Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Writer's Block

I'm soooooo frustrated! I'm suffering a big attack of writer's block and it's making me soooooo mad! I want to write about how I think Barack Obama still has a big problem in spite of his somewhat successful speech yesterday, but the words won't come. Don't you hate it when that happens?

I want to write about how I believe Obama's real problem isn't race but his liberal ideology and that his speech was a calculated effort to distract the public's attention from that. Think about it. In his speech Obama essentially blamed his pastor's hate filled sermons on racism. While deploring and distancing himself from Rev. Jeremiah Wright's words Obama insisted that they had to be understood in the context of America's racist history. No one, he implied, can really blame a Black man of Wright's generation for being a tad bit upset with Uncle Sam. Meanwhile, the fact that Wright's anti-Americanism is par for the course for liberals, not Blacks, was obscured.

And Obama needs to obscure that fact because he's one of the most, if not the most, liberal politician in America today, certainly in this campaign. This man wants to be president of a country that his own ideology regards as inherently evil. Prominent exponents of Obama's ideology routinely denounce America in the most viscious terms. They declare our troops unwelcomed in their city and make movies portraying them as crazed rapists and murderers. They stand in the highest halls of power and accuse America of creating another Auschwitz at Gitmo. They compare the victims of 9/11 to Nazis and claim we deserved that attack. They cheer on our enemies in Iraq on their websites. They call America evil then play grieving mother to avoid criticism. And to top if off they expect us average Joes to be stupid enough to believe their venom springs from the deepest reservoir of patriotic love. Insulting!!!!

This is what liberalism is today. It is about hating America. It is about siding with our enemies under the guise of seeking peace. It is about blind animosity against our history, heritage, and culture. And that's the side of the political aisle Obama's on. In his speech Obama talks a good talk about change while using race to hide the fact that he's a strident leftist. Prudent Americans must not let him get away with that.

That's what I want to say. Hey, I just did!


GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hey Seane Anna! I hear ye - it's the same for me. I hate it about those stupid blocks. OTOH, art is something to create - can't crank it out like dough nuts.

I wish I knew something sweet and positive to say about recharging batts and refreshing - and if I knew any - I would share!!!

Keep it up girl. Sometimes researching like a u know what will uncover diff angles and sources to use. I know that's weak - I sympathize with you.

JMK said...

I AGREE with you 100%, that Barack Obama's primary probloem is his ideology/politics not race or class.

In fact, I said almost the same thing when I addressed his now famous speech; "The problem I have with Barack Obama is pretty much the same ones I have with Hillary Clinton and that’s their politics."

The Wright and now the Meeks flaps, merely bring his well hidden radicalism to the forefront.

The real "racial" problem in all this, from my view, is mainly the Obama camp's gleefully throwing all black Churches under the proverbial bus by saying things like, "That (Rev Wright's) kind of rhetoric is not atypical of what you'd find in most black Churches."

I tend to doubt that most black Churches have America-hating bigots in the pulpit...just a guess.

Great post.

Seane-Anna said...

You're right, JMK. Most Black churches don't have anti-American, anti-White bigots in the pulpit. And I know, 'cause I was raised in one.

JMK said...

I think that's an important thing to note Seane-Anna, as the Obama camp is throwing the black Church under the bus, just as surely as Barack Obama threw his "typically white" grandmother under the bus.

Worse still, is that there was no reason to do that! he could've merely acknowledged that Wright's recorded views disgusted him and disavowed those views and Revernd Wright....but in order to justify saying, "I could no more disown that man (Rev Wright) than I can disown the black race, or disown my own white grandmother..."

I've been to a number of inner city, black Churches as a fireman, and Obama's people would have me believe that they held a truly spiritual and dignified service for our benefit (to fool us), then going back to preaching this kind of hatred.

Not only do I find that IMPOSSIBLE to believe, there's no way that real bigots black or white, would have in a group of firemen (of various backgrounds) into their midst.

The Obama camp's throwing all those good people under the bus for their own benefit, makes me shudder. They'd seem to sew racial discord and distrust merely to advance their own narrow interests.

WomanHonorThyself said...

yes u did girl!..ha..good on u!

mccommas said...

You seemed to come across rather well despite your block.

I am relived that some people other than us are finally catching on to what a phony he is.

I hope this means the free ride is over.

elwoodin said...

Girl, I think you did a good job describing what is going on even with your frustration. The writers block will go away.....I have had it myself....but I think it went away tonight....Hope your easter was a blessed and great one.


GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Seane Anna - Happy Easter.

Sorry to be off topic - I forgot to tell you. The jam is actually the Great Britian version of the music for the SciFi series 'Battlestar Galactica"

It is available to use on blogs (heck you can get nearly any tune you want at

It's easy and you can sidebar your fav song with the player.

I've always liked this music - it seems to cover a wide range of chaotic and conflicting ideas and emotions. Just like me.

American said...

We all suffer from it from time to time. Firstly never worry about it, go for a walk, enjoy the company of family members do anything, but leave the blog aside as you refresh yourself. Sometinmes its good to make the delete key your friend. just pick a topic and start writing, and delete as you go, delete anything you don't like but keep writing...

But I gues the most important thing I want to tell you is that it does affect us all...

Here's a link for you:

Tapline said...

SA, YOu might have had a brain cramp, but you sure did a good job at relieving that cramp...stay well.....