Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's With This Guy?

Crisis. Catastrophe. Worst since the Depression. These were the words and phrases Barack Obama used back in February when trying to scare us into supporting his GINORMOUS "stimulus" bill. If we didn't do something, we were told, the economy would collapse and our way of life along with it. There was no time to waste on debate or actually reading the "stimulus" bill, Obama warned; big and bold action was needed NOW! And with that fearmongering--and a Democrat controlled Congress--Obama got his quasi-socialist spending spree. Then Great Leader changed his tune.

Now Obama--the all-wise, all-knowing Obama--is saying that America's economy is basically sound. WHAT?! What happened to the economic catastrophe that was imminent just a few short weeks ago? It has vanished with the Chosen One's need to reassure the Chinese that their investments in the US are safe. You see people, Obama is expecting the Chinese to help pay for his porkulus package by buying US bonds. However, China is worried about the solvency of the 1 TRILLION dollars it already has invested in our national debt. Chinese Premire Wen Jiabao said that his country was "concerned about the safety of our assets." Obama sought to reassure Wen by insisting that China could have "absolute confidence" in the safety of its assets.

Absolute confidence? Oh, really? Since when? Where was Obama's absolute confidence in the US economy back in February? Certainly not in his desperate, panic-inducing speeches predicting doom if his "recovery" plan wasn't inacted. But once his plan became law and the Big O needed Chinese cash to fuel it, he suddenly discovered that America's economy was sound. Go figure. It seems that the only "change" Obama is really bringing to America is jangling in the pockets of the Chinese government. So, not only is the Great One spending our grandchildren's wealth, he's making them as well as us indebted to a nation that means us no good. Excuse me, Obama, but your inexperience is showing.

It's time for a "Don't blame me. I voted for McCain" bumper sticker.


JMK said...

What is ironically amusing is that when McCain said "The fundamentals of the American economy are still very sound" (back in September - they WERE and STILL ARE), he was branded "out of touch" and an "economic dolt."

Now that Barack Obama is saying pretty much the same thing, "He's a genius!

Tapline said...

jmk you are so right...But it makes a difference doesnt it? He as been spouting doom and gloom for many weeks now and all of a sudden it isn't so bad. Something is desperately wrong, in these United States of American....And someone says confidence...In what????Where?????? The only confidence I have is in the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the same today, tomorrow and forever....Amen....stay well...

Anonymous said...

That is the way that a liberal socialist does it. Fearmongering, while accusing the other side of doing that he can get what he wants....then after he gets it, decides it wasn't really that bad....not even considering that we are smart enough to remember what he said. What a maroon. He also doesn't remember that McCain said the same thing and was chastised for it....yet every one of his lemmings thinks he is so smart coming up with that same thing.


Skunkfeathers said...

The Barry deception hit parade just keeps on coming. He thinks he can lie like Clinton, because he's got media bootlickers like Chris "Tingles" Matthews and Keith "Manslut" Olbermann who hang on his every word, and orgasmically cover each of his lies with more spin than a top.

Anonymous said...

About the bumper sticker. I can make those....wanna market them? Hee hee.


JMK said...

"Something is desperately wrong," (Tapline)

There IS something very wrong.

We are reeling from a crisis borne of Keynesian economic policy (the Bush administration signed onto allowing 0% Down FHA mortgages, then cooperated with Frank and Dodd getting Fannie and Freddie to buy/guarantee tons of subprime debt. In 2002 Fannie's and Freddie's share of the mortgage market stood at 24.8%, by 2007 it was just under 50% (MOST of that jump was from buying up tons of the new subprime debt)

That basically allowed banks and mortgage brokers to counterfeit credit (create credit, a form of wealth, out of thin air), which has proven as disastrous as allowing banks to print up counterfeit currency!

And reeling from this Keynesian crisis, we've elected an even MORE eager Keynesian.

THIS is very similar to 1976, when another Republican Keynesian (Nixon) who famoulsy said, "We are all Keynesians now," handed off another faltering economy to yet another naive, Liberal, "outside the beltway" Democrat (Carter).

Just as Carter continued Nixon's overspending and huge bailouts, Obama is continuing Bush's bailouts and non-stimulating "stimulus packages."

Same policies usually deliver the SAME results.

I see a bad situation needlessly getting much, MUCH worse.