Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hail the Minutemen!

The Minutemen are in Texas!

For all those living under a rock, the Minutemen are citizen defenders who volunteer their time helping the Border Patrol(BP) catch illegal aliens trying to enter the U.S. along the U.S.-Mexico border. The group, officially called The Minuteman Project, was started in Arizona earlier this year by Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox. The men wanted to draw attention to the federal government's failure to protect America's borders as the Constitution requires. They also wanted to inform Americans about the danger posed by illegal aliens and the damage they're doing to Americans' lives and property as they cross the border. The group helped the BP along the Arizona-Mexico border in April and now they're in Texas! Hallelujah!

The Minuteman Project's volunteers will be in the Lone Star state for the month of October, helping the BP keep watch along the Texas-Mexico divide. The volunteers won't arrest anyone, but will notify the BP when illegals are spotted. It's thrilling not just that the Minutemen are in Texas, but that ordinary American citizens are brave enough to do the job their own government won't.

Why the federal government won't do its Constitutionally mandated duty is anyone's guess, but illegal "immigration" is out of control and SOMETHING has to be done about it. Having citizen defenders on the border is one step in the right direction; here are a few more suggestions:

1. Allow local officials to deport illegals. Right now, only the INS can deport illegals. Giving local officials that ability could increase the level of deportations and the fear of deportation among illegals.

2. Require proof of citizenship to attend public schools. Why should American taxpayers pay to educate some other country's citizens? If a family can't prove citizenshp, deport them.

3. Require proof of citizenship for treatment in public hospitals. Illegals have bankrupted hospitals across the country. That can't continue. If public funds are limited, they should go to Americans.

4. Wall off the border. Construct two walls, about 20 feet apart, with a mine field in between. On the Mexican side of the first wall write "Enter at your own risk" in Spanish.

5. Put a bounty on the head of each illegal. The government says it can't find all of the 8 million plus illegals in this country. Put a $20-$25 bounty on each one and see how fast those 8 million disappear!

6. Limit the amount of money that can be sent to Mexico. The money illegals send back to Mexico is Mexico's third largest source of national income. Cut the amount in half and Mexicans will lose alot of incentive to come here.

7. Change the citizenship rules. Right now, you are a citizen simply by being born here, regardless of the status of your parents. The new rule should be that you are a citizen ONLY if one of your parents is a citizen or if BOTH parents are legal residents. This will discourage women from having "anchor babies" who keep the whole family in America because no one wants to break up families.

8. Break up families. If there are American-born children in an illegal family, let one parent stay here with them, but send the other parent and children back to Mexico. This sounds so cruel to the bleeding heart types, but think about it. Americans break up American families all the time by sending criminals to jail. No jury refuses to convict someone simply because doing so will break up, impoverish, or otherwise harm the convict's family. So, to satisfy the demands of justice, American families can be torn apart, but illegal families are sacred?! Gimme a break!

The above are only a few ideas on how to stop the illegals' invasion of our country. America is a sovereign nation; that means something. American citizenship means something. No one should come here and take what America has to offer while staying loyal to a foreign land. Americans have the right, as a sovereign people, to require foreigners to come here legally--"legally" as defined by us--and to become American once they're here. The Minutemen know this and are acting on it. God bless them as they do.

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