Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm American by Stuck Mojo

Suck on this, Jeremiah Wright!!!!


JMK said...

Great video!

I'd never heard of the group until you highlighted them. Great work.

JMK said...

Another interesting video is this one from Deeyah (a Muslim woman, who lived in Norway) known as "the Muslim Maddonna."

mccommas said...

Hate me, Blame me, YOU CAN'T SHAME ME!

Right On!

English Rose said...

I agree with you Seanne what you wrote about being black,on my blog, if governments didn't keep drumming colour down our throats there wouldn't be an issue. They cause some racism themselves. But I agree you should be judged on merit.
Take care

RevJim said...

Sorry I haven't been by lately. My hiatus from "Lift That Torch" has gone on longer than expected. Glad to see you're fired up, though and are gaining more readers every day. Good job, keep fighting the good fight!