Terror. O'Reilly brought liberal Levin on to explain Hanks remarks.

Not surprisingly, Levin agreed with Hanks' assessment; O'Reilly challenged him and that's when Levin revealed his ignorance. To back up his agreement with Hanks' accusation of racism Levin asserted that America interned Japanese-Americans during the war but not German-Americans. That, my friends, is a total falsehood. And O'Reilly apparently didn't realize that because he didn't challenge Levin's utterly inaccurate statement. It is disheartening when even Bill "looking out for the folks" O'Reilly doesn't know enough to counter anti-American fictions. Well, I do.

Here is the truth, people.

The United States of America interned white German and Italian Americans, as well as non-white Japanese-Americans, during the Second World War.

Yes, the racist US government rounded up and imprisoned without trial thousands of white people it considered threats to national security. The racist US government even pressured Latin American countries to arrest and deport to the US Latin Americans of German ancestry. The racist US government imprisoned many of those whites in the same camps as the Japanese, the largest one being just outside Crystal City, TX.

This is what happened in this country during WWII. Whites had their civil liberties violated, property confiscated, reputations ruined, and families destroyed. To my knowledge, none of the white internees received reparations after the war like the Japanese internees eventually did. Tom Hanks was wrong. Our war against Japan wasn't rooted in racism. Just ask the German and Italian Americans who spent the war behind barbed wire.

Why don't more Americans know about their country's internment of whites during the Second World War? Possibly because white people don't make a career out of victimhood or a cult out of greivance. But more likely because exposing this suppressed reality undermines the Left's fundamental conviction that America is an inherently and malevolently racist nation. Liberals want to believe the worst about the country they profess to love. The revisionist story that only Japanese-Americans were interned during WWII, and that the internment was based on race, lets them do just that.

Patriots must reject the Left's noxious narrative; it's just not true. The truth is that, during WWII, America interned people with "enemy ancestry", not Asian people or European people. "Enemy ancestry" was determined by the countries we were fighting, not by race. Chinese Americans weren't interned during the war even though they were Asian. Why not? Because China was our ally;therefore, Chinese Americans didn't have "enemy ancestry" no matter how Asian they were. Race just wasn't the driving force behind the internment policy. Sorry , Mr. Hanks.

The reality of America is 180 degrees opposite of the dark, revisionist narrative espoused by Hanks, Levin, and liberals generally. America is NOT an inherently and malevolently racist country. Whites have suffered injustice just like non-whites. The imprisonment of Germans and Italians in the internment camps proves that. Let this be a lesson to all of us. We must know our history so we can defend our nation against the perverted paradigm of the Left.

Time to throw out the revision.

Time to embrace the reality.

Let the patriotic defense begin!


Anonymous said...

You are right on this one almost 100%. I believe, that Mark Levin is not a Liberal, and it kind of surprises me that he would say that America didn't intern anyone but Japanese. Because you are right. We fought that war right. We questioned everyone who was of decent to anyone who we were fighting. It didn't matter what color or race they were. If they came from a country we were at war with, they were suspect. And that is the difference between then and now. Then we fought the war to win. Today, we are fighting to appease. Which is a waste of time and precious personhood. Something we have to stop doing.

Skunkfeathers said...

Excellent history lesson, Seane-Anna! Of course, the Left needs to focus it's energy on just minorities being victims of racism, because the Left is, by it's own belief system and practice thereof, racist: why else would conservatives profess self-reliance, and Libtards insist that "minorities can't make it without them", aka dependency?

Tapline said...

seane anne, great post....I will not see another Tom Hanks film....If only these nuts would stick to what they know and that is acting and leave the political theatre to those who know history.....what has happened since the Bush years and what is still happening through the MSM happened then,, only then it was against Japan and Germany,,,Not so much France although I don't know why,,,and also not so much Italy.....Even though they did fight against us with the Germans,,,the Italians finally hunted El duce down and hung him upside down......The French has the vichy French who were against the Americans and for the Germans. Jews were also sent from France to Germany into the camps.....The movies were propaganda against the germans and Japanese....Babies being thrown up and being caught on baynettes and the like....people being gassed by germans and Fifth columnist operating in America both German and Japanese...All propaganda films with many atrosities...Today the media is against America and 'American values...It's all americas fault...or another individual american's fault...and hollywood is against America and their wars (see the current films and how America is cast)..I hope I'm clear,,,I know what I am trying to say I was there and I saw what happened, but try to explain is strange,,,Hate was created through propaganda then as now, but then it was more pronounced. remember how the war in iraq was framed by the media and hollywood,,,against America and what we stood for....and the Administration could do nothing right....whereas in WWII it was against an enemy, Germany and Japan.....mostly,,,,even though Italy and France was involved also......I hope I'm making sense....stay well.......

Anonymous said...

got a question for you Seane you have a link to this history that you put here? I was asked about it and I don't know.

JMK said...


And 100% RIGHT!

The fact that the German-American and Italian-American internments are not widely known nor spoken about today is further proof that the current American obsession with race and "racism"/VICTIMIZATION is toxic and corrosive.

Hanks' views are abysmally and stultifyingly ignorant. My late father served in the Pacific in WW II and the hatred U.S. soldiers had for "the Japs" was well earned. They often disemboweled, cannibalized and otherwise tortured Americans to death. They performed the most hideous "medical experiments" on the Chinese during their occupation of that nation...yet ANOTHER apparently forgotten piece of history. Imperial Japan was in every respect, "The Third Reich of the Pacific."

As for Bill O, I've said for a very long time that Bill O'Reilly is basically "a Left-of-Center New Yorker who holds to some basic traditional values and sees America as fundamentally GOOD"'s those last two stances that have far-Left, anti-Americans reviling him as "a Conservative."

O'Reilly opposes the death penalty, supports a strong environmentalist agenda and a guest-worker program for illegals (most of which have led to amnesty for illegal immigrants) AND he wrongly SEES the rising oil prices of the past few years as "the work of greedy Big Oil and some disreputable speculators."

On that last score, nothing could be further from the truth.

Most OPEC nations HATE the USA. That, coupled with the dynamic of a rapidly industrializing world (India and China, with a combined 1/3 of the world's population have been industrializing very quickly) allowed them to ratchet up oil prices due to this competition.

In 2008, one of the major factors in the sharp rise in oil prices that flattened, then fail during that Summer, was the Chinese stockpiling of oil reserves prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The competition for scarce resources is only going to get much more intense as the time goes on and more of the earth becomes industrialized and modernized.

The exploding gasoline prices in the U.S. were due to increased global demand, coupled with environmentalist legislation that both stifled energy exploration and drilling HERE and made it next to impossible to open new refineries on American soil, AND some freak weather-related shut-downs of a number of our refineries.

As an example, a while back Bill O'Reilly interviewed Ben Mezrich (author of Rigged a GREAT book) and Mezrich explained the inner workings of the commodities market as a sought of free-for-all democracy where some bet the prices of given commodities will rise, against those who bet they will that way it IS a "zero sum game," for EVERY winner, there's a loser and vice-versa.

At the end of Mezrich's detailed explanation, O'Reilly asked dumbly, "So....who are the guys in the back room who set the price of oil?"

Mezrich looked stunned, then answered, "There are no such guys. The price of oil is determined in a wide open speculative market."

To which O'Reilly responded, "So you don't know who they are either."

While I applaud O'Reilly's traditionalist stands, his support for Christmas and for Megan's Law, I do see him for what he is....a slightly Left-of-Center new Yorker...which he has every right to be.

I'm not in line with O'Reilly's "New York agenda," but my own secular Conservatism is not entirely popular either.

JMK said...

CORRECTION: "In 2008, one of the major factors in the sharp rise in oil prices that flattened, then fell during that Summer, was the Chinese stockpiling of oil reserves prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Skunkfeathers said...

Hank's ignorance of Japanese atrocities and THEIR racist views during the war is inexcuseable. Donald Miller has done two excellent books that touch on the Japanese mentality (and some of their atrocities). Hanks can cure his ignorance with a couple books.

Anonymous said...

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Skunkfeathers said...

Book say, "I rike Sean Anna's brog!"

Roadhouse said...

There seems to be some confusion about Bill's interview with Mark Levine and conservative radio show host Mark Levin. Levin and Levine are two different people from opposite sides of the issue. Levin is a liberal-slaying genius, Levine is a liberal-kissing tool.

Still a great article though.

Skunkfeathers said...

Only problem I have with the use of "tool" in that context is, "tool" suggests something useful ;)