Friday, January 30, 2009

Bipartisanship We Can Believe In

Barack Obama campaigned on a platform of change. Part of the change he promised to deliver was an end to bitter ideological bickering and a new burst of happy bipartisanship. Well, in the House's showdown over his stimulus package on Wednesday, Obama got a taste of a bipartisanship that he almost certainly wasn't expecting. Rather than have some Republicans coming over to his socialist side, the Big O saw eleven Democrats buck his big government trend and vote with the unanimously nay saying Republicans. Below is a list of the independent Dems who gave America bipartisanship we can believe in...and stuck it to the messiah.

Roll Of Honor

Rep. Allen Boyd (D, FL-2)
Rep. Bobby Bright (D, AL-2)
Rep. Jim Cooper (D, TN-5)
Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D, IN-8)
Rep. Parker Griffith (D, AL-5)
Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D, PA-11)
Rep. Frank Kratovil (D, MD-1)
Rep. Walter Minnick (D, ID-1)
Rep. Collin Peterson (D, MN-7)
Rep. Heath Shuler (D, NC-11)
Rep. Gene Taylor (D, MS-4)

I want to thank these Democratic Representatives for casting a skeptical eye on their leader's grandiose economic vision for America. Keep up the good work guys! Bipartisanship rocks!


Skunkfeathers said...

An interesting note: at least one of these Democrats (Heath Shuler, NC), asked permission of Bela Pelosi to vote "no" (because of the polls from his voting district showing solid criticism of the porkulus bill); allegedly, "permission was granted", since the bill was going to pass in the House, anyway. said...

I and several of us before the election were saying this "change we can all believe in" was nothing but 'smoke and mirrors'. I guess that still some do not see it as such. At least there are some that do. Thank you to these 11.

Tapline said...

I think all people should start reading tthese bills. They are loaded with pork and Health incentives so we will readily buy into the National Health care. Be very afraid they do everything under the radar........good post....At least some peoples eyes are open.....Watch the turncoats in the Senate.....most of this stimulus is not that at all but a wish list being realized....stay well.....

virgomonkey said...

See, America ain't so bad after all, eh?

By the way, I like your new layout. It's very clean. But who is that cute chubby kid in the profile pic?

mccommas said...


If I ever get elected to anything I would never ask such "permission".

Why? -- Because I have a dick unlike Heath Shuler.

JMK said...

Proving once again that Blue Dog Dems are some of Conservatism's best friends....I only wish more of the approximately 1/4 of the Dems in Congress who are Blue Dogs would've gone this route, but I'm sure the arm twisting got pretty intense.

On a similar note, at least 3 Senate Republicans sided with the Dems on the stimulus Bill, proving that "Rockefeller Republicans (and Jay Rockefeller was one of them) are consistenlty some of Liberalism's best friends.

We NEED to remember this.

mccommas said...


I have a check ready for anyone who wants to primary those two RINOs in Maine or Spector.

In fact I have sent money to Spector's opponent, Thomby wan't it?, last time.