Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Apostles of Anti-Americanism

Well, another "anti-war" movie has bombed. "Lions for Lambs", Hollywood's latest offering in the hate America category, flopped big at the box office last weekend. This follows the lackluster performance of earlier America-the-bad films such as "Rendition", "In the Valley of Elah", and Brian de Palma's "Redacted", which many movie theaters won't even show, I hear. More "anti-war" movies are due out next year and Hollywood will lose even more money. But Hollywood is supposed to love money. What's going on here?

Americans won't spend their hard earned dollars to be told they, their country and their military are evil. I believe Hollywood knew that from the beginning. I believe that Americans were never the intended audience for movies like "Lions for Lambs" and the others. No, Hollywood made these films for a GLOBAL audience. Tinsel Town's liberals want to support the rest of the world's anti-US animosity . They want the America haters to be strengthened in they're conviction. They are apostles of anti-Americanism. And they're proud of it.

Of course, if you confronted the Hollywood Left about this they'd deny it. They'd act--act is the operative word--indignant at the very suggestion that they were deliberately helping America's enemies. They're just dissenting, they'd say. They're just asking thoughtful questions, they'd say. Yes, extremely negative images of America are being broadcasted all over the world. Yes, every jihadi will use those images to recruit more fanatics. But that was never they're intention, they'd insist. They love America; really, truly, you gotta believe they do.

Yeah, right. The only thing more insulting than the anti-American movies liberals make is their belief that the rest of Americans are dumb enough to believe their profession of patriotic love. Hey Hollywood, if you're so patriotic why not make a movie about Scott Southworth, an American soldier who adopted a handicapped Iraqi child? Or a movie about baby Mariam who received life saving surgery in the US thanks to our fighting men? Or a film about the Anbar Salvation Front, an Iraqi militia that allied itself with us to destroy Al Queda in Anbar province? Why not make any of those films, Hollywood? I mean, since you love America so much.

Nothing pro-American will ever be made by the Hollywood Left. They are on the side of our enemies. It's like George Orwell said, you can't hamper one side in a war without automatically helping the other side. Brian de Palma, Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, and the rest of the Tinsel Town traitors know that perfectly well. They take their job of aiding their side very seriously. They're playing hardball. It's time for the good guys to play hardball, too.


JMK said...

GREAT post!

Hollywood loves money, BUT it also has a social agenda. The "homeless are noble and better than us working schlubs," "Big business (except I suppose Hollywood), the police and the Military are all "bad," and peace-niks, kooks and weirdos of every stripe are all "good," " things like that.

The GREAT NEWS here is that the American public is voting with their wallets, and that's bad news for the fringe kooks at places like MoveOn, D-Kos and HuffPoo who share that demented worldview.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya poorgrrl...blogger is messed up and wont post my brilliant comment..ha....Hollyweird will never get the message.....arggggggg!