Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year, New Look, New Name

No, you have not made a mistake. You are at the blog formerly known as PoorGrrl Zone.

First, a belated happy New Year to my blogging friends! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that the new year will be exceedingly blessed for you!

Now, on to the blog.

Why the new name? Well, things change. Your outlook changes. Your mood changes. Your opinions change. Your circumstances change. You change. And when that happens the things in your life change, too.

When I began blogging I originally intended for my blog to be personal, sort of like a journal online. I just wanted to express my thoughts and feelings, but those thoughts and feelings gradually became more and more political and less and less personal. I'm not sure why that happened, but it did. Hence, I've felt for quite a while that the name PoorGrrl Zone, chosen for a personal blog, didn't fit the political blog that emerged. A new name was in order. It took a while to find one that fit but around mid December one popped into my head. I decided to wait until the new year to unveil it, so here it is: Sinistra's Bane. Cool, huh? And what does it mean, you ask?

Well, like I said, my blog became more and more political over time. My politics are right of center. Very right of center. I don't know why but I've had a visceral animosity to the Left virtually all my life. I hate the Left. I hate the political Left, the economic Left, the academic Left, the cultural Left, and the religious Left. I hate them all. And I wanted a name for my blog that reflected that.

Sinistra is Latin/Italian for "(on the) left". It's also where we get our word sinister from. The Left is certainly sinister. Bane is something that causes death or ruin. So, Sinistra's Bane can be loosely translated as "causing death or ruin to the Left". That's what I want to do. Ruin the Left. Crush it. Defeat it once and for all. I want to drive a stake through its heart so it'll never again rise from the dead as it has been wont to do. That's what Sinistra's Bane means.

I hope my regular readers like my new name. The url,, will stay the same, at least for now. So those of you who have me in your blogroll will only have to change the name, not the web address too. Again, I hope you like the new name and the new look. I do. They say who I am, and I am not ashamed.

Happy New Year!

8 comments: said...

great post in explaination for your great name change. I hope it works out for you my friend, because it is a good descriptive name for how you feel. I love the change. You go girl!!!

Seane-Anna said...

Awwwww! Thanks, my friend!

Skunkfeathers said...

Explaining the new name will confuse the snarf out of your libtard "friend", Janeycakes. You're not supposed to be that smart, according to her template she takes dictation from ;)

I like it.

Sabra said...

Brilliant name, Seane-Anna. Just Brilliant!!!

I only wish I would have been clever enough to come up with something even remotely similar.

JMK said...

I also wish you and yours a Happy New Year, as well Seane-Anna.

There is very little "dialogue" that can go on between Left & Right.....the Right believes in FREEDOM (primarily economic freedom - private property rights and free enterprise) and the Left does not. The Left believes in Keynesianism (a heavily government regulated and subsidized economy and a European-styled (failed) welfare state.

There is no way freedom's adherents can compromise with the infidels ("unbelievers"), who see freedom as grossly unfair, merely because its results are so glaringly unequal.

Tapline said...

Seane Anne, I think I'll have to get use to it..NOt bad but different.....stay well......And have a happy New Year.......

mccommas said...

ohhhh I like the thunder bolt.

namaste said...

seane-anna, i bet a lot of us political bloggers started out with a personal blog. your story's similar to mine and i, too recently switched from partial personal blogging to fully political.

i think it looks great over here. and i love your new blog name! let's CRUSH em together!! hoo-rah!