Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bush Must Be Laughing

When Barack Obama became president much of the country acted like Jesus had returned to earth. Obama's inauguration was worthy of a god and we were promised that his mere presence would save the country. Well, it's almost a year later and a bit of reality has set in, especially for Obama himself.

On inauguration day last year, and during the presidential campaign, nobody believed more in Barack Obama than Barack Obama.

Obama really believed that he would usher in a new America. He would be the post-racial president and bring Americans together. He would close Gitmo and instantly renew America's reputation abroad. He would win friends by acknowledging how rotten America is, thereby showing humility. He would give health care to all Americans and illegal aliens without raising the deficit by one penny. And he would stop terrorism through the force of his charm alone. He would bring hope and change , and the entire world would flourish. What a difference a year makes.

In twelve months Barack Obama has learned some hard lessons. He's learned that his left-wing base won't give up using race to divide people. He's learned that simply being popular abroad doesn't automatically translate to tangible benefits for America. He's learned about the fickleness of the electorate, who will love you one minute and hate you the next. He's learned that charm won't stop terrorism. He's learned that "hope and change" is really just a slogan, not a blueprint for governing. And he's learned that blaming his predecessor for everything wrong is starting to wear REAL thin. In short, Obama's learned that it's easier to campaign for president than it is to actually be president. Which explains why Obama has never stopped campaigning.

There's someone out there who could've warned Obama about this and offered him help. Instead, that someone can now sit back, watch, and say to himself, "I told you so."

Bush must be laughing.

I know I am.


namaste said...

every single world you've written here is completely on point. obama is such an idiot.

Skunkfeathers said...

That Barry's over his political/intellectual head is obvious to anyone who can think and reason; that a segment of the media is trying with increasing hopelessness to prop him and his "legacy" up, is criminal to the point of laughable (ie., who can take Matthews or Olbermann seriously about ANYTHING?).

But the real stupidity here is not so much in those who support him openly; but those who supported him for all the wrong reasons, and now are seeing what hoax and change he has brought with his coalition of historical failure. Voter apathy brought the Barry Hussein Soetero socialist/marxist storm to the shores; voter disgust with eyes opened to what he intends (versus what he campaigned on to part of the electorate) will have to send him back to Chicago, a one-term Carter II failure in liberal/regressive policies of fraud and control.

Sabra said...

A one-termer, Skunkfeathers, but we the people will be responsible for a lifetime of benefits for him.

Not so sure that his driving America into the ground is laughable, SA. I understand what you are saying, though, and you don't mean laughing as in "barrels of fun," but laughing in the "HA! I told you so way." I agree.

With what the jeja is doing to the healthcare bill - now he is going to have to tax those union cadillac plans, etc., hows that "hopeychangy" thing working out for all y'all bho voters? And to the woman who said, "he gonna pay my rent and put gas in my car - we help him and vote for him and he gonna help us," how's that working out for you?

You're right, SA. It IS laughable!

Anonymous said...

Well put my friend. Obama is finding out how stupidly he has acted, and is still acting. But sadly, he has too much invested in his way of doing things to change now. This country has to hold on until his cohorts are voted out of office. This is one of your best posts.

Ray Stevens has done a new song called We the People, and it says it all. "Hey Congress. You vote for Obama care, we'll vote you outta there.

Go to to see it

Skunkfeathers said...

Sabra, point well taken: it took more than half of Reagan's term to undo a great deal of the damage Carter did with his libtard idiocy. Some of which lives on with us (like the friggin Dept of Energy, a multi-billion waste of taxpayer dollars annually, that accomplishes squat). What it'll cost us to undo Barry's monumental Saul Alinsky farce will be astronomical.

But first, we gotta vote the moronic libtard Democraps OUT.

Anonymous said...


Tom said...

Unfortunately, I do not share your laughter. The perpetual Campaigner In Chief will probably cause more damage than what can be repaired for a very long time unless various politicians grow spines and brass ones to say enough is enough.

But I do share a resounding, united "I told you so" with you and anyone else that could see what road Nobama would be leading us down.