Monday, October 17, 2005

I Did It!*

I did it!

I finally got a Paypal donate button on my blog! I finally figured it out! Yippeeee!!!!

Actually, I put the BlogDaisy button on first. It was kind of my guinea pig link. I went to blogger help and clicked on template tags and started reading the instructions with real understanding. I don't know why I just now really understood how to do the link thing. I've tried several times before to figure it out and it just didn't come to me. But this time, it did!

Now, I no longer need my page, or, rather, no one who wants to donate to yours truly will have to leave my blog and link to another site. No, you can just scroll down to the ol' Paypal button to put a little something in the tip jar. So bye-bye savemesites; hello Paypal. It's a beautiful thing!

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