Friday, January 23, 2009

Never Fear! Superwuss Is Here!


That sound you heard was the collective sigh of relief from terrorists worldwide because they now have a friend in the White House.

Just three days into his administration Barack Obama has rushed to the NONdefense of America. With the stroke of a pen Obama kept a campaign promise to his treasonous, far-left base and signed an executive order to close Guantanamo prison within a year. Exactly where will the terrorists now housed at Gitmo go? The Sultan of Surrender hasn't figured that out yet. But since he's so loved in Hollywood maybe he can call up Brangelina and ask them if they'd take in some more deprived Third Worlders. This whole thing just makes me sick.

Obama hasn't been in power for a week and he's committed himself to dismantling the only successful anti-terror strategy America's ever had. His predecessors from Carter to Clinton treated terrorism as a law enforcement matter and we kept getting attacked; George W. Bush treated it as a war and kept this nation safe for seven years. And liberals will never forgive him for that.

Don't be fooled by liberals' squawking about human rights or restoring America's image; they care about neither. The libtards don't want Gitmo closed, military tribunals suspended, and warrantless witertapping stopped because they're commited to civil liberties or improving America's name abroad. No, what they want, what they crave like a starving wolf craves a deer, is defeat. They want defeat for America in Iraq. They want defeat for America in Afghanistan. They want defeat for America in the larger war on terror. And now they have a president who will give it to them.

Liberals will deny this, of course. They will actually try to claim that dismantling Bush's anti-terror policies will make America safer. If, they'll say, we're nice to the terrorists, give them rights, and try to understand them we'll look great to the Muslim world and the Islamic fanatics will be swayed to lay down their arms. And presto! no more terrorist attacks on the USA. Yeah, right. And I want to sell you fried ice cream.

As I've said before, liberals are wedded to a narrative that casts America as uniquely guilty and, therefore, unworthy of the moral right to be right. For liberals America, as Obama's pastor friend Michael Pfleger put it, needs to pay. They believe that America deserves violent blowback. The terrorists, then, aren't really the problem; they're just reacting to America's provocations and injustices against them. America is the problem and that's why liberals want Gitmo closed. We have no right to detain people who are simply giving us what we deserve. That's what the Left believes. That's what Obama believes. And that's why he ordered Guantanamo to close.

Never fear! Superwuss is here!


WomanHonorThyself said...

the descent to hell has begun and its just week one Seanne!

Seane-Anna said...

I know, Angel. Imagine what awaits us for the next four years. Shudder!

Roadhouse said...

He didn't even give us a chance to give him a chance.

Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

So frustrating to sit and watch everything unravel. I'm hoping this is just a 1 term presidency.

Seane-Anna said...

Amen, Catherine!

Conservative Resistance said...

Did you see what Obama did today? He tried to walk through a window lol.

It's sad, really. We are so screwed.

The Conservative Resistance

Seane-Anna said...

Thanks for the heads up, CR. I hadn't heard about His Worshipfulness trying to walk through a window. Do you think the fact that it didn't part down the middle like the Red Sea will convince liberals that the Big O isn't the messiah? Me, neither.

courtneyme109 said...

All the happy talk of reaching out, closing Gitmo, buddying up with other nations - many with horrific despotries in charge - may be a very cruel and calculating smokescreen.

Consider: Panetta @ CIA changes absolutely nothing - the two 2nd in command cats (that hung with 43's AG and developed 'enhanced interrogation techniques') are still on the job, and despite all the bye bye Gitmo - it's still there - even the lamme stream media is acting like many of those cats should never get out.

Then, 44 blitzes Pakistan with missiles, disses Saudi's Prince Turki by bringing up the 2002 Saudi Peace Iniative - 2 days after HRH Turki screamed it was null and void thanks to the Strip. special envoy to the ME's 1st official act is to demand Iran stop supplying HAMAS with missiles - totally ignoring Iran's fakebelieve Pres who calls for Great Satan to ditch Little Satan.

Must admit - this is arrogance I can believe in!

Seane-Anna said...

Hope you're right, Courtney!