Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Now?

It's been four days since the huge upset in the Massachusetts Senate race with the victory of Republican Scott Brown over Democrat Martha Coakley. We conservatives/Republicans have danced in the streets, and it's been fun watching the Dems/libs' stunned and shocked reaction to Brown's victory. But now that the dust is beginning to settle I've been asking myself, what now?

What now for Republicans? What now for Democrats? What now for America?

I don't have the answer to those questions but I do think that we conservatives/Republicans shouldn't get too gleeful about what happened in Kennedyland last Tuseday.

Massachusetts is the bluest state in the Union. I just don't believe that the voters there experienced a massive conversion to conservatism on election day. Massachusetts voters were angry and frustrated and they sent a stinging message to Washington. But we conservatives need to make sure we correctly understand that message so we can build on it properly. And we must not make the mistake of counting the Dems/libs out.

As much as I hope for a Democratic bloodbath in November I don't believe it's a shoo in just because of what happened in Massachusetts. Right now Dems are reeling and confused about how to proceed in the wake of the Great Massachusetts Rebuke. But I feel that will change. The Dems/libs will regroup and come out swinging. A lot can happen between now and November 2010 and November 2012. Any positive change in the country, especially in the economy, could make the Dems bullish again. We conservatives musn't loose sight of that. Now's not the time to rest on our laurels. We have to stay on the offensive. The Democratic counterattack is coming. We must be ready.


Tom said...

By no means will the Republicans have an easy time of it. They need to get their collective acts together and become a true party for the people to get elected. Otherwise, we'll still be in the same mess or worse.

Skunkfeathers said...

While there are some promising signs for November '10, RINOs can still throw a damper on the proceedings. The more radical libtards that Jane prefers are in as heavy a denial of reality as she is. But the blue-dog Dems are taking a hard, second look at the results in VA, NJ and Mass, and are, at least for the time being, sobered. I don't 'spect Barry to be that smart; I look for him to talk centrist, and behind the scenes go back to the kind of backroom skullduggery that he engaged in right along. There's no transparency in Barry's admin, unless you've read the research on Barry and his associates; then, you know exactly what they plan, and will attempt to achieve by any means they can.

Ed Schultz was VERY revealing on the eve of the historic election in Mass, as regards libtard mentality and intentions.

I agree with Tom and SA; the fight's not won. But the battle ensign is afly, and we're coming out swinging in defense of freedom and liberty. No to the marxist/socialist/friends of Jane fascists!

Yeah, I threw that in there just for Janeycakes, being the vicious and arrogant cuss I is ;)

Be that as it may, I'm not the one that called our blog hostess a racist, a liar, stupid and ignorant; those were all courtesy of Janeycakes.

Jane said...

first off you are seriously deluded if you think the liberals and Democrats are reeling in shock from the Mass. election. Massachusetts already has universal healthcare, they didn't want Congress's shitty watered down version. They were looking out for their own self interests. But their hangover's gonna be a strong one. See how much liberal Massachusetts likes truck driving joe dirt Brown fucking everything up for them on the national stage.

at the end of the day voters will see in November that conservatives don't have the slightest idea of a solution to any of our country's problems. But with any luck you rethugs can rest peacefully knowing SCOTUS just guarenteed that every corporate interest politician can and will be voted into office. Who gives a shit about democracy as long as YOUR way of thinking is elected? right? I highly recommend the book "Conservatives Without Conscience", which describes in depth why Republicans don't really give a shit about democracy. They'll do anything in their power to get their party in power. fuckin the rest of 'em and fuckin this country's principles in the process

chocokiss said...
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Roadhouse said...

Jane said: "Republicans don't really give a shit about democracy. They'll do anything in their power to get their party in power."

Like create corrupt organizations such as ACORN to register dead people to vote?
Like change election rules to suit their party? (Ted Kennedy)
Like jurymander congressional districts? (Barney Frank)
Like bus in ACORN members to shout down people adressing their congressman at town halls? (DNC)
Like send union members to bully and impead voters at the polls?
Like use Black Panthers to intimidate voters at the polls?
Like lie to the people about their real political philosophies?

Oh, that's right...these are all Democrat tactics.

Skunkfeathers said...

Janeycakes does remember all these things; she just calls them Republican tactics, knowing full well they are tactics of HER chosen ideology. Tactics of suppression that she gleefully supports when the libtards manage to sneak them through. She bows at the altar of the uber moron, Herr Keith Olbermann. She probably sleeps with a Hugo Chavez inflatable doof, but that's just me being vicious and arrogant ;)

Janeycakes really hates common sense and decency in America, which is why she's so outraged about Massachusetts, and about the US Supreme Court standing up for free speech; she'd rather the marxist (un)Fairness Doctrine be jammed in place, and conservative voices silenced. I'm sure she's outraged that Air(head) 'Murica -- floated by George Soros -- went *plunk* this week. And Janeycakes, it didn't fail because of Dubya (your favorite drug of rage); it failed because your favored ideology FAILS. Only libtards -- and then, only the really moonbat ones -- cared to listen to their drivel.

You carry the banner of marxist fascism, and that banner is a FAIL with average Americans. Sooner you get it, the sooner you can unlock another couple brain cells and start to think rationally.

Tapline said...

Seane-Anne, Great post....HOw Ironic,,,Mass of all places the home of the Boston Tea party......Now possibly turning the tide on History again......stay well......

JMK said...

"voters will see in November that conservatives don't have the slightest idea of a solution to any of our country's problems." (Jane)

Actually that's been proven untrue time and time again.

When Keynesian policies imploded the economy in the 1970s, delivering actual "worst economy since the Great Depression - a 21% Prime Lending rate, Stagflation (double digit inflation, interest and unemployment rates) and the highest Misery Index (the inflation and unemployment rates added together) since WW II at a whopping 22, Reagan's Supply Side policies improved the economy EVERY year until it reached single digits in 198s, where it stayed through the rest of his tenure.

By comparison, barack Obama, inherited a 9.7 Misery Index and has seen it rise to 12.4 today!

Just as Carter followed Nixon's Keynesian policies with even MORE Keynesianism (big government spending and regulation), Obama has followed Bush's misguided Keynesianism with hyper-Keynesianism.

Good policies, like Reagan's and Gingrich's deliver GOOD results and they deliver them FAST.

Bad policies like Keynesian economic policies (expanding the public sector) deliver BAD results.
" rethugs can rest peacefully knowing SCOTUS just guarenteed that every corporate interest politician can and will be voted into office. Who gives a shit about democracy as long as YOUR way of thinking is elected? right?" (Jane)

At least get your facts straight Jane.

No President in U.S. history took as much Wall Street money as Barack Obama did! In 2008 Wall Street gave over 60% of its donations to the Dems and to Obama...and he's paid their millions back in TRILLIONS.

Here's how ABC News reported it;

"Workers at Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers and elsewhere are putting their cash behind Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards over the Republican front-runners, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission filings by ABC News.

"At Goldman Sachs, the largest of the firms, employees donated $542,000 to the top three Democrats and the top three Republicans from Jan. 1 through June 30.

""More than 63 percent of those dollars went to Democrats, with Obama getting the bulk of that cash with $184,750, according to the ABC analysis."

AND this from a D.C. good government website;

"“Wall Street has contributed $10.6 million to U.S. Senators this year, with a staggering $1.65 million going to Chuck Schumer, D-NY, alone. That’s good for 15% of the entire sum that the princes of finance have coughed up, and $7.7 million (or appx. 73%) of the total contributed has gone to Democratic senators.”

Now, Wall Street and the banks deserved to get bailed out....after all, it was government that created the entire subprime mess by legislating and then suing (forcing) banks to loan monies to "low income Americans. Andy Cuomo, while Secretary of HUD called it "affirmative action in lending."

I just don't understand how Barack Obama came to embrace G W Bush's entire economic team (Summers, a protege of Greenspan's, Geithner, a protege of Rubin's at CitiGroup and Robert Rubin himself)...these are the guys who didn't believe in putting any teeth into the enforcement arms of our economic oversight (the SEC and the CFTC). These are the guys who gleefully presided over the subprime mess and the subsequent mortgage meltdown!

That hasn't looked much like "hope and change"....unless you were working for Goldman Sachs.

JMK said...

A rewording: Reagan's Supply Side policies improved the economy EVERY year, LOWERING the Misery Index until it reached single digits in 198s, where it stayed through the rest of his tenure.

Skunkfeathers said...

Janeycakes doesn't deal in fact, JMK; just marxist drivel. Facts give her hives and undermine her ideological heroes.

JMK said...

"Janeycakes doesn't deal in fact, JMK; just marxist drivel...." (SF)

You know what's really funny about Marx?....I mean other than he was German....well, turns out he wasn't an economist either. What he was one hell of a mouth-breathing, knuckle dragger.

Ironically enough, the far more effete and provincial John Maynard Keynes wasn't a trained economist either...and Keynes (the father of today's "soft socialism" - the kind practiced throughout most of Western Europe today) had his clock cleaned by the great (and classically trained) economist Friedrich Hayek in debate.

There's something that appeals viscerally to the soft emotional center of the modern liberal/Leftist about Marx's doctrine of "the perfectibility of man."

America's Founders had it absolutely and 100% right that "man is NOT perfectible"....that human nature is ineluctable (that's unchangeable to the Libs out there) other words, human nature "is what it is"...and we each and all are what we are.

The incredible irony in all this is the kind of people attracted to that dopey Leftist ideology - the Biden's, Conyers', Kennedy's, Pelosi's, Rangel's, Reid's, etc. are all NOT ONLY the least perfectible among us, but the least capable, as well.

I mean seriously, how would ANYONE think that any of the likes of them could improve or perfect others???

THAT'S funny! When you get right down to it, the likes of Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheik Mohammad are "better men" than any of those I mentioned least those two believe in something greater than themselves...

...In fact, both bin Laden and KSM are living proof of the IMimperfectability of man.

Skunkfeathers said...

Game, set, match to JMK ;-) Libtards didn't even win a serve.