Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Help! I'm Feeling Sorry For Hillary!

I have to admit it. I'm feeling sorry for Hillary Clinton. No, I'm not feeling so bad that I'd vote for her--nothing could make me feel bad enough to do that!--but I do feel just a tad bit down that dear Hillary has to face her dream collapsing right before her eyes.

Remember, this woman started the presidential campaign convinced that she was the shoo-in for the Democratic nomination. She was cocky and confident that no one could touch her. Then, as if by magic, Barack Obama, a virtual nobody, swooped in and stole her thunder. Overnight Hillary saw herself lose 11 straight primaries and/or caucuses and found herself fighting for her political life, something she was totally unprepared for. What was she to do?!

Hillary wants power. She craves it the way a starving wolf craves meat. She endured and continues to endure a marriage to a wanton and callous womanizer in order to stay in the loop of political might (and you thought she stayed with Bill for his looks). Power and the desire for it is the air Hillary breathes, only now her oxygen supply is being drastically reduced by a Black man from Illinois. Her lead in the polls has vanished; even some of her friends among the Democratic delegates have switched to Obama. If Hillary doesn't win Texas and Ohio today she's finished. This woman, who stayed married to Bill Clinton to reach political gold, will be finished. C'mon, you gotta feel sorry for her. Just a little bit.


American Interests.blog said...

We'll looks like she got up, the comeback underdog, Hillary today savours the sweet taste of victory, well done to her, and that's as far as my compliments will go...

Anonymous said...

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Robert Garding said...

She didn't lose the state.....she won three...but she didn't win the caucus. And she didn't gain on Obama for delegates. Neither one can realistically win the nomination....without something just short of devine intervention....and since they don't like God in their lives, since they are liberals, it isn't likely that He will help.


heidianne jackson said...

brokered convention anyone?

WomanHonorThyself said...

nope I dont feel sorry for evil pple hun..not one iota!..hope alls with u though..heh

JMK said...

Fr Conservatives there is no small amount of good news here.

With the Clintons working hard to slime and go after Obama, they're risking that such a "scorched earth"policy might rip apart the fragile coalitions within the Democratic Party.

Primarily, I would most like the Clintons and their smarmy, slimey gaggle of ambulance chasers (from Lanny Davis to James Carvil) the hell out of the American political scene.

Yes, Obama is even more to the Left than Hillary, but the Clinton amchine is far more dangerous.

in fact, should Obama get the nomination, it's not beyond the pale to consider that the Clinton machine might seek to undermine his candidacy, because an Obama win would all but cement him as the Democratic candidate for 2012, as well.

She couldn't have that.

An ousted Hillary may pledge her support to Obama and then blame any of their subsequent damning leaks on "the dirty Republican tricks of McCain" and his "vast Right-wing conspiracy," but one thing's for certain, they won't play fair!

mccommas said...

I feel sorry for her too on a personal level. I always kind of liked her. It’s her husband I can’t stand.

I am of the opposite view JMK. He is more dangerous than she.

Remember Jimmy Carter? I would rather have the slimy Clintons back in the White House for 8 than a Carter clone for just four.

He is dangerous because unlike her, he is foolishly na├»ve and as Carter showed, that’s very dangerous because it will tempt the tyrants.

And you got to get a better pic. I look at yours and it looks like you have a white cat on your shoulder! It was only when I looked at your blog that I figured out that’s your coat!