Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Will Sean Say?!

Barack Obama sent a video yesterday to the Iranian people on the occassion of their holiday Nowruz (spelling?). Obama was signaling a new direction in America's relationship with the Islamic Republic. Obama told the Iranians that his administration was committed to diplomacy and mutual respect with Iran. No word yet on the Iranian government's reaction but I'm waiting on reaction from Hollywood leftist and lover-of-America's-enemies, Sean Penn. Why? Well, it's like this.

Everyone knows about Sean's best actor win at the Academy Awards a few weeks ago. In his victory speech Sean gave a tongue lashing to opponents of gay marriage, saying they should be ashamed of themselves. Now, however, Sean's god, Barack Obama, wants to extend respect to a regime that executes gays. Obama wants to normalize America's relationship with a nation that doesn't allow gays to live. Just what is Sean Penn going to say about that?

Obama's diplomatic shenanigans put Penn and virtually every liberal in a bind. When it comes to American use of force, liberals like to act anti-war. For nearly eight years they denounced George W. Bush as a "war criminal" and religiously touted diplomacy as the answer to the world's problems. However, liberals also love to rail against "homophobia" and to act indignant about such things as Proposition 8 and the military's don't ask/don't tell policy. They act like these things are the worst atrocities on the planet. Now their Messiah is extending a friendly hand to people who actually KILL gays! What to do? What to do?

Liberals are neither consistent nor rational. Rather, they are profoundly Orwellian, willing to support or oppose anything or anyone if it's deemed necessary to advance their agenda. Obama's overture to Iran, then, will probably be hailed as an act of greatness by the Left, including the dimwits in Hollywood. They will simply ignore the contradiction between howling for gay rights while gushing over their Chosen One's "peace" initiative with one of the gay community's worst enemies.

Sean Penn loves gays. Sean Penn loves Obama. Obama loves people who murder gays. What will Sean Penn say about that? NOTHING!


ConcreteBob said...
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ConcreteBob said...

and then please delete my email address.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what Seany Penny says about this too.


Seane-Anna said...

Hey, CB. I've written down your e-mail address but I don't know how to delete it. I'll try to find out how.

JMK said...

Sean Penn loves gays. Sean Penn loves Obama. Obama loves people who murder gays. What will Sean Penn say about that? NOTHING! (Seane-Anna)

Well, ironically enough, Sean Penn loves people who kill long as they're not Christian Westerners.

It's one of those whimsical dichotomies!

Seane-Anna said...

Hey, CB. Your e-mail address has been deleted.

Seane-Anna said...

Whimsical dichotomies indeed, JMK!