Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jewish Shock and Awe!

And they're off!

After a week of punishing air strikes, Israel has finally launched its much needed ground offensive against the terrorist nest called the Gaza Strip. Hamas responded with jihadi bluster, claiming that Gaza would be a "graveyard" for Israel and threatening to kidnap Israeli soldiers. Typical. The ground invasion won't be short or easy, as Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told his countrymen, but Israel's military might is more than enough to crush Hamas once and for all...if she has the resolve to do so. And that's where I'm a little worried.

Despite being surrounded by homicidal enemies on all sides, much of Israeli society seems to suffer from the same self-defeating, "humane" liberalism that infects so much of the West. This liberalism is epotimized by a loathing of violence in our own defense coupled with a pathetic eagerness to excuse violence used against us by our enemies. And when we--Westerners and Israelis--do defend ourselves we incessantly wring our hands over our enemy's civilian casualities. Never mind that our foes care nothing about our civilian casualties, or that such handwringing can impede victory. Showing the enemy they feel his pain is THE most important thing to the "humane" ones. Victory is distasteful to them and Israel appears to be showing signs of confusion in her objectives in Gaza.

Israel claims that its goal in this invasion is not to reoccupy Gaza but to destroy Hamas' terrorist infrastructure. But it seems impossible to permanently achieve the latter without doing the former. Israel has hinted she'd be open to a diplomatic solution in Gaza, provided that international monitors are sent to oversee Hamas' compliance with any cease fire agreement. Surely, though, Israel learned from her 2006 Lebanon fiasco that the international community can't be counted on to make Arab terrorists do anything. The UN was supposed to have disarmed Hezboallah at the end of the '06 Lebanon war but the Hez is still armed to the teeth today. No, the world will not do what needs to be done to save Jews.

If Israel wants Hamas destroyed she must do it herself. And if destroying Hamas means reoccupying Gaza and driving every Gazan Palestinian into the Sinai desert or the Mediterranean Sea, so be it. Israel must not send her sons into battle unless she's prepared to let them do whatever it takes to win. Israel must stop kowtowing to the opinion of a Jew hating world and make her own survival the only thing that matters. She must fight in Gaza until Hamas is utterly, irretrieviably destroyed and that lesson is not lost on the West Bank. I, for one, will be praying that God give Israel the strength and resolve to shatter her adversaries, as He did in the Old Testament.

Let the Jews arise and let their enemies be scattered!!!!

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