Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hypocrisy Central

By now everybody and his grandmother knows about Rush Limbaugh's "notorious" statement hoping Obama fails. The resulting brouhaha has lasted for several weeks now and it's been a hoot watching the shamelessly hypocritical reaction of liberals. No sooner had Rush uttered his "infamous" opinion then the Left let out a howl of protest. How dare he, they fumed. How dare Rush hope that Obama fails. Why, that was the same thing as wanting America to fail. How could Rush be so unpatriotic?! Such outrage from the very people who trashed George W. Bush for eight years. Like I said, the liberals' hypocrisy is astounding.

Let's remember what actually happened here. Rush did NOT call Obama Hitler. He didn't call Obama a Nazi, a fascist, or a chimpanzee, all names liberals routinely called Bush during his presidency. Rush didn't question Obama's intelligence or his compassion as liberals did to Bush. Rush didn't engage in those sorts of personal attacks. No, what Rush DID do was proclaim his hope that Obama's policies fail. And he explained that he wanted those policies to fail because he believes they're bad for America. Yet you'd think Rush called Obama a nigger the way liberals have gone cuckoo over his remarks.

These are the same liberals, mind you, who spent eight years tearing George W. Bush apart. The same liberals who, almost from day one, hoped and worked for George W. Bush to fail. The same liberals who desperately wanted America to fail in Iraq (and, earlier, in Vietnam). The same liberals who convicted the Haditha Marines without benefit of a trial, and then never apologized when they were exonerated. The same liberals who, on websites, in movies, and in the streets, rooted for our enemies while smearing our troops as raping, murdering thugs. These are the liberals who are now outraged at Rush Limbaugh. Barf bag, please!

I thought liberals believed that dissent is the lifeblood of a democracy. I thought they believed that criticism is the highest form of patriotism and vital to improving the country. That's what they told us when engaged in their anti-Bush/anti-military/anti-American diatribes. Now the truth is out: liberals believe dissent and criticism are good ONLY when they're NOT directed at their guy. Trashing George W. Bush is legitimate dissent. Smearing our troops is legitimate criticism. Hoping Obama's odious economic policies fail is not. Hypocrisy! Hypocrisy!

But wait! Didn't conservatives chastise liberals for their harsh critiques of Bush? Didn't conservatives say such talk was unpatriotic? So, aren't they now being hypocritical for lambasting Obama? Unequivocally, no.

Conservatives criticized many of Bush's policies, especially his policy on illegal immigration. They also criticized Bush over his fiscal sloppiness, the Dubai ports fiasco, and Harriet Miers' nomination to the Supreme Court. And they criticized Bush's failure to correctly and boldly name the enemy in the War on Terror. Conservatives were never shy about disapproving of Bush's policies when they thought they warranted disapproval. What they rejected and condemned was the rabid hatred of Bush that the Left practiced, and continues to practice, like a religion. That hatred utterly disqualifies liberals from voicing any disapproval of anything any conservative might say about Obama.

So Rush Limbaugh said he hopes Obama fails in his plans to socialize America. Leftists said much, much worse about Bush. Now they're getting back some of their own medicine and they don't like the taste. Too bad.

Go Rush!!!!


Skunkfeathers said...

The hypocrisy from the dishonest Left comes as absolutely no surprise, and has no traction or credibility with me and with those I know. Especially from the media, a crapload of whom have sold their ethics and integrity down the liberal cess pool long ago.

From the height of Edward Murrow, to the lower-than-snake-spit depths of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, the Leftist media is a dead, fly-gutted turd.

Again, absolutely no surprise here. And just to rile the slavish part of the media more, I call their oracle of worship by his real name: Barry Soetero.

*imagining more spasms of liberal apoplexy*

Seane-Anna said...

"lower-than-snake-spit" and "fly-gutted turd". Both of 'em priceless!

Anonymous said...

Amen to this Seane-Anna. You are so right. The democrats seem to forget that they said all of this stuff against Bush. And if they don't forget, then they think we are too stoopid *stupid* to remember. That is how the liberals think of us. I think that is something that will never change, until we Conservatives find our voice and start fighting back against their injustices against us. Then it may stop. But most likely they will try to turn that against us too. Oh well.


Roadhouse said...

I think you've one-upped me on this topic. Great article.

JMK said...

Limbaugh's quote was clearly about hoping Obama's policies failed, but that's another story all together.

Right now, we have an "American Axis of Evil" within our own country the George Soros(MoveOn)-Brock(MediaMatters)-DailyKos-MSNBC-NY Times Leftist media Axis that has abandoned all pretense of "journalistic ethics" and considers those who disagree with its socialist vision "enemies."

Until or UNLESS Conservatives (and NOT Rupert Murdoch) gain control over a larger share of the MSM, this country has little chance of surviving as the Constitutional Republic it was founded as.