Sunday, January 17, 2010


I never thought that any part of the liberal lame stream media would ever give Sarah Palin a break. Their hatred for her borders on maniacal. Imagine my utter shock then when I saw Sarah and her daugher Bristol portrayed positively on the cover of the January 25 issue of In Touch entertainment magazine. I was further surprised by the quote that was also on the cover, in all capital letters no less: "WE'RE GLAD WE CHOSE LIFE." Incredible! A positive take on Sarah Palin AND the pro-life view. I suspected there had to be a catch to this, but there wasn't.

The interview in the magazine was refreshingly fair and even sympathetic. Sarah and Bristol Palin talked candidly about how they are handling the less-than-ideal circumstances life handed them. There was no attempt by the magazine to spin what they said into something negative. Sarah wasn't called a bad mother because her teenaged daughter got pregnant. Bristol wasn't called a hypocrite for advocating abstinence, as well as safe sex, to young people. Sarah Palin tackled the hypocrisy question. She said that Bristol wasn't being hypocritical by telling teens to look at her life and learn from her mistake. I agree with that. And the family photos really were heartwarming, just like the cover blurb said.

In Touch magazine did an excellent job with this story. Sarah Palin was portrayed as what she is: a normal human being facing unexpected challenges with dignity, courage, and faith. Kudos to In Touch. Now if only the rest of the lame stream media would get a clue.

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I agree. I saw that article, and the photos...they were done with class and tact, yet, do not get your hopes up when it comes to the rest of the media figuring this out. This was probably a goof up, in that they usually do not print something like this. It is good that they did, and I applaud them for it, but don't expect it too often, because sadly, it will not happen. Great post, and observation my friend.

WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoo we got Massachsetts!!:)