Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Mandate Explained

I'm watching Mike Huckabee's show Huckabee which is on live tonight because of the health care reform debate. An unexpected thing happened on the show. The government mandate, i.e. the government forcing you to buy health insurance, was explained. Gov. Rendell of Pennsylvania, who supports Obamacare, explained it as a money saving device for taxpayers. Seriously.

Here's how it's supposed to work: the added cost of insuring those 30 million uninsured people will be covered by the private insurance companies who will receive a huge influx of cash from those SAME 30 million people who will be forced by the government to buy their product. I'll give you some time to let that circular reasoning sink in.

This is incredible.

Obama has campaigned for his health care "reform" bill largely by demonizing those EVIL insurance companies that dare to sometimes deny people coverage, yet Gov. Rendell described Obamacare as a virtual give away to the insurance companies, giving them millions of customers they otherwise wouldn't have and fattening their bottom lines as a result. And that's how we're going to insure the 30 million uninsured without bankrupting the country.

I know. Only a liberal can believe that. That's why we have to defeat those goons in November. Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

"GOONS" is right. they think that all they have to do is speak, whether it is feasible or not. Whether it makes sense or not. It is amazing they think we are that stupid. I just hope that we show them that we are not.

Skunkfeathers said...

Jihad Janeycakes uttered some typical libtard udopianism in here some time back, that libtards were poised to outregister conservatives in Texas, and Texas would go blue.

The brand of glue she's sniffing when they let her out of jail is diluting one of her three remaining brain cells.

But Jihad Janeycakes is a perfect fit to be a registered member of the Party of Whores. She can be bought, just like them. Who'd want to, but I digress. November will send a lot of the whores packing at the polls.

Jane said...

SF, it had nothing to do with liberalism just statistics about changing demographics. Similar to the one that says whites will be a minority by 2050. Its a proven fact that hispanics, and other minorities have more liberal leanings. Who can blame them when at "civil" teabagger protests you have people yelling gay and racial slurs at our legislators.

Also, on a personal note. You are so immature I can hardly believe you are a grown man, you come off as a young naive girl.

Seane-Anna said...

Jane, please inform us all as to what "gay and racial slurs" the "teabaggers" supposedly yelled at their protests?

And what of the vile names your liberal friends shouted at George Bush and our troops in their "anti-war" really anti-American, protests? Oh, that's right. You claim those folks are just a tiny minority of liberals and don't matter. Note, you NEVER repudiate the vile things that supposedly tiny minority says about this country; you just assert that they're irrelevant.

Yet, if one person at a Tea Party protest misbehaves or says ANYTHING even remotely out of line, you don't hesitate to indict the ENTIRE Tea Party movement. And this in spite of your claim, made many, many months ago but which I've NEVER forgotten, that criticizing the country is the ONLY way to be a good citizen. 'Memba that, chicka? Now it's become undeniably obvious that you believe that ONLY when the criticism comes from the Left.

You truly are a shameless hypocrite. No wonder you're a liberal.

Skunkfeathers said...

Jihad Janeycakes has nothing but slurs to throw, 'cuz she is a libtard, and queen of the slur therein. But that's okay...her side has set the stage for a ballot tsunami in November. She'll whine and kick her widdow feet about it, but will have only to look in the mirror and at her fellow Party of Whores for what they have done to damage the country, and then shoot themselves in both feet with their arrogance, ignorance, and hatred of the best things America was, before they got their marxist hands on it.

It actually surprises me you're able to get your wideload off the couch and leave your libtard MSNBC drivel, to post anything, once they let you out of jail.

Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩

Roadhouse said...

Let's assume that these alleged "slurs" were shouted at those legislators (there's no evidence that such a thing ever happened). So what? Are they so thin skinned that they can't handle expressions of anger when they themselves are the root of that anger?

In the old days, they would have been tarred, feathered, and ran out of town on a rail for thier actions. Maybe even hung for treason.

As for Skunk being "immature", have you read your own comments? Do you usually go around calling kettles "black"?

Skunkfeathers said...

It's okay, Roadhouse: Jihad Janeycakes remembers not a syllable of her previous diatribes. Fortunately for us, she is on the other side. The losing side. The intellectually stunted side. The "must be bribed/whore" side. The ideologically dishonest side. The historically WRONG side. The fails-everytime-it's-tried side. She could help it, by cultivating a fourth brain cell, and coming to the rational, reasoned side. But she's too wedded to the Party of Whores.

And that's okay. They can have her. We'll take American spirit and exceptionalism.

JMK said...

The current administration took in MORE money from Wall Street in 2000, 2004, 2006 AND 2008!

Likewise, their "Kabuki theater" assault on health insurers was all "for show."

According to the CBO, “Big Insurance” (the name LIBERAL Dems have used to excoriate their very best friend) is set to receive $436 BILLION in direct tax credits “PAYABLE DIRECTLY TO INSURANCE COMPANIES”!

SEE CBO doc at:

The Obama administration maintained the non-competition agreements across state lines that the major insurers have pushed for and instituted.

As an example, the profit margin on soft drinks averages appx. 25%, the profit margins for America's health insurers averages 4%.

The current Bill demands that Health Insurers must put in 80% of their revenues into providing health care. 80%! For an industry that has routinely put 96% of its revenues into providing health care....up to NOW.

This administration has taken in HUGE amounts of money from "Big Pharma" and the Health Insurers, and they've delivered a Bill that does NOTHING to rein in health care's costs.

On the flip side, so many young people naively believe they'll be getting "better care, for free," while they're really going to be forced to purchase insurance at market rates or pay a fine for a first offense that rises to jail time shortly down the road.

Once that dawns on the dolts, their reaction will be interesting.

Anonymous said...


Skunkfeathers said...

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JMK said...

"Its a proven fact that hispanics, and other minorities have more liberal leanings." (Jane)

Actually....NO, it's NOT a "proven fact."

Quite the reverse.

Danny Vargas, chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, says Hispanics are "more conservative than liberal" and have a "natural home" in the GOP. Polling data on the issues bears this out. (SEE BELOW)

Matt Barreto, a University of Washington political scientist and Latino pollster, says immigration was "an important symbolic issue" in the campaign, but most Latinos are working class and cared most about the economy. People focused on the economy are generally MORE Conservative than less.

So how Conservative are Hispanics on the major issues? Well, according to a 2005 report by the Pew Hispanic Center, "77% of American Hispanics oppose abortion. Thus, the Democrat Party is anathema to the values of the American Hispanic community in terms of life issues. According to the 2005 National Latino Survey, 62% of American Hispanics oppose gay marriage and 48% of registered voters in that same community agree that lowering taxes is the best strategy for encouraging economic growth, as compared to 12% who thought raising taxes is the best strategy."

In 2007 a Pew Hispanic Center report stated that, "Latino evangelicals are still significantly more conservative than are Catholics on social issues, foreign policy issues and even in their attitudes toward the plight of the poor. Latino Catholics, in turn, are somewhat more conservative than seculars when it comes to gay marriage, government-guaranteed health care and increases in government services.

"Frequency of church attendance tends to be correlated with more conservative views on social issues after controlling for a variety of demographic factors."

Just as "Ownership Society" Rockefeller-wing Republicans were wrong about "home-ownership making more Republicans," dopey Liberal Dems seem just as wrong on the inane view that MORE Hispanics and Phillipinos means MORE Democrats.