Saturday, March 07, 2009

33 Minutes

Barack Obama is either a clueless dolt, a traitor, or both. I'm leaning toward both. Why? Because, in this age of rapidly spreading nuclear ballistic missile capabilities, Obama wants to bargain away our nation's ability to defend herself against such a threat. That's right. The man who declared in his DNC speech, "Don't tell me Democrats don't want to defend this country!", is proving that they don't.

In a stunningly naive and dangerous move, the Chosen One has offered to forego America's missile defense shield in Eastern Europe if Russia, which vehemently opposes the shield, would convince Iran to abandon it's nuclear quest. Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, took this proposal to the Russians on, of all days, Friday the 13th. The Russians' reaction was, thankfully, lukewarm. Let's understand what's at stake here.

In our increasingly shrinking world, it takes a mere 33 minutes for a ballistic missile to reach America from just about anywhere on earth, including Iran. You read that right. 33 minutes. 33 minutes to find a bomb shelter. 33 minutes for our military to mount a non-shield defense. 33 minutes until thousands of Americans die. You'd think any president would jump at the chance to protect America from this danger, and you'd be wrong. Obama rejects that chance. Instead, he seeks to trust America's safety to the goodwill of the Russians and the Iranians. Gimme a break!

Today's Russia is an authoritarian state that kills it's dissidents, threatens its neighbors, and is led by a KGB man's protege. Iran is an Islamic tyranny that executes gays and rape victims and whose president calls for Israel's destruction and denies the Holocaust. These are the countries that the Brilliant One thinks are trustworthy. These are the countries he wants to trust our LIVES to.

Is this what Obama meant by "aggressive diplomacy"? Is this what Dems meant when they talked about "restoring America's image" abroad? That we give up our ability to defend ourselves in exchange for mere promises from tyrants? Frighteningly, this does indeed appear to be what Obama and the Dems meant. No need to invest in a missile defense system; the Russians will talk the Persians out of their nuclear ambitions. Diplomacy saves the day!

It is 33 minutes to midnight...on Obama's watch. Heaven help us.


Skunkfeathers said...

This IS Barry Soetero's vision of "defending" America and making us popular in the world. By bowing down to the enemies and saying "we are sorry, we won't bother you any more".

The idea that foregoing our own defense to encourage Russia to forego supporting Iran, and to encourage Iran to forego expanding their nuclear capability, is horrdenously stupid and naive. Making America vulnerable to Third World despots probably will make America popular with Third World despots, and will give wet dreams to the global Left.

None of whom I give a crap about.

Barry Soetero is proving that not only are Democraps liars, they don't care about defending this nation. Slick Willie brought on 9/11; God knows what Barry will open us up for.

Tom said...

Let's also not forget that the Russian bear is starting to put the screws to the rest of Europe by cutting back natural gas deliveries.

Quite frankly, trusting Iran or Russia to behave like sane, rational countries given their past and present leadership is extremely foolish.

Nice blog, great posts - will be adding you to my blogroll soon. And thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with both Skunkfeathers, Tom and You. This is one of the stupidest things I have seen or heard of a politician doing. And the problem is, so far there is little if any noise about this in the news.

This country is being lead down the path of "forgetting our past" and that is a path of doom, as we will be then doomed to repeat what we should already know.

Russia has always been an antagonist for the United States, and everyone who has any working brain at all knows Iran means us nothing but harm. And this move by Obama just shows the American people, if they would watch, just how little he actually cares about our safety. We are now in more grave danger, than I think we have ever been in. And Obama is the cause.

Skunkfeathers was right to point out, that Slick Willie brough on 9/11. Will the next one be another 11? brought on by Obama? I am afraid that is in the cards if we the American people do not start standing up and opposing his war on the Constitution and America.....and his friendlieness to our Enemies.

Great post Seane Anna. Keep up the great work here.


Seane-Anna said...

Thanks Skunky, Tom, and Robert for your kind words of support. I don't know what it will take for the American people to wake up and see Obama for what he really is, but it looks like 3000 more Americans will have to die before the nation gets it. Shudder.

Debbie said...

This is a slap in the face to young democracies who turn away from places like Russia and turn toward America. Obama is doing everything wrong.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth