Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farewell To The Warrior

I just watched President George W. Bush's farewell speech to the nation and I was greatly moved. In sharp contrast to the cosmically evil being imagined by the viscious and deranged Bush haters, the President showed himself to be a decent, gracious, principled and, unlike most of his critics, patriotic man who, in his eight years as POTUS, was committed to one cause above all else: keeping this country and her people safe. And in that cause George W. Bush succeeded beyond all our wildest dreams.
Since September 11, 2001, there has been NO terrorist attack on this nation. This singular achievement overrides and overshadows ALL ELSE. As a real American, not a liberal, I GREATLY APPRECIATE being defended and protected by George W. Bush.
I greatly appreciate, admire, and am eternally grateful to George W. Bush for standing up and being the WARRIOR that America needed in her darkest hour since Pearl Harbor. And I admire George W. Bush for possessing the courage to be the most hated president in recent history in order to do what needed to be done to protect the nation. Can you imagine? Being hated and savagely maligned by many of his fellow citizens for the crime of protecting them, which is his job.
When the killers came calling they got only one hit. After that George W. Bush took sword in hand and struck terror into the hearts of the terrorists. He laid waste to their cells, their infrastructure, and their state sponsors the way the Allies laid waste to Germany and Japan. He unhesitantly donned the role of warrior because he believed that America was worth defending, and for that the liberals will never forgive him. Their caustic accusations of torture, spying, war crimes, blah, blah, blah are but their way of expressing their core belief that America has no right to be right. But their traitorous cacophony failed to dissuade The Warrior from his task. Through all the strident condemnation of the left-wing bitches, "Dubya" has stood over this nation with a ready sword, and the sand Nazis have not dared to touch us again.
So, it is with a grateful but heavy heart that I bid goodbye to the man who has kept me and every other American, including the snarling ingrates, safe from further harm. Farewell to the Warrior. And God bless.

4 comments: said...

Amen to this Seane....I couldn't have said this any better. This country owes him the gratitude of safety, even in the light of the Left's constant bashing of the man no matter what he did. History will look kindly on G.W. Bush.


JMK said...

G W Bush did TWO great things; first and foremost was actively engaging in the war against international jihadism, second was two Supply Side tax cuts (a 5% cut in the Capital Gains tax from 20% to 15% which had Cap Gains revenues skyrocketing and an ACROSS-THE-BOARD tax cut, that also generated a surge in revenues).

The first was, by far the most immediate and important, the second one was probably even more astounding, especially given G W Bush's Keynesian (big government) proclivities. Thanks to those tax cuts, today, there is no doubt from ANY quarters that tax cuts INCREASE REVENUES.

BOTH those things were HUGE positives and they balance out a lot of negatives.

Sadly, other than those two things, the Bush administration delivered mostly negatives - more reckless and irresponsible social spending (even adjusted for inflation) than LBJ, the prescription drug boondoggle and the NCLB Act both added tens of BILLIONS more to the deficit.

Although the response was quick (resources were on the ground FAST) Hurricane Katrina was mismanaged by FEMA head (partly by Mike Brown), though mostly from the failure to use the National Guard to put down an insurgency that kept initial responders from taking control of New Orleans. Yes, former La. Governor Blanco is largely to blame for that, but there had to be a way to override a Governor's resistance to federal control.

Worst of all was how G W Bush reverted to his Dad's Keynesian policies (George Bush Sr. called Reagan's Supply Side policies "Voodoo Economics") over his last six years.

YES, two consecutive GOP Congesses (the Delay and the Hastert Congresses) both engaged in big government, reckless overspending, but the Bush administration cooperated as eagerly with the far-Left Pelosi-Reid Congress as Bill Clinton did with the Supply Side Gingrich Congress!

That cooperation, especially over the past two years created the current perfect storm, where we have a HUGE and global economic crisis primarily caused by government action, overspending and poor regulation (the SEC failing to rein in bank excesses and the turbo-charged CRA forcing more "subprime loans" be made to people less able to pay) has, ironically enough, resulted in a political environment where the so-called "solution" to those problems is widely considered "MORE government spending and regulation!"

Unfortunate and unlucky as that last event may be, it IS indeed a very real part of G W Bush's legacy."

I think G W Bush was a good man, who overcame alcohol problems in his life early on, finding solace in a deep personal faith and a man who made his decisions based on what was believed to be the best information available at the time and made those decisions based on deeply held convictions and NOT political expediency.

That last trait is both rare and admirable.

Tapline said...

Seane, A great tribute. Here is not where one puts "But". Given him his place in history and "be realistic". I am really tired reding all the negatives find one positive and print it.....He is agreat president. This fact will come out as History reveals it. Unless the leftys and writing the history......stay well...

mccommas said...

In four years I think President George Bush will be much more appreciated.