Thursday, March 19, 2009

A President, Not A Celebrity

Barack Obama just keeps doing things that make it harder and harder for me to even think of respecting him. Schmoozing with a domestic terrorist. Hanging with an America hating preacher. Undermining the War on Terror. Grovelling to our enemies. Compared to those antics Obama's latest stunt may seem trivial, but it highlights what irks me about the man and his presidency. And what has Obama done now? He went on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show (TTS) tonight.

That's right. Barack Obama, sitting POTUS, hopped on a plane and landed his presidential arse on a vehicle for lightweight Hollywoodism. Now this would be a non-issue if Obama were still campaigning for president, but the campaign is over. Obama IS president now, and his appearance on TTS is highly unbecoming.

Tuesday night, Bill O'Reilly discussed Obama's upcoming appearance on Leno's show with journalist and author Bernard Goldberg. Goldberg opined that Obama going on The Tonight Show would be a totally win-win situation for him, but I disagree. While palling around with Leno might be a good idea for Obama in the short run it could cost him in the long run, especially as our economic situation continues to deteriorate.

Americans want a president, not a celebrity, in the White House. Launching a charm offensive on a tv show is NO way for the POTUS to handle the nation's problems, or the slipping poll numbers those problems are causing. This suggests that Obama really believes his own press and thinks his very presence is dazzling. Not hardly. It insults Americans for Obama to think he can just grin and joke on camera and we, the people, will go orgasmic and forget about his incompetence. No way. I'll go orgasmic over Russell Crowe, thank you very much. I have a very different take on politicians, especially the Chosen One. There will be no big o for the Big O from this girlie; just a blunt assessment of his job performance which, to date, is a joke. But you won't hear that on The Tonight Show.

2 comments: said...

You are so right here my friend, and the biggest problem is, this isn't just any show, it is a comedian's show. A place that the President shouldn't be smoozing on. He has bigger problems. It seems the worse his problems get the more detached he becomes from the job at hand. This is a great example of this detachment.


Skunkfeathers said...

If we haven't learned anything from 8 years of Slick Willie, let's do a quick Liberal/Progressive 101 refresher: FLUFF over SUBSTANCE. And that's all that Barry is. A gateway drug for the progressive "tax achievement and create a dependent voter class that votes Democrat if it knows what's good for it". He'll do comparable, if not worse, damage to the economy and national security than another arrogant lightweight -- Jimmy Carter -- did. Let's hope the "we love you" crowds that feed Barry's delusion of Messiduhdom, are too methed out to vote in '12.