Sunday, March 08, 2009

33 Minutes, Part 2

The Big O is at it again. Putting his faith in the goodwill of the Russians and the Iranians wasn't enough, now the Brilliant One is going to save us by reaching out to the moderate Taliban. Yeah, I know. Moderate Taliban? That's like believing in moderate Nazis. But then again, British PM Neville Chamberlain DID believe in moderate Nazis and staked the security of his nation and the world on it. We all know how that turned out. And now we have Neville Chamberlain, Jr.

Obama's plan, which is supported by Afghan president Harmid Karzai, goes something like this. America and the Afghan government are to reach out to "moderate" Taliban folks, you know, the nice ones who really want to stop fighting but are too scared to just lay down their weapons and go home. We are to "engage" them and let them know they're welcome back into the fold, no hard feelings. After all, Afghanistan is complicated, explained Obama, and new approaches are needed. Whew! I thought the Sultan of Surrender was getting ready to, well, surrender. But no, he's just using new approaches to Afghanistan. Glad he cleared that up!

I guess this could be worse. At least the Taliban don't have nukes. But considering that they are sandwiched between nuclear armed Pakistan and nuclear wannabe Iran, I wouldn't be surprised if they got their radical hands on some WMDs sooner rather than later. And what would Mr. Diplomacy do then? Oh that's right, trust the Russians. What was I thinking? Silly me.

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A lot of what is going on with Obama blows my mind. How can the people not want Socialism, yet they voted for obama who was pushing it totally during his campaign. And to reach out to our enemies while dissing our allies and us for that matter is something that should make him very unpopular. Great disconnect between him and the people......the people need to wake the heck up.
Great post as usual.


Skunkfeathers said...

Lessee...start defunding the military...stop weapons R&D...make the world "love us" by retreating from Iraq, giving money to HAMAS, and now reaching out to the "moderate Taliban". Jimmy Carter gave us a ruined economy and the Iranian Hostage Crisis, and Billy-Blob Clinton gave us 9/11, now here comes Com(mie) organizer Barry Soetero, to give us socialism, appeasement, and something to quite possibly dwarf 9/11.

I can only hope that complete morons like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are at Ground Zero when it hits, so we don't have to listen to any more moronic twaddle about how it's Dubya's fault...