Friday, March 19, 2010

No Reward For Arrogance

Well, the vote on Obamacare is getting closer. It seems it'll go forward this Sunday and it's going to be a real nail biter. I'm hoping and praying for a defeat of this monstrosity but, right now, it's just too close to call. And I'm a little perturbed about that. In the wake of three stunning electoral defeats--including losing Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts--poll after poll showing firm opposition to Obamacare, and outraged citizens tongue lashing politicians last August, you'd think Obamacare would be dead. You'd think we wouldn't be fighting over it now. But the Democrats, even after everything the people have told them, are STILL determined to force this abomination on us. And that's become the main reason I want Obamacare defeated.

I oppose Obamacare on principle. I'm against the nanny state. I'm against deficit spending. I'm against wealth redistribution. I'm against socialism. And I'm against the federal government doing what the Constitution gives it NO right to do. I oppose Obamacare for all those reasons but now I want this thing defeated because of the unbridled arrogance of the Democrats. No matter how the people have spoken the Dems are determined to do what THEY want. They've trampled on the very premise of representative government, i.e. government derives its power from the CONSENT of the PEOPLE, and are acting like an aristocracy that needs no such consent. Their attitude, like that of parents dealing with recalcitrant children is, "We know what's best; one day you'll thank us." Their condescension is appalling. And that's why Obamacare must be defeated. The arrogance of the Democrats cannot stand.

America is a representative, constitutional Republic, not an aristocracy and definitely not a socialist dictatorship. If Obamacare is passed against the will of the people there will be hell to pay. We, the people, will NOT take this lying down. We will NOT view the Democrats who voted for this outrage as heroes bravely standing on their principles. The arrogant, egotistical shitheads in Washington who think they are our masters will discover in November who really rules this country. And they'd better thank God that Americans are civilized enough to vote, otherwise the shitheads would get their just desserts the Mussolini way.

Long live the Constitution!

Long live the people!

Down with Obama!


Jane said...

Arrogance? When Health Care Reform was viewed positively by the majority of Americans it didn't stop the Republicans from screaming and bitching about it and it didn't stop you either. The only reason the majority of Americans oppose it now is because of Teabagger propaganda. The majority of Americans still believe Health Care needs reforming, something the Republicans like to ignore because they have no solutions. 44% of Americans still believe this Health Care bill should pass.

I really can't fathom the level of ignorance you display. You are the quintessential example of a sponge. You absorb everything your leaders feed you. Look at the Canadian example, the European example, and the Australian example. They all have universal healthcare because it is viewed as a right of the people. Yet we lag behind the other industrialized countries. They have longer life spans, healthier people, smaller infant mortality rate, less poverty, less unemployment, and less violence and crime. They also have more opportunity. We have got to this point becuase of the stubborness and arrogance of conservatives and when anyone tries to right these wrongs they are called anti-American and socialist by you Republican sheep.

You call democrats anti-military because they want the Afghan and Iraq wars to end but you are the ones supporting the deaths of thousands of Americans soldiers for an unjustified war in Iraq. I wish I knew how your minds work. Its stubborn, foolish, autocratic, and ignorant. god help us.

Jane said...

In case anyone is interested in the actual truth about this bill. Read this.

more positives then negatives. Reads a lot better than the socialist marxist armageddon you guys try to paint.

Skunkfeathers said...

Whaddaya know, Jihad Janeycakes got released from jail to spread more libtard impropaganda about hellthscare, marxist-style! You go, Jihad Janeycakes! You have your facts all f***ed up as is normal for a libtard (all the countries you cited with socialized hellthcare are in trouble with it). You conveniently skip the fact that if this abomination is passed, the people it's "supposed to help" won't get a lick of help from it for four years; and once it kicks in, the costs will rapidly wipe out the alleged "budget-neutral" cost savings, sending the deficit spiraling, and deliver the usual brand of government-run ineptitude to rationed, socialized hellthscare. You moron libtards couldn't run a horse to water, but you accuse Republicans of propaganda. Jihad Janeycakes, you are a hoot...a moron, but a hoot.

Keep propping up your failed ideology, as it falls crashing around your plugged by libtard lies ears.

Seane-Anna said...

Jane, you finally decided to crawl out from under your rock to visit li'l ol' me. Awww, shucks! Didn't know you cared. I can assure you, chickie, the feeling's not mutual. Now on to your socialist stupidity (although I hardly know where to start as it's all over the place).

I guess I'll start by asking you this one, simple question Jane: Where does the American Constitution give the federal government the duty or authority to provide health care? Huh, Jane? Got the answer?

And here are two more questions for you to chew on, Janeycakes: Where does the American Constitution give the federal gov't the authority to force citizens to buy ANYTHING? And how many Americans are you willing to see jailed for exercising their personal freedom not to buy something they don't want or feel they don't need?

And that's the crux of the issue, chicka. The proper role of government, as outlined by our Constitution, in the civic and personal lives of America and Americans. It really doesn't matter what other countries do because they are not guided by our founding documents and they weren't founded on our philosophy of personal libery, individual rights, captialism and LIMITED government.

Do you get the concept of LIMITED government, Jane? It does NOT mean ever expanding federal control, regulation, taxation, and bureaucracy. And Jane, if ever expanding federal control, regulation, taxation, and bureacracy is what you want then your are not, at heart, an American. You really should move to Canada or Europe 'cause that's where your heart is.

And speaking of Canada, Europe, and Australia, you say that they have longer lives, lower infant mortality, less poverty, crime, etc. Even if that's true, surely you aren't suggesting that it's due SOLELY to socialized medicine, are you, Jane?

Most of the other industrialized countries that you say we lag behind are more racially homogenous than America. Why not cite that as a reason for their lower violence or crime rates?

Other industrialized countries have lower birth rates than America. Why not cite that as a reason for their lower infant mortality rates?

But as I said, what other countries do isn't the issue. The issue is how do we Americans solve our problems while remaining true to our founding documents and founding principles.

No matter how you spin it, Jane, universal health care is NOT true to our founding documents and principles. Universal health care is SOCIALISM, and socialism IS anti-American. If you can get that through your thick head, Jane, there might be hope for you yet. said...

First off Jane, you are an idiot. You have to know that if we pull all of our troops out and bring them home, the enemy which now has to be defeated, will start realizing that America IS weak, and then we will be fighting another war, only here on our streets. But I guess your kind think that is okay since it will kill Americans and hurt this country.

As for Your post Seane Anna, this is great. You have hit it right on the head, and the blow should drive the atrocities committed by our government against America home, but thick headed people like Jane won't get it till the enemy is at our doors and she is then crying for the military to help her. Trouble is,......they will because that is the kind of people they are.

Roadhouse said...

The real difference between our two sides is that we see the consequences of this bill today, where you will not see them until you are buried under them.

To claim Europe and Canada as examples of a superior health care system is to announce to us all that you have never researched the subject at all. I talk to Canadian truckers regularly who come to America for major treatments due to long waits and poorer quality care in their homeland. England's system is plagued with too few doctors to keep up with demand and rationing for those who are deemed not to be worth the expense of treatment.

Your lack of understanding of free market dynamics may not be your fault, but your constant willingness to demonstrate it is.

Health care "reform" has NEVER been an issue for conservatives, and most Americans ARE for it. Your problem is that your don't seem to understand the meanings of the words r-e-f-o-r-m and t-a-k-e-o-v-e-r.

To "reform" health care would mean allowing the purchase of policies across state lines, promoting health savings accounts, tax relief for the health care industry, serious tort reform, and deporting illegal aliens who drag down our system.

Maybe you can explain to the class how the following will be reconsiled: There will be fewer doctors because older ones will retire early, and prospective ones will change their minds and choose professions that will not result in ten years of education all to become a government employee.
Yet, there will be ten-fold MORE patients because after all, you might as well go to the doctor for every little ache and pain because it's FREE...right?

Please tell us how this will not lead to the same rationing that Europe enjoys today. Or just scurry away as usual.

Skunkfeathers said...

Since Jihad Janeycakes lurves to make up stats that don't exist, I'll piss her off with some that do, from the Investor's Business Daily:

Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:

US: 93%
UK: 15%
Canada: 43%

Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month of referral:

US: 77%
UK: 40%
Canada: 43%

Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:

US: 65%
UK: 46%
Canada: 42%

Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:

US: 90%
UK: 15%
Canada: 43%

Yeah, dem Euros and Canadians got some kick-ass socialist medicine that we should be running backwards to grab hold of as well, right Jihad Janeycakes? You're dumber that a fossilized turd, like your whole ideology.

If so many Americans want this crap as you say want it, why are 37 state legislatures currently considering "opt out" legislation, should Barry's hellthscare be foisted on the unwilling populace?

Because you're a libtard who doesn't know your ass from a hole in the ground, like Bela Pelosi, Reid, and that ubermoron, Barry.

Seane-Anna said...

Great stats, Skunky!

JMK said...

Those really ARE great stats SF!

I saw an article on cancer survival rates, that put the USA's numbers on early detected cancers at over 90% and Europe's and Canada's under 85%.

The other thing I LOVE is how so many naive Leftists still think, "there is no mandate forcing you to buy health insurance."

YES there IS!

And the fine is up to 2.5% of your income by 2016!

AND businesses can opt out of paying health insurance premiums by simply paying $2,000/year per employee!

Let's see, $2K/year against $15K to $25K per year???....Hmmmm....Looks like, "No employer-driven health-care for YOU."

THAT, by the way, is the "trigger" for the public option."

And again, I've said for a VERY long time, a "universal public option" CAN be made workable, IF (1) we roll Medicare and Medicaid into it, (2) bulk up the enforcement arm and ratchet up the penalties for fraud and abuse and (3) strictly RATION and RESTRICT that public option (by offering a max of 4 to 6 visits per year AND up to a max of, say, $10K/year in treatments), so long as available "gap insurance" is there for those willing and able to pay the premiums from private insurers.

That way, "the right people are rationed and restricted" and businesses and municipalities will be freed from the burden of providing BILLIONS of $$$ in free healthcare, making them much more profitable and competitive and thus making the American worker much more competi8tive in the global labor market!

The ONLY problem with America's current health care delivery system is COST, and that's because we simply GIVE too much costly and advanced health care away to too many people who don't pay any premiums for it.

That's the problem we must solve.